A Chance Meeting, Part 3

by: CorpseUnder

Author’s note:Hi everyone! Sorry for the very late update. I’ve been super busy at work and I keep taking home my tasks so I hope you understand. That said, here’s the third (and maybe last?) chapter of my story. Have a good read, and enjoy!

The following morning, Iwoke up to Aimer’s Kataomoi and the sun shining onto my face. I was lying down on my bed, clothed, and fully rested.

Was last night a dream? I asked myself. I slowly sat up and looked around. The papers I was checking were neatly stacked in two, one for the checked and the other for the unchecked. My whole unit was quiet and serene.

“Huh, I guess it really was a dream…” I mumbled to myself, standing up from the bed.

That’s when the door opened and my dear Joseph’s face bobbed in.

“Oh hey, gising ka na. Good. I’m just done cooking breakfast. Kain na.”

And then his head went back out.

So it wasn’t a dream. I find myself smiling like a kid in a candy store. Suddenly the sun was brighter, and the song on my phone, now changed to LUCKY TAPES’ Gun, seemed so much more beautiful. Just smile and kiss me one more time. Onemore time, indeed.

“Oh, and Kath,” Joseph’s voice rang out again. “Thanks alot for last night. I really do love you.”

I followed him out of my room and he was sitting at my coffee table, a bowl of instant ramen in his hand. I went to the kitchen and got me a bowl as well.

I sat down on the living room couch beside Joseph, eating warm noodles and watching TV. It was the bestest morning I’ve ever had.

Thirty minutes later, Joseph’s phone rang. He went to reach for it and answered.

“Mhm. Yes. Yep. Uwi na ako mamaya. Almusal lang kami dito. Okay. Thanks, mama.”

He set the phone down and said, “I need to go in a bit. May lakad daw kami mamayang gabi eh. Pampanga ata or Pangasinan. I’m not entirely sure.”

I grew worried. “Oh. How long will you be gone?”

“Eh, probably two, three days tops.”

“Ah, well. Take care, love.” I pulled him in and pressed my lips to his. Soon enough we were making out on the couch, with me slowly straddling him and pushing him down on the soft cushions.

“Nnnhh, Kath…” He began.

“Ssshh, let mommy take care of you,” I said, slowly sliding down to his crotch and unbuttoning his pants. I pulled out his erect dick and licked it from base to tip.

“Ahhhh fuck, Kath that’s so good…”

I wrapped my lips around his tip and sucked it off while playing with his balls. Before long he’s already cumming in my mouth. I pulled his dick out of my mouth and spat out on the floor.

“My, you’re awfully quick today,” I moaned, staring at him with bedroom eyes and a sly smile. “Pero matigas ka pa oh,” I was motioning to get on top of him and aiming his dick on my pussy.

I slowly slid his dick in, and, like a dagger between the ribs, it still hurt like hell. But it felt good. His warmth and girth stretched my tight hole and filled me up. “Hahh…. Hahhh, Seph…”

I wanted him on top. I want him to pump me and pound me with his dick. So I leaned back and said, “Seph, ikaw sa top. Fuck me hard.”

We changed positions and now I’m lying on my back on the couch, my head resting on the armrest, my right leg resting on the floor and my left hanging on the backrest, and inbetween them is my darling Joseph, his cock still probing the depths of my pussy.

I pulled his face in and madeout with him. He stsrted slowly pumping in, gradually increasing in pace and force. Before long he was pounding me straight into the couch.

“Ahhh ahhh yes! Yes ganyan…” I moaned, my nails digging into his back. It felt like heaven when his dick fills up my sopping pussy. My waist started to pump against him, driving his member deeper and deeper. He was fucking me furiously now, his hands gripping my head and holding it tightly against his chest. I felt like his toy and it felt amazing. “Aahhh! Ahhh!” It was orgasmic.

“Kath, I’m almost cumming…” He whispered while he straight up drilled me.

“Do it inside!” I moaned back, wrapping my legs around his waist.

