Affliction 1-2

by: DuraLexSedLex

Sabrina Johnson dropped everything to be with Adam Walton. He’s dashing, intelligent, kind, loyal, and a billionaire. He’s everything she had ever wanted–and so much more. So when he asked her to marry him, she said yes and dropped her promising career. And it was perfect. Only they didn’t tell her that after years of happily ever after came the reality — in the form of an arrogant devil named Zachary James.

Chapter 1

“Congratulations, Bree!” shouted my best friend, Maya. I turned around and gave her a soul-crushing hug even though I was so tired from entertaining bunch of guests—most of them I didn’t even know! “You’re so lucky! You got everything I ever wanted in my life!”

I rolled my eyes at her. She was being dramatic again.

“You just got promoted, Maya. It’s not as if your life’s a tragedy,” I reminded her. She just got the account she’s been eyeing for the last year. She’s been only working there for a few months but she’s already making a name in their company.

“Right. But look at you!” she said and then smiled widely. It was like she’s gonna cry again! “You look so beautiful, Bree! Being married suits you!” she said and then wiped the tear that managed to escape her eye.

I smiled at her.

“Thank you,” I replied. “But you’ll find your match soon. Just don’t intimidate the guys. You know how they don’t like smart women. It makes them feel small.”

“I know! It’s so hard to get a guy when they’re already scampering away once they heard you graduated Magna and that you’re from Oxford. I mean, come on! It’s not like I was a mass murderer!” Then she sighed dramatically and I laughed at her. This had been her problem for years now. Most guys she dated got intimidated when they learned about her background while the other guys were just plain jerks.

Seriously, I was so lucky I found a great guy!

“But you. You got Adam.”

I smiled at the mention of my husband’s name. My husband. It sounded so good. I felt my heart fluttering at the thought of him. He’s the only one who could make my heart race inside my chest. He’s the only one who could make me feel butterflies inside my stomach. And he’s the only one whom I could see myself speeding the rest of my life with.

And he was mine.

“How did you manage that, Bree? You’re Summa! You’re a lot smarter than me! It’s so unfair!”

I just laughed at her and reassured her that her man’s just around the corner. She just had to be patient about it. I had to look for Adam in this sea of people. I smiled at everyone who congratulated me. I only knew half of the people because most of them were either associates of Adam or his business friends.

I got my fairytale wedding. It was so grand. God, it was so beautiful! But I almost got a heart attack when the wedding planner showed me the list of the amount we got to spend. I did know that weddings cost a lot but not that a lot! It was crazy! But Adam told me I shouldn’t worry about it.

“But that’s crazy! 10 million for a wedding?!” I shouted. It was just… wow! I didn’t have words!

He laughed at my reaction so I hit his arm.

“It’s not funny!”

“Babe,” he said and then steadied me. “It’s our wedding. I want to give you the best so just let me worry about the money.” He cupped my face and dipped in for a kiss. He nibbled my lower lip and just like that, my worries flew out the window. I wrapped my arms around his neck and deepened the kiss. I moaned when he brushed his tongue against mine and I was a goner when his hand went inside my blouse and touched my back.

The effect was still the same. Only now, I was gasping for air when he let go of my lips.

“So just tell Dianne about how you want the wedding to be. Every details of that dream wedding, babe,” he said and then smiled at me. “I promised you the world when I proposed so let me begin my promise by giving you your dream wedding.”

I was tearing up. What did I ever do to deserve this man? He was everything I could ask for… and much more.

“I love you, Adam.”

He smiled at me and kissed me again.

“I love you, too, Mrs. Walton.”

Finally, I spotted him! Good thing I already changed because I couldn’t even begin to imagine how I would walk around the wedding hall in my wedding dress. I loved the dress but it was so heavy! The trail alone gave me a hard time while I was walking down the aisle but every time I would remember Adam’s face while he was at the end of the aisle, it was all worth it.

He just made everything worth it.

“Hey, Mrs. Walton,” he said and kissed me. “I was beginning to think that you got lost.”

“I just got sidetracked. You know how Maya gets,” I told him and he instantly understood. He knew Maya since she’s one of the few close friends I kept close. I had many friends but most of them were just too busy building a career so I didn’t have the heart to bother them. But Maya? She’s there always. She’s like my sister from another mister.

“So, having regrets?” he asked while we were dancing in the middle. All the people were watching us as we did our first dance as official husband and wife. Most of them I didn’t know but even that wasn’t enough to destroy my euphoria.

I was happy. Too happy, even. It just scary how happy I was. It was like the universe was bound to punish me for being too happy.

“Nothing,” I sincerely answered.

I didn’t regret passing up the opportunity to work for the firm that I had been eyeing since I was in middle school. They offered to take me in and give me a full-ride scholarship in the law-school of my choice. And they offered me a high-position once I graduated top of the class again—like in college.

It was a great opportunity. It was my dream… but so was being married to Adam.

My family couldn’t understand me. Both my parents were lawyers. My older brother and sister topped the bar exam. It was just proper that I take the same road… and I was about to… until I met Adam.

It was like all my priorities changed when I met him. I still wanted to become a lawyer but I knew that once I married him, I wanted to be devoted to him. I wanted to be a good wife.

“Good,” he answered, pulling me closer to him. Dangerously close that I had to bit my lower lip to stop myself from moaning against the contact. I felt him. I felt how ready he was for me and I was ready for him, too.

Gods, I couldn’t wait for the honeymoon!

“Because I’m not planning on letting you go. Ever.”

I looked him in the eye.

