A Slave to the Servant Ch. 01 – 02

ni DoctorWolf

Families always have problems, I know that. Mine just seemed to have more than most. My uncles had all spent time locked up and now they couldn’t get work. My mother was a drunk and my dad had never been in the picture. To say we were dysfunctional was an understatement.

Somehow mom had managed to buy the house we were in. It was small, just a few bedrooms and a kitchen/ living area. It was full of people, though.

We became the crash pad for anyone in the family with nowhere to stay, which was pretty much everybody. They blamed the bad economy. I blamed the stuff they kept snorting up their noses. Fear of another beating kept me from ever saying anything like that.

I’d had my own bedroom until my last uncle moved in. Uncle Eddy told mom he “needed” to have a comfortable bed. He was creepy enough he probably wouldn’t have cared if I stayed. My mother told me I could sleep on the couch, but she spent most nights there passed out drunk. Occasionally I found myself sleeping in a chair on the front porch.

It was a shock when I managed to graduate high school.

Once I finally turned eighteen I’d got out of there as fast as I could.

I took a job cleaning rooms several hours down the interstate in a seedy motel. My boyfriend drove me and my meager belongings to the motel. His payment was a quickie on the motel’s squeaky, uncomfortable bed. Once he left, I never saw him again.

The manager at the motel was not exactly nice, but he took my money same as anyone else’s to stay there. I had my own bed and a little TV. I did the cleaning, so it was spic and span. Soon I learned to avoid Mr. Pensky, the manager, just like I’d avoided my uncles.

The work at the motel was hard and thankless. Mr. Pensky refused to buy me even simple things, like gloves. My hands were red and raw from the chemicals I used. After a couple months the dry cracks over my fingers and palms just became part of me.

The motel’s clientele were mostly old grimy men. They tried to grope me daily, but I was fast. I’d learned years ago how to avoid my uncle’s unwanted touches. I kept myself out of trouble.

The basics of living at the motel were still an improvement. I had food three times a day. For once, I could lock my room, so nobody stole what I bought. I rarely had fresh fruit or vegetables, canned foods kept better and were cheaper. I knew I couldn’t eat like that forever. It was still an upgrade for me, though.

I loved my days off. I took the bus and went down to the coast. There was a place there the tourists never went. If you climbed the steep slope down, you had your own private rocky beach.

I’d spend hours diving and exploring the deep bottom. It was quiet under the water and the fish never bothered me. I learned to hold my breath a really long time and explored the underwater caves and crevices as far as I could.

If I ever got enough money together, I considered taking scuba classes and renting the equipment. That kind of cash was long way off for me.

That was life for me and I was finally happy. My little world wasn’t very exciting, but it was mine.

I shopped after work at the mini mart a block away. I came back to the motel late one night and noticed a faint glowing coming from around back. I dropped my groceries in my room and went to investigate.

There was a small wooded lot behind the building. Drunks sometimes started fires back there. The manager didn’t care unless they got out of hand and then we called the police and fire trucks.

I’m not sure what prompted me to go investigate. I should have gone and gotten Mr. Pensky and let him check.

I crunched into the lot stepping over empty beer bottles and discarded syringes. The light was coming from somewhere in the center. I wove between the trees watching the light. It wasn’t flickering like a fire. It was more like a steady pulse. That’s the last thing I saw on Earth.

I woke up and didn’t really remember having gone to sleep. My surroundings were all very clean, sterile almost and completely foreign to me. I bolted upright and realized I was naked.

The room I was in was bright white including the little bench I had been laying on. There were no windows in the room and the light seemed to be coming from the walls themselves. I put my feet on the floor and it felt like hard plastic. Reaching out and touching the walls I couldn’t find anything like a seam that would indicate a door.

My breathing was coming rapidly and I figured this must be hyperventilating. Suddenly it felt like the room was moving, the sensation was slight, but prominent. My arms and legs were stuck, held in place by strong air currents. The air pulled my arms out from my sides and separated my legs. I turned my head and saw the bench blend back into the floor.

The walls just disappeared, that’s the best way I could describe it. One minute they were there and then they weren’t. I was on the white lighted platform looking out into oblivion.

My eyes slowly adjusted to the dark and now I could see faces. My little platform was drifting slowly through a sea of faces. They were humanoid, most of them. Others were what people described when they talked about alien abduction.

I fought for consciousness. My mind just wanted to shut off and be back at the motel fixing Ramen noodles. This could not possibly be happening.

I was so humiliated. I wasn’t fat, but I wasn’t skinny either. My tummy and hips had a soft look I hated. The same went for my enormous breasts. I longed to cover up all my private parts.

The thing that really bothered me. The thing that should not have mattered that did was that I hadn’t shaved my legs or my armpits in ages. There was no one to impress at the motel, so I was a hairy mess.

My bush, oh man, my bush was huge reaching all the way to my navel. The dark curly hair covering my lower stomach was a trait I had inherited from mom. I hated it and I never would have showed it to anyone. Not like any of that mattered, but my brain decided that’s what I would worry about.

Occasionally, my little tray would pause in front of a group of faces. The ones that I stopped in front of all looked human. I seemed to glide right past the strange looking creatures in the hall. I couldn’t wonder why that was.

The groups of men I hovered in front of appraised me. I could see them pointing at me and talking to one another. Depending where they pointed the light and the air currents changed. I was bent over, laid flat, made to sit, and made to kneel. I couldn’t fight the air currents, they were too strong. The light seemed to illuminate the part of me they were most interested in.

In one position I saw other dully lighted trays lining a raised stage on the far side of the room. Other creatures adorned those trays. All were held in a position similar to mine. A human looking woman was passing between them on the stage, placing collars around their narrowest part. It struck me we were being sold, this is what an intergalactic slave house would look like.

It was intolerable that humans were enslaving other humans. They should know this was wrong. Suddenly, I was livid.

This was insufferable. The last group of men had the air currents move me all over the place. The nerve they had to treat me like this. The auctioneers would probably kill me for my bravado, but I didn’t care. I was furious.

I tried to scream at the men in front of me. Initially no sound came out, some weird air current was preventing it. I glared at them and resisted the air currents. I wasn’t going to just be the puppet they wanted.

One of the males in front of me had long dirty blonde hair down his back, he smiled smugly at me and motioned. The air current preventing me from speaking was gone and I made the most horrible noises. I called them every bad name I’d ever heard and cursed them in every way I could think of. I struggled against my bonds and glared at them.

The men talked amongst themselves for several moments while I floated in front of them. I had run out of cuss words, so I just scowled in their direction. I looked around angrily and wondered which group of ass holes I would stop in front of next. Hopefully these jerks were done with me.

A massive dark haired man in the group made a motion and shouted something out. The air current over my mouth returned and my platform spun across the room to the wall. The light under my feet dimmed until it was just a dull glow. Humanoid hands placed a cool metal collar around my throat.

Oh God, what had I done?

I watched with terror as the auction continued. Despite all the activity, my eyes were glued to the last group of men I had stopped in front of. It appeared the dark haired man had bought me.

I tried to recall exactly what he looked like. It was hard to see him from this distance. He had been large and muscular, I thought. His chest seemed to have a metal breast plate squarely in the middle. I seemed to remember seeing the hilt of a sword at his waist. All in all, he looked dangerous.

I looked away from him for a moment and checked out the other slaves. Some look sort of human, but most didn’t. In fact, I didn’t see anyone else up here on the stage that appeared to be from Earth.