Of course, given our current position this caused an imbalance and we fell down onto the floor just as Joseph was gonna cum. He managed to pull out and spill his seed on my tummy.


“Well, you have a fun vacation now!” I kissed Joseph on the lips and hugged him. “And be safe ha?”

“I will.” He laughed. God I love his laugh. He started to go out of the door.

“Saka oy, pasalubong, okay?” I said jokingly.

“Sure, sure!” He called back. I closed the door after him and locked it.

Well, I’m alone again. It was just 9 o’clock. I had class tonight at 7pm, so I had most of the day to do whatever I want.

I went back to my room and changed from my usual morning clothes to a shirt and jeans. I took one look at the stack of papers I still have to do and heaved a sigh.

I carried them out of my room and set to work at the living room, listening to music and sipping on a hot cup of coffee.

I was halfway through the stack when my phone rang. It was Len.

My heart stopped beating for a second. Should I answer it? Ignore it?

I reached out to the phone. I was gonna dismiss the call, but for some deep, probably lustful, probably curious reason, I answered it.

“Hey Kath.”


“Ganda ng gabi natin ah.” He was teasing me again.

“… Well sakanya lang ako. I think I’ve proven my point last night.”

“Oh, well lucky you didn’t called during my ‘usual night outs’. Kung ganun nga, andami siguro nakarinig ng pagungol mo.”

No way. I thought it’d go as I thought it would. That Len would give up and leave me alone.

“So nakatikim ka na pala ng kantot, Kath? Masarap ba? Sino mas malaki, ako o yang boyfriend mo?”

I hung up the phone. It vibrated. A message from him?

“Hey, sorry. I think nakabastos na ako. I didn’t mean that AND I think it’s time I respect you na.”

“Yeah, nakakabastos na nga. So please stop, okay? It’s over between us.” I replied.

Now you’d think, my dear reader, that that’s the end of it. Unfortunately it wasn’t, because I realized one thing. And it’s that one thing that I regret doing the most.

“Actually, Len. I have some big work at home right now. Want to help me around?”


Len arrived at around 11 o’clock. I was just cooking up some adobo for lunch when he knocked on the door. Leaving the meat to simmer, I went and opened the door.

“Oh, sakto ka for lunch ah. Just wait for a bit.Adobo’s almost done.” I said, walking back to the kitchen. The aroma of my cooking was impregnating my entire unit with a sweet, savory smell.

“You’re looking fine today. Anong okasyon?” Len asked teasingly. He followed me into the kitchen, and stood at the doorway eyeing me from bottom to top.

“What?” I said, going red in the face. My ears felt like they were on fire. “This is how I usually dress at home.”

Truth is, I actually did dress down to entice him. I was wearing a fitted white tank top and pink bloomers. I didn’t wear a bra, and I know he’s noticed that already.

“So where’s the boyfriend? Jose, Jobi, what was it again?”

“It’s Joseph. And umuwi na sya, may lakad pa yun.” I turned off the stove and poured theadobo onto a bowl. “Hey, help me with this.”

By now I was feeling really horny and was sort of waiting for him to make a move. But as he got closer he actually went past me, and got a few plates from the drawers.

“Sige, maghain na ako. Dun lang sa living room right?” He asked, carrying plates and a two pairs of utensils.

“Yeah, tapos kuha ka na rin ng water natin.” Well that was sorta disappointing. I’m now wondering if I’m just gonna send him home after our lunch.

The table was set and I brought the bowl ofadobo down on the table and we started eating.

“So ano yung ginagawa mo? Bakit andaming papel?” He asked over the food.

“May pinapacheck si sir sa akin. Di kasi ako nakapagexam tapos eto pambawi ko sakanya.”

“Ahhhh, gawin na natin habang kumakain. Para chill na lang after lunch.”

My ears pricked up at the sound of that. Like it had meaning, or something. I continued eating and pulled a stack of the papers toward me.