Scanning the auction again I didn’t see the dark haired man anymore. I had a moment of panic that he had left. If he hadn’t bought me, who had? The not knowing was worse than knowing.

A movement from by my feet caught my eye and I looked down. The dark haired man was there, along with the four other men and they were staring up at me. Their eyes seemed to be appraising me. I was acutely aware of how my legs were spread and what they had complete access to.

In my fright, my body did the most embarrassing thing. I pissed myself. The golden liquid splashed down my legs to the white platform.

The men looked at it curiously and seemed to be discussing it. The one with the long blonde hair reached onto the edge of the platform. I felt the air currents fighting him, trying to push him away. He wasn’t even a little deterred and dipped a finger into the yellow puddle. He examined it, as did his friends, and then he tasted it.

Bad enough to piss myself in public, now some alien is tasting it.

The female looking creature that had collared me came to stand beside the men. They looked warily at her. A long tentacle came out of her throat and delved into the ear of the long haired man. She was impassive, but the man bowed his head to her. She motioned and my little platform was clean of the puddle. The urine still clung to my legs and I wished the air currents would dry it.

The men stood at my pedestal talking and occasionally looking up at me. The questions plagued my mind. Had Dark hair bought me? What would they want me to do? Were they going to eat me or beat me? I felt nauseated and wanted to throw up. Then that would be stuck to me too, so I held it in and tried to breath normally.

I barely noticed the motion as my platform moved backward into a small room. The room was dimly lit and the walls looked like large screens. My arms were trembling from being held out so long and I was slumped against my invisible bonds. For the moment my adrenaline was exhausted and so was I.

The five men walked casually into the room while the lady with the tentacle followed them.

The wall in front of me lit up and it was me, for all practical purposes with no hair. I screamed into the air mask and struggled in my bonds. For some reason it seemed like shaving me bare would be the worst thing they could possibly do. Obviously I knew that was just the beginning.

The dark haired man turned around and watched me struggling. His face was rough with stubble and his short black hair framed his face. He raised a dark eyebrow and said something. Long hair jumped up on my platform behind me. I felt him grab my long brown hair and wrap it around his fist. He twisted my head to and fro talking to his friends.

He jumped down and leaned casually on my platform smirking up at me. The tentacle lady hit a switch and the me on the wall was now just like I was, hair and all. A sigh of relief escaped my mouth. Suddenly, I realized it had come out. The air mask on my face was gone.

The men spoke to the lady in a language I couldn’t understand. Dark hair continued to watch me intermittently. I wasn’t really upset when the me on the wall had her leg, groin, stomach, and underarm hair removed.

A lanky quiet man pointed to his breast plate and addressed the group. The metal covering his chest had an intricate design on it. In fact, they all wore the same design on their chest. The lady stuck her tentacle into his ear.

I was distracted from the rest of the conversation as the long haired man played with my toes. Across the platform from him a man with brown hair and a short beard stroked the other foot as they talked. They were touching me without permission and it infuriated me. The logical little voice in the back of my mind reasoned I should get used to it.

Two creatures came in to the room from the side door. They looked like they were made of jelly. Again, the urge to throw up came over me and I fought it back down. T

The platform I was on lowered to the ground and I was now surrounded by my captors at their level. The men were enormous, the shortest was probably six foot something. At 5’7 they dwarfed me substantially.

The jelly creatures were on the platform now and I started to struggle. Of course I already knew it was worthless, but I couldn’t stop. When the jelly creatures started to engulf my legs, my panicked screaming filled the room. Quite suddenly the air mask over my mouth was replaced and the tentacle lady was sticking her thing in my ear.

“Silence, slave,” I heard in my mind. “You are now the property of the proud Warriors that stand around us. They wish your hair removed in certain places and it is being done. They have paid to have an understanding of their language placed in your mind. I will do this now.”

My world got foggy as tentacle woman dumped an alien language into my brain. I was vaguely aware that the table moved up as I moved down until I was laying flat at the level of the lady’s tentacle. It felt like I had had too much to drink. Slowly the words being spoken around me started to make sense. There wasn’t time to marvel at it, though.

The tentacle woman pulled out what looked like a silver pen light and pressed it to my arm. I winced as a slight burn started where she held the silver pen against me.

“What was that?” the lanky guy asked quietly.

“It is for the slave’s health,” the dark haired man answered him. “Basin told us of this, brother, you must pay more attention.”

“We will give it a drink every day that is similar to that concoction,” the bearded man said and the others agreed.

It was so weird understanding a language I knew was foreign to me. I was stunned.

“Human slave, I am speaking to you in the language of Pateria. Do you understand me?” the woman asked looking right at me.

I nodded slowly and she slapped my breast, “You will answer me when I speak to you, slave!”

Before I had a chance to do what I was told, I saw Dark hair grabbing her hand.

“This one is ours now, saleswoman. Respect it as such,” he said rubbing a hand over the mark hers had made. My nipple responded to his touch despite my sense of dread.

“They are protective, slave, you are lucky. Now do you understand me?” she asked again.

I answered her in a slurred voice with words I barely recognized and the men came to stand around me. I realized I was laying down across the platform and the jelly creatures were still at work. The slimy burning was running up my legs.

Dark hair gazed down at me. He trailed his fingers along my arm as he addressed the saleswoman. “We wish to know how it works. When the cleaners are done, I want you to show us all the parts,” he said turning his gaze back on my face.

I still felt drunk and the room started to slowly blacken around the corners. I wondered how many parts she would show him. Would she open up my belly to show him those parts, too? On that lovely note, I blacked out.


‘Bad dream,’ I thought to myself as I woke up. ‘Hope I didn’t miss my alarm.’ I opened my eyes and then shut them tight again. Inside my head I repeated to myself, ‘bad dream, bad dream, bad dream.’

“I already saw you Ciara, you opened your eyes. You aren’t asleep anymore. I wish to look at you with them open,” the long haired man said.

He had been leaning over me watching me sleep. I had seen his piercing blue eyes the minute I opened mine.

“I could open them for you, Ciara. Should I do that?” he asked.

I threw my eyes open and tried to move away from him, but only ended up backing into dark hair who had been laying on the other side of me. I scooted away from both of them and fell off the surface we had been laying on. Crawling across the floor I stopped when I hit the wall and stood up.

Glancing out an opening in the wall I noted the sun that was peeking over the purple blue horizon. Several large moons could also be seen stretched out in the sky. I’d never seen a sky that color or with that many satellites.

I turned in stunned silence and gazed sightlessly ahead. This wasn’t earth, unless my planet suddenly sprouted new moons. I was somewhere different, somewhere very far away. My eyes started to work again and I took in the details of where I was.

It appeared to be a bedroom. In the center of the room sat a huge circular bed covered in an assortment of deep blue covers. A large pole ran up the middle of the bed and attached the ceiling. Four powerfully built men were lounging on it. From the look of their hair, they had just woken up.

The lanky man was laying on the other side of the mattress. He stretched languidly and watched me.

“I told you we should have tied it up,” the lanky man said to the group in general.

I whimpered and hugged my arms around myself. My butt naked self, I realized. Looking down quickly I saw ornate metal cuffs wrapped around my wrists and ankles, but was otherwise I was completely unclothed. I shifted my arms to cover my private parts.

“To the first contest then,” the broad, bearded man said rising from the bed and coming toward me.

The bearded man was taller than me by at least a foot. His chest was bare except for the copious amounts of thick bronze hair. A fine piece of white linen was wrapped around his waist. From the number of scars that cut across his torso he had obviously been in a lot of fights. He terrified me.

“Master Evan wishes to inspect you on the bed with your eyes open, Ciara. Go back and lay down,” he commanded.

The man was a giant. I was too scared to move and shook my head ‘no’ watching him.

“What do you mean when you move your head like that? Speak to me, Ciara,” he said coming closer.

“No,” came out of my mouth.

“No what, Ciara,” he said folding his arms across his chest. He watched me tremble for a moment and then continued. “You are not educated, so I will help you. When you answer myself or my brothers, the word Master should follow whatever you say.”

“You are not my Master,” I hissed at him mutinously.

The bearded man stepped closer to me and I bolted away from him. I didn’t make it far. In my haste to escape, I didn’t notice the long haired man as he stepped in front of me. Fighting wildly, I fought the hands that restrained me. After a quick struggle, I ended up subdued on the floor.

The long haired man held me face down with my hands behind my back. He had my right arm twisted in a grip so strong I feared the bone would break. Screaming apologies I lay still, praying he would release me.

“That was a horrible noise, Ciara,” the bearded man commented.

“I apologize, Master,” I sobbed, grateful the long haired man had suddenly freed my arm.

The bearded man spoke to the long haired man sharply then, “Use less force, Evan. You act as though we have not been trained.”

The man named Master Evan pulled me to stand as he grunted an apology to the bearded man.

“It ran at me,” he said, “I was surprised.”

I stood and trembled between the two men. Powerful did not begin to describe them. Despite my objections the long haired man, Master Evan, had quite simply moved me to the floor like I wasn’t fighting him. My arm throbbed as a vivid reminder of how not to act.

The men were looking at me and I realized I had been staring at them.

I wasn’t sure how I had ever confused them for human. For one, they were too tall. Secondly, their eyes were different, larger and more feline. Their skin also should have told me, it was very faintly striped gold and golden brown. There were subtle and distinct differences between us.

I dropped my eyes, but not before taking in Master Evan’s complete form. He was tall and his muscles were well defined in his arms and chest. Like the bearded man he also had a good number of scars that cut across his body. Unlike the bearded man he had less chest hair.

“Your eyes are green, Ciara. None of us have green eyes,” Master Evan said conversationally.

I had no response to that but looked up at his face again. Master Evan had a lopsided smile on. He was just intently watching me. For a man that had nearly ripped my arm off, he seemed almost good humored.

The bearded man was standing watching me also, but seemed to have deferred the conversation to Master Evan.

“What is Ciara? Why are you calling me that? My name is Rachel,” I said to him in a pleading voice.

“That’s twice you didn’t follow instructions, Ciara. I would be happy to answer your question if you apologize for not addressing us properly. Be forewarned, the punishment will only get worse the longer you defy us,” he said in that pleasant tone.

The lanky guy on the bed spoke before I had the chance to. “Liam told me the first they did with their slave was take it down and show it the whipping post. He told me they strapped it to the post and left it there half the day, after that they had no problems.”

I’d been beaten by my mother and her brothers on more than one occasion. These guys were much tougher than my family. I had no urge to repeat an experience like that ever again.

“I’m sorry I didn’t call you Master, Master. Please, tell me where I am. Why are you calling me Ciara? Why am I here? I’m sorry, Master.” I stumbled all over my words and looked at the floor.

Tears started to fill my eyes, again. I was too weak; I should fight them. The entire experience was humiliating.

“We have named you Ciara that is why I am calling you that. You are on the planet Pateria. You are our sex slave.”

I gasp looking up but he continued to speak.

“You were brought from your home planet through a dimensional portal. They don’t open often on your world, so you can’t go back. If you are agreeable your life here will be pleasant. If you can’t be agreeable, well, we’ll be very sorry for that.”

Master Evan finished his speech by quickly wiping a tear off my cheek. I watched as he brought it to his lips.

“Well?” the dark haired man on the bed asked looking at Master Evan.

“Salt and something else,” he said.

The lanky man spoke then, “Ciara, what do you keep making with your eyes?” he asked curiously.

I didn’t have a word for it in the language I was thinking in. “I’m sorry, Master,” I said getting flustered, “there is no word … Master.”

“Was there a word in your first language?” the lanky man asked.

I thought hard for a minute and tried to remember, it finally came to me. “Tear, Master,” I said triumphantly.

My face fell the minute I realized what an idiot I was being. In my confusion, Master Evan had wrapped his hand around my arm and was pulling me back to the bed.

The dark haired man looked at the lanky guy sharply as he spoke. “It is not to speak of it’s home planet again, Christof. Do not encourage that behavior,” he said.

Master Evan continued to tug me toward the bed and I resisted.

“Please,” I cried with a wavering voice pulling against him, “don’t do this. Please don’t hurt me. I want to go home.”

The words sex slave kept rolling around in my head. I was not cut out to be anyone’s sex slave.

Master Evan pulled harder and I stumbled forward. The arm still ached from his prior abuse, so I didn’t fight too hard against him. Instead, I looked around the room for some other way out.

My frantic eyes locked on the bed and the two figures still lounging there. The dark haired man I had originally thought bought me was watching my display intently.

“We have no wish to harm you,” he said. “We have paid a great deal for you and only wish to explore what we have bought.”

‘They paid a lot? For me?’ I was so surprised that I stopped pulling against Master Evan for a moment.

I saw a fifth figure moving into the room. He held a large brown jug in his hands.

“We should give it water,” he said to the group. “It lost fluid at the auction has not taken any since.”

His hair was reddish brown and cut in short waves about his head. He was leaner than the others with a more finely muscled appearance. His waist had the same linen shift, though.

At the sound of something to drink I was suddenly parched. I licked my dry lips and watched him. He came to rest in front of me and dropped something on the ground.

“Kneel Ciara and Kein will give you something to drink,” Master Evan commanded.

I was so thirsty. Master Evan put his hands on my shoulders and encouraged me to comply. Slowly, I kneeled down and realized a thick, soft cushion was under my knees. I reached for the jug and was tutted.

Master Kein brought the jug to my lips and I took a tentative sip. It tasted like cool water with a hint of something sweet. I gulped as fast as he would allow me to drink. I didn’t finish until the jug was empty.

When I was done drinking, Master Evan pulled me to stand again. He grabbed the arm he had twisted so viciously before and I didn’t fight as he pulled me to the bed. Pushing gently he forced me away from the edge, so I sat fully on the firm mattress.

Master Kein had set the jug down and moved beside the dark haired man. Master Evan slowly crawled until he was right beside me, facing me. I sat stiffly and upright watching the men surround me.

Master Evan sat very close next to me and looked into my eyes deeply. I flinched, but otherwise stayed still, when his hand came up to trace my the line of my nose.

“Open your mouth, Ciara,” he commanded and I did.

The Dark haired man leaned forward until he and Master Evan were directly in my face.

Dark hair used his fingers to pull my lips back and he seemed to be examining my teeth. Using the flat of his finger he examined my entire mouth. Master Evan assisted him. It felt like he was pinching and playing with my tongue. They seemed satisfied with whatever they found.

When the men removed their fingers I hesitantly closed my mouth. Master Evan touched my lips and I automatically opened them for him. He was no longer interested in the inside, though. The strange man sat and rubbed his fingers across my full lips.

“So soft,” he said looking back at the dark haired man.

Just like the rest of me my lips were curvy and thick. The color and texture seemed to mesmerize Master Evan. The attention was beginning to unnerve me again.