“Yeah, it’s really easy naman. Andami talaga. Here,” I split the stack into roughly two halves and gave one of it to him. “Actually onti na lang na papers. Forty na lang ata o thirty. Saglit lang yan.”

So we set about working on them, and by the end of our lunch, all of them were completely checked and double-checked.

“Tara, ligpit na tayo.” I said, gathering all the spoons and forks on the plates and carrying them. “You wipe down the table with a dishcloth.”

“Kelangan pa ba sabihin yan?” he laughed. I forgot how he actually still has manners. Before long, the table was wiped clean while I was washing the dishes. And Len stayed in the kitchen with me.

“This is it,” I thought. ” Fuck, just do me already.”

I felt Len approach me from behind. My heart was hammering. I can feel his hands closing in.

“Len…” I mumbled. His left hand slowly crept up my thigh onto my butt. His right reached around and fondled my right breast.

“This was what you wanted, diba?” He whispered into my ear.

“N-no…” I denied. My body was far from denying though. I was sweating profusely, and already I was super wet.

His hand went under my top and groped, feeling my bare breast and rubbing and squeezing on my nipple. I was soaking wet already. He reached down into my panties and felt the flood between my thighs. I can feel his fingers probing around my pussy, looking for my clit.

When he found it, he pressed on it and rolled it between his finger and thumb. I was shaking from pleasure and my legs buckled down. I felt his hard penis against my butt.

“Ah, fuck please…” I was already moaning. I heard a phone ring and the groping and touching stopped. Len pulled off me and answered the call.

“Ah, ma? Opo andito po ako sa bahay ng tropa ko.” I approached him from behind and slipped my hand into his pants and fondled his still erect dick. “O-opo pauwi na po ako. Sige po m-ma.” Len cut off the call and tossed his phone onto the couch.

“Tangina Kath, anlibog mo-”

I didn’t let him finish. I pushed him down on the ground, turned him around and rode on his bulging member.

“Ano, matapos mo ako libugin iiwanan mo ko? You balls-less bastard.” I pulled his pants off and slid off my shorts.

“Wait-” I let him enter me. It went all the way in and it felt like I was being fucked again for the first time. To my surprise, Len pushed me off.

“God, Kath I only wanted to tease you. Kaso iba ka talaga.” He pushed me over the couch and I was bent over the backrest. I felt his hands grab my waist and he started to enter me from behind.

He started fucking me doggy style. It felt different. The position made his dick reach parts unreachable when I ride on top. It felt so good. I was moaning like a bitch in heat, my breasts wagging up and down as he plowed me on the couch.

“Ahh, ahh, ahh shit, you’re so tight…” Len exclaimed, pounding harder and faster. I came and shuddered, my fluids leaking out and making my pussy slippery.

“Sige pa Len, fuck me…aahhh ahhh”, I moaned. Len quickened his pace. I think he’s about to cum. “Len sa labas mo iputok…”

“Sige Kath, uhmnnn ahhh…” He pulled out and busted his load on my butt, shooting as far as the middle of my back. I felt it dripping down, trailing lines of cum on my butt and sides.

We wiped down and got dressed.


“Leeeeen, sorry! Di na mauulit ‘to promise.” I was laughing at him because he looked so tired and irritated.

“Kath papagalitan ako ng nanay ko. Saka baka mapaaway pa ako sa boyfriend mo.” I felt a pang of guilt when he said that. He looked sad as well, and I felt that. I quickly sobered up.

“Yeah well, I promise it won’t happen again. Medyo guilty din ako sa nangyari sa atin today. Pero no hard feelings ah? Literally. No strings attached and all that.” I was smiling. It was still a helluva good experience, and I enjoyed it all the same. But I promised never to cheat on Joseph again. Now it’s only a matter of hiding this from him or confessing.

I watched Len leave my unit. I sat on the couch, silent and brooding. I looked at my phone, and after the longest minute, picked it up and dialed Joseph’s number.

“Seph, I have a confession to make…”

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