The dark haired man sat back and considered me. Master Evan stayed in my face and placed his fingers over the staccato pulse under my jaw.

“Do not fear us, Ciara. We will not cause you harm. We will protect you,” he said.

I wished I could believe that. Contrary to their words my arm still throbbed. It was a constant reminder what they could do if they cared to.

Dark hair laid a hand on my shoulder and I watched him warily. I jumped when Master Evan laid a hand on the opposite shoulder. They slowly started to stroke my arms on either side.

The men trailed their fingers down my arms toward my hands. Their touch was tentative and explorative. It was in sharp contrast to being wrestled to the floor or dragged to the bed.

The Dark haired man made a disgruntled sound as he examined my right hand. I wanted to pull away, but his grip on my arm was firm. God, they were strong.

“The skin is rough, cracked, and broken,” he said touching the lines on my palm.

“As is this one,” Master Evan said from my other side.

“It has not been well cared for, but that is of no concern now. We will use the cream on it,” Master Kein stated and the other men murmured approval.

The texture of me seemed to fascinate them. They ran their fingers along my arms and legs like they had never seen skin before. I could not stop the involuntary flinching.

The more they touched me, the more freaked out I got. They were overwhelming. I pulled at my limbs trying to curl myself into a ball.

“Please let me go, please stop, please don’t rape me,” I begged tugging hard at the extremities they were still holding tight.

“We can hold you down if you are not agreeable,” the dark haired man said, “and I will tell you only once. Do not use words from your first language or speak of your first home. I do not know the word ‘rape’ and I do not care to know it.”

He didn’t look angry, just stern.

I was panting in fear watching his eyes. Being tied down would make this worse, I had to calm down. It took a supreme effort, but I managed to slow my breathing to a more reasonable pace.

Tears started to form in my eyes again. I cast my eyes down to hide them and really saw myself for the first time.

I looked different. In my rapid survey of myself all I had noted was the lack of clothing. With the initial panic gone I could do a more thorough evaluation.

There was so much different about me now. My tan lines were gone. The skin of my body was all creamy white like I’d never spent a day in the sun. In addition, all of my body hair seemed to have been removed, including the fine hairs on my arms.

Without thinking I wrenched my arms from their grasp and grabbed my head in sheer terror. My long brown hair was still attached. Running my fingers through it, I made sure it was all there.

“We did not remove any hair from your head or face. Our cousins told us a human would want to keep that. We wish you to be a happy slave,” the dark haired man told me. “We will keep it for ornamentation.”

“Yes, thank you,” I answered feeling dazed.

“You must call me Master every time you speak to me, Ciara,” he said watching me.

I had to remember the rules. It was the only way I would survive, that much I was sure of.

“Yes, thank you, Master,” I whispered and he looked very pleased.

My hands drifted from my hair to my neck. I could feel the metal collar circling it. The collar wasn’t too tight, but it wasn’t loose. It seemed to be about an inch wide. Running my fingers along it I could feel it was covered with an intricate design.

“It is our symbol. Any that see it will understand we own you,” the Dark haired man said.

I nodded mutely and inspected the metal bracelets on my wrist. They were wider, maybe three inches and they fit like they had been made for me. Both of them were covered in the same pattern. I saw no way to remove them.

Glancing down, I saw two more identical cuffs encircling my ankles. The bearded man was taking his time exploring my feet, so I didn’t get a good look at them. I assumed they probably had the same design.

My eyes turned to gaze back at my strange looking body. The men had reached my torso now. I watched their rough calloused hands glide over my chest and stomach. I still flinched as they lifted and cupped my breasts. That didn’t keep my attention, I was interested in farther down.

That huge bush was gone, along with most of my pubic hair. What I had left made a motif on my lower stomach. I touched my belly and traced the mark. The dark haired man’s fingers followed mine.

“It was Christof’s idea, it is also our symbol,” he said. “None will confuse who you belong to.”

I stretched back to look at the symbol and the dark haired man pushed me gently until I was laying on my back. I was looking up into his charcoal eyes feeling unsure again. His hair hung to his chin and I watched it catch the light. It almost had a blue tint is was black.

“You do not know what to call me, do you?” he asked.

“No…Master,” I said almost not remembering.

He chuckled and stroked my cheek, “I am Master Damien,” he said then pointed to the lanky man on the other side of the bed. “That is Master Christof.”

The bearded man was between my legs inspecting my calf and looked up into my eyes, “You may call me Master Bane.”

“I am Master Kein,” the man that had brought the jug said as he traced my hip bone.

Master Christof was the only man that didn’t seem to want to touch me. He sat on the other side of the bed watching his companions.

The exploration of my body continued as I lay there. The switched places and took their time. Most of the men explored with their hands, but the one named Master Evan started licking. He tasted me everywhere.

Terror rose in my gut as his tongue ran over my arms. Were they planning to eat me? Perhaps telling me I was a sex slave was just a ruse, so they would have an easier time. In fear, I started to shake and shiver on the bed.

“What is this?” Master Bane asked holding my trembling limb as I tried vainly to jerk it back.

“Is it ill?” Master Kein asked.

Master Damien appraised me and crawled up by my head. He looked deeply into my eyes for several long moments. I jumped when his warm hand lay over my heart.

“No, it is afraid again,” he diagnosed correctly. “Do not fear Ciara, we will care for you now. Relax and allow us to prepare you for your purpose,” he commanded.

Well, it didn’t sound like they wanted to eat me. I didn’t really understand what he meant by preparation, though. Once again, I forced myself to relax and calm down.

Prior experience with my old boyfriend in the Chevy had taught me that tensing up before sex made it worse. If I wanted to survive this experience with my lower half intact, I would need to control myself. I concentrated on the ceiling and tried to relax.

Master Evan’s tongue had reached my torso now. I felt warm lips on my stomach and a tongue running over my flesh. He tasted my belly button thoroughly, he seemed to be checking it for something. He probed and pushed at it for several moments with his tongue and fingers.

“No, Basin is correct,” he said. “We cannot use it here. It is not deep enough.”

The other men murmured as lips ran up over my left breast. He lapped at the underside of the large round orb before coming to the tip. The sensitive tissue crinkled under his tongue. That fascinated them.

Master Kein started to work on the other breast with his fingers. When he quickly achieved the desired result he was thrilled. He continued to change his stroke watching the skin react.

It was getting harder to concentrate on the ceiling. My breasts had never experienced such wonderful stimulation. Master Kein’s hands were driving me insane and then Master Evan latched his mouth onto the nipple. He sucked hard and my back arched. I buried my hands in his silky hair without thinking.

Master Damien peeled my hands away and placed them above my head. I wanted to reach back down but felt myself restrained. Again, I noted the pole that rose through the center of the bed. A bit of leather now attached my wrists quite securely to that beam. The idea of being tied down terrified me and I looked up into Master Damien’s eyes.

“We will never hurt you Ciara, but we can’t be sure of the same treatment from you,” he said.

“How could I hurt you, sir…Master?” The men were gargantuan compared to me.

Whether they were lean or hulking they were covered in sinewy muscle. From the easy way Master Evan had thrown me to the ground I knew they were stronger than I was. There was really nothing I could do to them.

“This is something you don’t need to concern yourself with. Aren’t we bringing you pleasure? It was explained to us you would enjoy this,” Master Damien stated.

“Yes, Master,” I answered breathlessly.

Master Kein had decided to use his mouth like Master Evan and the stimulation was too much. He nipped lightly and I moaned softly before managing to ask.

“I don’t understand why you care, Master.”

Master Damien brushed his fingers over my eyebrows and watched me. “If you are in pain and unwilling you will become ill. We wish for you to stay healthy. Your health reflects positively on us, an ill slave is not honorable,” he answered. “We will prepare you, so you will be a healthy slave.”

The earlier comment made sense. They were preparing me for sex. It was starting not to matter, as long as those wet mouths continued to work over my nipples.

Soft teasing strokes had run up my legs, tickling the skin behind my knees. Master Bane was between my thighs and his hands were stroking just next to my center.

“Brothers,” he called, “it is getting ready.” He was looking down at my pussy with rapt attention.

I tried to close my legs but couldn’t with Master Bane sitting there. Master Christof got off the bed and walk around to come stand in front of me. I could feel myself and I was starting to get wet. I wasn’t used to this kind of attention, alien planet or not.

My face flushed hot because I knew what they were looking at. I’d looked in a mirror once when I was excited once just to see. I knew the pink lips would be full and plump. There was probably wetness gathering at the entrance to my womanhood. My little clit would be poking bravely from behind its hood. I wondered how much they knew about all of that.

Master Evan lifted his head from my chest and smiled at me, “I will know you there, Ciara, no part of you will hide from me.”

My legs were forced wider apart as Master Evan joined the other man. He used his tongue to run up my weeping slit. Against my better judgement I groaned as he moved over my pouting clit.

“Well, brother?” Master Damien asked.

“It is an interesting flavor and we will certainly know where ever it goes,” Master Evan answered.

The men spoke about my private parts like they were discussing the parts of a car. Other men, as well as, the saleswoman had explained how the pieces worked. They were eager to test what they had learned.

“Here,” Master Damien pointed and brushed his fingertip over my clit.

I sucked in a gasp and pulled at my restraints as he teased the tiny bud. My old boyfriend had never found it or at least never cared to. Master Damien seemed to know exactly where to look.

“That’s it,” Master Evan agreed and blew across the tissue.

Master Evan nibbled and sucked at my clit until I was twisting my hips involuntarily. The men laughed and complimented the saleswoman on her knowledge, she had told them how to do that.

I felt fingers, lots of them sliding into my cunt slowly stretching me. The fingers slipped lower and I tried to protest. Master Damien put a wet finger over my lips. I could smell the musty scent of my arousal on his hand.

“Ciara, do not resist us,” he chastised.

“Please, Master,” I begged him using the words I was supposed to, “it will hurt. Please don’t put anything there.”

“We would not harm what we own,” was the only answer I got.

The fingers were gentle and pressed into me slowly, one at a time. Soon the burn and the stretch were bearable and not painful. They weren’t hurting me.

I was flipped and pulled up to my knees. My arms crossed awkwardly in front of me and I felt something small, soft, and wet lapping against me back there.

“Please no, Master, that’s dirty. Please, don’t do that,” I begged wiggling around.

A tongue ran up my spine and to my hair line. I was sure it was Master Evan’s body that now covered mine.

“No more protesting Ciara, it is unbecoming,” he whispered nipping my ear.

Finding it had flavor he tasted my ear completely, pressing his tongue into my canal. I loved to have my ears played with and moaned as he tasted. It was brought to his attention I had two ears. He moved my head so he had access to the other one. For me, it was heaven.

“Do you like that, Ciara?” he asked me using his big fingers to continue to stroke and pull on my ears.

“Yes, Master,” I moaned getting lost in his hands.

“Use my name Ciara, every time,” he requested returning his lips to my ear.

“Yes, Master Evan,” I replied.

His body shifted and I felt another person settle between my legs. Mindlessly, I allowed myself to be spread. I felt the head of a cock pressing against my nether lips and froze.

My boyfriend at home had always made sure I felt him for several days afterward, every muscle in my body clenched. Bracing myself, I closed my eyes and waited for the pain.

“Ciara,” Master Damien called softly, “relax for me. We will not hurt something we own,” he repeated stroking my back and thighs.

Lost on a strange world, surrounded by aliens that wanted to fuck me I tried to relax. I felt my body yield to the pressure and Master Damien slipped into me with a slight push. He was large, but I was very wet. He pressed firmly until his rod was embedded in my flesh. I heard him moan my new name and he stayed very still inside of me. He wasn’t causing me pain, so I did calm down a little.

“It is amazing,” Master Damien said softly, but he still didn’t do anything.

I was still as stone waiting, but nothing happened. The heavy weight inside of me made me want to move, though.

A hand stroked down my back and Master Evan spoke from beside me.

“It doesn’t fight.”

After a while I opened my eyes and looked around. The men were all alternating staring at me or at Master Damien, who was motionless behind me. Maybe this was how they had sex, if so I felt buying me was a big waste of money.

“Aren’t you supposed to move or would you like me to move? On my planet we go back and forth. I only did it a couple of time, but is it different here …Master Damien?”

I couldn’t stop rambling once I started. It was such an unusual position to be in: impaled on someone’s cock while other men watched.

“You ask many questions, Ciara. Yes, I would like to move; you may stay still. I was merely enjoying this for a moment,” Master Damien said slowly starting to glide in and out of me.

It felt really good once he started to thrust. He rubbed something deep inside of me every time and I felt my own desire building. Inadvertently, I started to push back against him. A murmur passed through the group when they noticed me, but I wasn’t chastised.

“Sir, may I take my hands off the pole? I won’t do anything bad. It would just be easier if I could lean on my hands, Master Damien,” I said before I realized slaves probably shouldn’t ask to be comfortable.

It was just leaning on my elbows with my forearms crossed and stuck to a pole in front of me was such an awkward position. Master Kein moved forward and removed the rope restraining me.

I moved to my hands and knees, so now my breasts hung freely. They were large and had gotten me in more than a little trouble. When you have large breasts everything seems to show them off. Now they swung with each forceful plunge.

Master Evan and Master Kein noticed and stroked my breasts liberally, thoroughly entertained by the swaying orbs. It felt good and I whispered to them not to stop. That was the only encouragement they needed.

My breasts got all the attention they ever wanted after that. Master Kein gave up stroking and went back to sucking. He scooted so he lay beneath me.

I felt certain I would smother the man with my chest, but he moaned in pleasure directly beneath them. Soon I was lost in the sensation of his hands, lips, and teeth exploring the rounded flesh. His wet mouth passed repeatedly over the reactive tips of my nipples making them into puckered little nubs.

Hands were everywhere on me, stroking my sex, my back, and my hips. It was an amazing experience. I shouldn’t have orgasmed, but I did, stuttering into the pillow in front of me.

The stroking hands never stopped and heard them all telling me how good I was for finding pleasure. I felt for moment like a puppy that had finally learned a new trick. It was very strange.

My sheath gripped at Master Damien fiercely and the orgasm lasted forever. It must have felt good for him, too. He took two swift plunges into my convulsing depths and said a series of words I didn’t understand.

I had no time to recover as a new set of hands gripped me and a hard cock plunged inside. I moaned at the invasion, not because it felt bad, but because it felt so good. This cock was larger and I felt the stretch. I turned my head and Master Evan was rocking himself above me.

He was saying something, but I couldn’t understand him. I wondered if I had turned off their language or forgotten it. Fear gripped me. What if they were giving me instructions and I wasn’t responding?

“Master Evan, I don’t understand you, sir, Master.”

I couldn’t figure out how to finish my sentence and he was still plowing into my sensitive tissue. It was hard to concentrate.

Master Evan slowed a little as he spoke. “We did not have the saleswoman place all of our words in you Ciara. There are words you do not need to use.”

His pace quickened as he finished his statement. I glanced back and he looked ecstatic. Master Bane forced my head forward again. If it wasn’t for the sexual frenzy, I’m sure the grip Master Evan had on my hips would have been considered painful.

Master Evan continued to thrust as Master Bane passed a hand over my mostly bald mound. As he started to rub over my engorged clitoris I bucked and moaned. The convulsions that had been fading started over again.

Master Damien had lay down beside me and was stroking the breast Master Kein wasn’t fondling. He praised me with gentle words and continued touches as he watched with rapt attention.

My orgasm was finishing when Master Evan shouted words I couldn’t understand to the ceiling. I didn’t know how much more I could take, my pussy was twitching but sore. I felt oil being poured over my backside and stroked into my asshole. Whimpering I looked to Master Damien, but knew what he would say.

Fingers were gently spearing into me. They stretched and prodded slowly, but I was still terrified. In fear my legs dropped me to the bed. Pillows were placed under my belly until I held the position they liked.

It felt as though I was dripping with oil as they stretched me. Even in my haze of fear I felt grateful for that. I knew this could be painful and it could make me bleed.

“The saleswoman has already cleaned and stretched you Ciara. We will never harm something we own,” Master Bane said covering my body with his.

Hands separated my plump buttocks on either side and I felt the thick head of his cock teasing the outside of puckered entrance. It was darkly erotic, but still, I’d always heard anal sex hurt.

Better judgement to the side, I begged them, “Please don’t do this, it will hurt. Please leave my bottom alone, just use me the other way.”

“We will not hurt what we own,” Master Damien said sternly, “but this is ours to use.”

I struggled slightly in anger and was surprised when I accidentally pushed myself against Master Bane’s erect shaft. He pushed forward and I felt the head of his oiled cock pop into my ass. It ached and burned. Grabbing my hips he grunted and pushed forward. His searing length took my breath away and a strangled cry forced past my lips.

As I lay panting, strange words filled my ears again. They were similar to what Master Evan had said earlier. They must be cuss words. Master Bane laid across me leaving his length still inside. My butt felt crampy and I stayed very still underneath him. I just wanted him to be done.

“So anxious Ciara, is it really so bad to be filled by my brothers and I? Is this practice unknown to you? We were told you would be familiar with this,” Master Kein said curiously watching me.

He seemed younger than the other men and his eyes were kind. I focused on him as Master Bane withdrew his length and I tried to answer. Master Bane shoved himself home in a mighty push and I cried out loudly this time. My body couldn’t take this treatment. I felt like I would tear in half at any minute. Master Kein looked concerned.

“Brother,” he said in a chastising voice, “gentle with this hole, oil the other if you wish to rush.”

“Ahh, feels like I am in one of our women; hard to remember it is not the same,” Master Bane said withdrawing and then pushing back in slower.

I lay still and tried to relax. This was going to happen whether I liked it or not. Fighting would only get me hurt.

Soon the push and pull were not unpleasant. I spread my legs slightly and was able to get on my knees again. There was more control in this position and it didn’t feel like I was being thrust into the mattress each time

Low in my belly the sensations started to grow. I closed my eyes and grunted with each entry. As Master Bane exited I felt the pull of him across me, tantalizing my overstimulated senses. Somehow one of the pillows had bunched between my legs and it had started to rub my clit each time he moved.

Hot breath was in my face and I opened my eyes looking into Master Kein’s golden brown orbs. No eye on earth could have held these intense colors.

“You did not answer me Ciara. I wish to know if it is so bad for you,” he asked stroking his fingers through my hair.

“No, Master Kein, it is better now. Thank you, sir,” as I finished my statement the hand in my hair passed near my face. I grabbed it and kissed the back of it, grateful he had slowed his brother down.

Before I could move again Master Bane had slammed his length home and was pressing me into the bedding. Both hands were tied back to the pole at the center of the bed. My heart hammered in my chest.

“I’m sorry, Master Kein,” I managed to strangle out with Master Bane’s weight over me. “I didn’t mean to offend, Master,” my brain was on overload and I wanted to cry. I had only meant to be grateful.

“Brothers, patience,” Master Kein said disengaging my wrists from the center pole of the bed.

I looked wildly around and saw Master Damien and Master Evan eyeing me with distrust. From the position of their hands they had put me back on the pole. Master Christof’s face showed obvious dislike.

“It was only kissing my hand, it is human brothers. Basin and his brothers spoke of this. It was only a feathering of the lips. Show them Ciara, do it again,” Master Kein said offering me his hand.

Master Bane did not withdraw his length and left me full and uncomfortable. Still I took the proffered hand and gently kissed the back once.

“Again,” Master Kein whispered softly.

At his insistence I had soon kissed the entire back of his hand. I moved my attention to his fingers and his palm.

I felt Master Bane watching, but the desire in him to move must have been too great. His length was slowly forcing it’s way in and out of my tight hole again. The area was starting to get more sore and felt drier. He rested most of the way out of me.

“Brothers, more oil,” he called.

I felt Master Damien rise from the bed and saw him hand the small metal container to Master Bane. For being alien slave owners they were surprisingly sensitive to what I needed. Master Bane used the oil and then grunted as he thrust in.

It was unexpected that with the right amount of the oil how pleasurable it was to be taken this way. My body was full and darkly stimulated. Without notice I was pushing my hips against Master Bane and trying to take him deeper. Back on my knees and elbows, I was grunting with him. I was reveling in the sensations as he dragged in and out of me.

Fingers were back on my clit, whose I didn’t know. Large calloused hands were caressing my tight nipples. With my eyes closed I could only imagine it was Master Evan’s mouth that was blowing hot air into my ear and sucking on the lobe.

I moaned my displeasure when Master Bane erupted before me, but I wasn’t left wanting. A new oiled prick slid easily down my dark tunnel. This one was thinner, but longer. I recognized Master Kein’s voice behind me.

“Much better than our women,” he chuckled as the other man fell to the bed panting.

After watching so long Master Kein was in no mood for the niceties he had encouraged in his brother. Luckily, I was stretched and oiled. I peaked as he did, screaming and convulsing on his length.

Again, as he poured into me, I felt the petting and heard the compliments. I had done well to find pleasure again. They felt I was very good at what I was doing.

Master Kein rolled off of me and I lay on my stomach exhausted and reeling from the intensity of this experience. I licked my lips and they felt dry. Between my legs felt sticky and I was covered in a sheen of sweat. Overall, I was thirsty and had to pee.

I felt a hand slide down my back and across my buttocks. The resulting shiver was residual sexual arousal mixed with trepidation. I didn’t know how much more I could take.

“You see, Ciara,” Master Damien said from behind me, “you will come to crave us. You will touch us to bring us pleasure without fear. We knew you would be good for us when we saw you, we were correct.”

The men sat and agreed with Master Damien. They also commended me on taking pleasure so many times. I responded excellently to them.

In a strange way the praise made me proud. Sill, I wondered how much more I could take. Some part of me remembered one member of the team had not had a go. I wished they would let me drink and use the toilet first. Did a slave have the right to ask? Probably not, I decided. They had been nice and hadn’t hurt me intentionally so far, I didn’t want to push my luck.

“Come, Ciara, kneel before me,” Master Evan said standing several feet from the bed.

I turned and looked up at him blearily, following his instructions without thinking.

Master Damien sighed and urged me forward until the soft pillow was beneath my knees.

“When we say kneel, we mean on your resting place, Ciara, not on the floor,” he said distastefully.

In this position the combined fluids in my bottom half started to run. I felt like I was literally drooling cum. It made the sticky feeling that much worse.

A jug of sweet water was offered to my lips and I took it greedily. A small amount escaped out of my mouth and ran down onto my breasts. I started to wipe it off and was stopped. Master Kein dried it up with a small towel.

“Come,” Master Bane said encouraging me to rise.

I was shaky on my feet and leaned into him wherever he was taking me. He put an arm around my waist and supported me as we went.

We walked out of the room with the bed into a large split level room. The upper half looked to be an area for eating with two long semicircular bars facing one another, five chairs were sat in front of them. The lower part of the room had a low fire going and was decorated with five comfortable looking places to sit.

I was led through these rooms to a large tiled room. These men apparently had indoor plumbing. A small circular area was set apart. It had what looked like shower heads across the wall, five of them, all pointing to the center.

Across from the showers I was sat on what resembled a heavily lacquered wooden pot. Not surprisingly there were five of them. The one Master Bane sat me on didn’t move off the floor, but was empty. A series of knobs adorned the wall above it.

“A human should relieve itself of fluid and any waste afterward, you may do that here,” Master Bane said and then stood looking at me expectantly.

I wiggled around and looked at him mournfully, “I can’t do it with you watching,” I said. Adding the required, “Master Bane,” in response to a raised eyebrow.

He laughed at me. “You have done this with me watching once already, Ciara. In front of the entire auction in fact. Now relieve yourself,” he commanded. “The saleswoman sold us a kit to relieve you of your fluid if you refuse. She said it would be painful for you. Do you wish me to retrieve it?” he asked.

I concentrated on thinking of running water and was thrilled when the tinkle of pee hit the bottom of the pot. Chancing a glance up Master Bane was still watching me intently. He was entirely naked.

The bronze hair I had seen on his chest continued in a line down his stomach and surrounded his groin. He had scars everywhere on his muscular body. Even some that looked like teeth marks. It was his cock that really got my attention.

His organ was massive and still erect. I wondered how many more times it would take before it went down. It also struck me to wonder what the lady at the auction had done so I could take that up my ass without much trouble.

Master Bane caught me examining him and squatted in front of me so his tool hung suspended in the air. I was still staring at it.

“What are you thinking, Ciara?” he asked curiously.

“Nothing, Master Bane,” I said blushing.

“Ciara, you were thinking of something. You will tell me what it is while I clean you.”

I started as he took a damp cloth from the counter and ran it between my legs. I was sore.

He gently pinched my pouting labia and asked again, “Tell me what you were thinking of.”

I squirmed against him and decided to answer, “How many more times will you have sex with me today, Master Bane?” I asked quietly.

“A human cannot take us as many times a day as our women can. You have performed your function for today,” he said standing me up.

I continued to stare at his organ and he didn’t miss it.

“What are you thinking now?” he sighed.

“I was wondering what the auction lady did so it didn’t hurt that bad when you had sex with my ass, Master Bane.”

“She cleaned you and stretched you while you slept. We will continue to keep you clean there and stretch you, so it will not hurt,” he answered leading me into the area with the showers.

Now I was curious, I couldn’t understand what he meant about continuing to keep me clean. Despite what they obviously thought, I could wipe myself.

“How will you keep me clean, Master Bane?” I asked as he turned a knob and water hit me from all sides.

Stupid question, of course, this is how they would keep me clean.

“That is where you make waste, much like we do. We will wash the area out regularly and stretch it, so we can use it when we wish. Now that the process has begun it will not be painful for you.”

It hit me. They were planning to give me enemas to keep me clean and use something to stretch me. My horrified expression must have amused him.

“Ciara, these things are done on your world also. The saleswoman told us of this procedure,” he said starting to soap me with a sponge.

The thing he used to wash me was deep blue, but otherwise looked like the expensive natural sponges I had seen in fancy bath shops. Mom and I had just used washcloths.

“Why are you cleaning me, Master Bane? I know how to wash myself,” I said as he worked over my chest and stomach.

I would have assumed a slave on a strange world would be the one doing the washing part, not getting washed.

“So many question…You must be cleaned. In fact, we were told you would want to bathe afterward,” he told me.

“Yes, Master, but I can do it myself,” I insisted.

“Ciara, you are now a possession of ours. We care for our possessions. We will clean you, so it is done correctly. When we are not available to care for you, we will pay others to do it for us,” he said. “You have done what is expected of you.”

There was a finality to the statement, so I didn’t push it.

He was right I felt dirty and sticky. I would have wanted to bathe. It wasn’t clear to me how he knew that.

After Master Bane finished washing my body, he washed my hair. I’d never had such a thorough cleaning of my scalp. My face was pushed into his chest as he massaged the soap everywhere. After a complete rinse job he ran a light oil from roots to tips.

All in all, it was a far cry from the quick showers I’d taken at the motel.

Once he was done bathing me my captor got a jar off one of the shelves in the room. I was bent over as he rubbed it’s contents over my labia, into my vagina, and into my ass. It tingled a little at first, but it seemed to dull the soreness substantially.

Master Bane noticed several places where someone’s hands must have dug too excitedly into my hips. He carefully treated those with the cream. Making a sound of disgust he rubbed the cream all over my sore arm. Deep bruises showed where Master Evan’s hands had been. Whatever the cream was made the marks lighten immediately.

Both my hands received the same treatment with the cream. Some of the redness went away, but they still looked cracked and dry. I assumed it was because my hands had been like this for months. Master Bane seemed irritated that they didn’t heal quickly like the rest of me.

Once he had looked me over completely and was satisfied he dried me.

The technology they had here amazed me. The soft linen looking towel he used seemed to suck the water off of me. When he used it on my hair it ended up almost dry. I couldn’t imagine what something like that would cost on Earth.

I felt a little dazed and robotic, but Master Bane didn’t seem to notice. I did what he said and that’s all that seemed to matter to him. In the back of my mind, I knew I would eventually melt down or lose my cool. I just hoped it could be out of the line of sight of these strange men.

I thought my bath was done, but Master Bane did not. He instructed me to open my mouth and rubbed something all over my teeth. It burned a little. After a while, he had me spit it out and rinsed my mouth out. It made my teeth feel clean, like I had just been to the dentist.

The very last part of my bath was a silky rub. After pulling my hair out of the way, Master Bane brusquely rubbed my flesh with a purple goo. The purple faded as the cream sunk in. It didn’t leave my skin oily, but it gave me a silky glow. In any other circumstance I would have felt pampered.

I was instructed to follow Master Bane as he walked into the main room. For a moment my mind screamed at me to resist and to refuse. They had no right to do this, I was not a creature to be bought and sold. I took a second too long and Master Bane turned to look at me.

My feet started to move toward him before he could repeat his order. At least it appeared my body had the right survival instinct. Making a stand in the bathroom was probably a bad idea.

In the main room the others were already seated at the semicircular tables. Five cups sat around the table as did empty plates. I noticed a cushion on the floor between Master Evan and Master Damien. I had a feeling I knew where I would take my meals. Master Bane’s hands on my shoulders guided me to kneel between his two brothers.

Master Bane left the room and returned with the white linen back around his waist. I noted all the men had put the coverings back over themselves. I was wishing I had something to wear.

It wasn’t that I was cold. The room was a fine temperature. I just felt so exposed kneeling on the floor.

I jumped when a door opened to the outside and a man walked in carrying a large tray. White light streamed in from the door, presumably from the sun. The man that entered was thin and compared to my companions he was short.

He greeted my captors politely and sat the tray in front of Master Damien. Still naked with just my cuffs, I felt embarrassed, but he never looked at me. He walked back out, politely closing the door behind him.

“Ciara,” Master Evan said looking down at me, “you will be punished if you behave that way again. It is inappropriate.”

I was shocked. I hadn’t moved once the man walked in. I must have looked confused because Master Damien clarified.

“We did not explain that rule Evan, Ciara is still new. Do not look at other men. You may look at us in the presence of other men or at the floor, but never look at them. Unless we allow you to, you are not speak to other men, either. Do you understand?”

I nodded and was rebuked with a slight noise from across the table. Nodding didn’t mean anything here.

“Yes, Master Damien, I understand,” I said resting back on my heels.

No one said that was inappropriate so I just stayed that way.

The tray the man had delivered was uncovered and it smelled delicious. My stomach rumbled hungrily and Master Evan looked curiously at me.

“What noise did you just make?” he asked.

“My stomach makes that noise when I’m hungry, Master Evan,” I told him.

“I wish to hear it again,” Master Damien said turning toward me.

“I can’t make it happen, Master Damien,” I said, suddenly afraid they might not believe me. “It just happens sometimes when I’m really hungry.”

They sat and stared at me for a moment, but seemed to accept the answer.

The men each loaded their plates and started to eat as I watched. I wondered if I would be allowed food. I wouldn’t last long if I wasn’t. They seemed to understand my physiology, so they must know that, I reasoned.

I was interrupted from my musing when Master Damien reached down and offered a chunk of food to me. I tried to take it in my hands and was rebuked. I opened my mouth and he placed the morsel inside.

The food tasted strange, not quite spicy, just very rich and meaty. Master Evan took a sip from his cup and then offered it to my lips. I didn’t raise my hands to help him this time. I was getting the idea.

The liquid inside the cup wasn’t water, it tasted closer to wine. I’d never had anything other than the cheap stuff my mother drank and that was awful. This was slightly sweet and ran easily over my tongue. I was glad when he offered me more.

“It must drink this now,” Master Kein said picking up a small cup off the tray.

Master Kein smelled the cup and wrinkled his nose. Master Damien took the small cup also sniffing at it, raising an eyebrow.

I started to dread whatever was in that cup. When Master Damien brought it to my lips, I almost backed away. Master Evan’s hand on my back stopped me and I looked up at him.

“Take what we offer you, Ciara,” he said gesturing.

Master Damien brought the cup to my lips slowly. He tilted it and the liquid ran into my mouth. It tasted medicinal, almost like when you get a Tylenol stuck in the back of your throat. Thankfully there was very little in amount, so I downed what he gave me quickly.

“Do not attempt to refuse us again, Ciara,” Master Damien warned. “You will take this everyday.”

“Yes, Master Damien,” I said quietly.

The meal continued with Master Damien and Master Evan feeding themselves and then feeding me.

There was a wide variety on the tray the man had brought. I knew nothing about the quality of food here, but it seemed to be much better than I was used to eating. It was quite good.

The meal seemed to divided into courses. We had started with what tasted like meat. Next they fed me what I thought of as fruit. The juicy brown junks were sweet and sour all at once. I liked it a lot.

Other things on the tray were less enjoyable to me. Some of it tasted like breads dipped in gravy. That was not my favorite. It was soggy and had a weird texture. The men seemed to pay attention to my facial expressions as I ate.

All in all, there was so much food. I was used to eating a plate of instant rice and tipping a little soup over it for flavor. Sometimes I just ate a bowl of cereal and called that a meal. I never had the variety or quantity of food I was being offered now.

I was soon very full. I tried to refuse a bite from Master Evan and he frowned at me.

“Eat Ciara, the saleswoman showed us a way to force food into you. It did not look pleasant to me.”

I dutifully opened my mouth and took in another bite. I thought to myself that it would serve them right if I threw up because I ate too much. I nearly did retch when a thought crossed my mind. Master Evan would probably want to taste it. I held my food down and had to stifle a smile.

Master Evan would literally eat anything that came out of me. I wondered what would happen when I got a cold. That usually made my nose run like a faucet. Oh, what a nasty thought.

I didn’t notice the light chatter at the table had gone strangely quiet and my companions were all staring at me. I was still chewing my last bite and smiling at my own sick sense of humor when I looked up.

Master Damien lifted my chin and looked into my eyes as I gulped down my food. I was terrified I must have missed something.

“What are you thinking about?” he asked looking far too interested.

“Nothing, I’m sorry I wasn’t listening. Did I miss something, Master Damien?” I lied to him.

Master Damien held my chin and seemed to consider for a moment before he spoke again, “We gave you our language because we wished to hear you speak. Always answer me when I ask you a question and always tell me the truth. Now tell me, what were you thinking about?”

I gulped and looked at the bulky muscles of his physique. This man could beat me to death before I could raise an arm in self defense. In fear, my mouth spilled out exactly what had been in my head.

“I was thinking that if I threw up it would serve you right for forcing me to eat. Then I thought Master Evan would taste it and that would be gross. Lastly, I was thinking about the next time I get sick and my nose runs with snot Master Evan will want to taste that, which is even grosser.”

I was panting with terror and Master Damien had the nerve to laugh at me. The whole table had the nerve to laugh. Master Kein laughed so hard he had to bend over double and move away.

Once he had recovered Master Evan stroked my hair.

“I taste you and your healthy fluids to get to know you better. I have a sense for creatures I have tasted. It would help us track you, should we ever need to.”

I would never get away if that was the case.

“Ah,” sighed Master Evan watching my face, “there is the terror I have become accustomed to. I much prefer the humor, though. Brothers,” he addressed the group, “we take Ciara to market today and find something it likes. It preformed well for us on its first day. These slaves from Earth enjoy gifts. I say we give it one!”

I couldn’t stop myself, me and my big mouth, “Why do you call me ‘it’? I’m a she, Master Evan!”

“Perhaps on Earth you were a she. There you could bear the young of a male of your species. Here you are an it. You will not breed with us, no matter what hole we use,” he finished and took a drink and then offered me the cup; I knew better than to refuse.

I was stunned I would never be pregnant. My mother had sworn I’d be knocked up within the year. Boy, wouldn’t she have been surprised. I started to get sad thinking I would never see her again, but the discussion at the table got my attention.

“Ciara will need ornamentation when we leave it with the Keepers,” Master Bane noted. “Although I quite enjoy having it bare to us. I did not believe I would enjoy looking on the slave. I was wrong.”

I blushed furiously when all the men agreed I was pleasant to look on. No one had ever called me pretty before, much less stated they wanted to have me walk around naked. I looked at the floor and tried to think of a reason why I should wear clothes.

“My breasts will sag without support, Masters,” I muttered to the floor.

It was the truth, they were large. Without reinforcement they would start to look like those women in National Geographic.

Master Damien cupped a breast and ran a thumb over the nipple, which responded to him immediately. “They will not act as they did on your planet. The pull of weight is different here. Still for a slave with such attributes, there is something we could purchase to help them stand out.”

The group murmured appreciation and it was settled, we were going to market.


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