“Please don’t. Don’t ever let me go.”

And he kissed me. And the crowed applauded.

This was the beginning of my happily ever after.

We stayed for a while—entertaining the guests. My jaw started to hurt from all the smiling and my feet were already killing me. I had to wear a 5-inch stiletto to match my towering husband. He’s 6’3 and I was 5’7. I was pretty tall for a girl but he was just so tall. Most of the time, I had to tilt my head upward when we’re talking but when I was hugging him, I could feel his heart beating. It was magical.

“What’s the matter?” he asked me while we were walking out of the wedding hall. I was limping because my feet really hurt already.

“My feet.”

He bended down and checked my feet.

Adam? On bended knees? Now, this was something people should see! It’s not everyday you see a billionaire kneeling.

“What are you doing?” I asked him when he began unstrapping my stiletto.

“Why did you even wear this? You’re hurting.”

“I don’t want to look like a dwarf in my own wedding.”

He looked up and laughed at me while shaking his head.

“Babe, if you’re a dwarf, then you’re the cutest dwarf. And your height’s fine, alright?” And then he removed both stilettos and scooped me in his arms. “Feeling better now?”

I nodded. He grinned.

“Good. And now, I’ll make you feel best.”

I laughed at him.

“Don’t you have reports to finish or billions to move around?” I kidded because he’s always really busy! I wasn’t complaining, though. Even before we officially dated, I knew he was the CEO. I knew he was busy. It wasn’t like I got married with blind eyes.

He leaned in and kissed me again.

“Babe, tonight, the only thing I’m going to do is my wife.”

We made our way to the top floor and were greeted by the sight of red petals arranged on the top of our bed.

“Always the fancy one, Mr. Walton,” I teased.

“Always the best for you, Mrs. Walton,” he replied.

He laid me on top of the bed.

“Are you ready?” he asked and I nodded—too eagerly. “Good. Your two weeks of no physical contact annoyed the hell out of me. Now, we’ll get even.”

I was laughing because he looked genuinely annoyed—more so when the first time I told him that we should stay celibate for at least two weeks before the wedding. Just to build tension and anticipation. He hated it but agreed because I asked him to. And now, I was so glad because I was looking forward to every second of tonight.

“Not this dress!” I shouted when he tore it in half. “I love this dress and it costs a fortune!”

“I’ll buy you a new one,” he said as he began kissing my neck. My breathing deepened with every contact of his lips against my skin, with every flick of his tongue on my neck.

“Babe, you’re killing me,” he said as he looked at me while I was wearing the lingerie I picked for this occasion. It was black and full of lace—just enough to make him crazy. And it was barely covering anything.

I felt heat pooling in between my thighs just with his kiss.

His fingers did their magic and unhooked my bra.

“God, I missed you two,” he said and then kissed the tip of my breast. His other hand was kneading the other and I had labored breathing. He kissed my breasts until both of them felt too heavy. I pulled his face and brought it back to my face so that I could kiss him. He was kissing me so hard that I tasted the metallic blood on my tongue but that didn’t matter because I missed him, too, so much.

I whimpered when his right hand went south and got inside my panties.

“So ready for me.”


“I’ll make you wait just like how you made me wait,” he said and then massaged my cl*t. I felt wanton. I felt like I was being teased and being punished. I needed so much more!

“Adam, please…” I practically begged when he teased my core with his finger. He pushed one inside and I cried in delight. I moved my hips to increase contact but he just withdrew his finger. Bastard!

I pushed him off me and got on top of him. He was still wearing his tux.

“No more teasing, Mr. Walton. Your wife is horny and she needs it already,” I said as I unzipped his fly. I had a hard time because his pants were already tight. He was so aroused but the bastard still managed to control himself just so he could punish me!

I was welcomed with his throbbing member.

“I know you hated the waiting part so let me make it up to you, alright?” I said as I wrapped his c*ck around my palm and gently massaged it. It earned me a grunt and a moan. “Let me show you how sorry I am.”

“God, Bree, you’re killing me!” he moaned.

“No one’s killing anyone here, Mister. Just a wife doing her duty,” I said and then kissed the tip of his c*ck. I tasted his pre-c*m and it was salty. I would never get the hang of giving a head. I never really liked it but Adam’s reaction was enough to make me do it.

I grazed my tongue against his c*ck before fully taking it in. I gently massaged his balls. I looked at him and his eyes were closed. I took him deeper.

“Shit! F*ck! Shit, Bree!” he chanted.

I took him deeper and deeper until I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Babe, shit. Babe, I’m coming already,” he said through labored breathing. I withdrew his c*ck from my mouth and then went on top of him. I positioned his member in front of my core and took him in. “Holy f*ck!” he cursed as I rode him.

He placed his hands on the side of my waist and met every thrust with thrust. The room was filled with moans and him calling my name. Sweat was dripping but I wasn’t going to stop riding him. My breasts were bouncing and I was beginning to feel it building.

I felt how close Adam was but he wouldn’t let himself come first so he reversed our position so he could thrust harder. Deeper. And god, I was a goner!

He kept on pounding into me as his magical fingers massaged my cl*t. I didn’t know what to do anymore. It was like my head was going to explode because of too much pleasure!

“Oh, my god!” I said when I finally reached my climax but Adam wasn’t done because while I was recovering from that, he dipped his head on my core and licked me clean. “Adam!” I said when he grazed his tongue against my cl*t.

“There. Clean and dry again,” he said when he licked me dry.

“But you didn’t finish…”

“Babe, tonight’s still starting,” he said as he unbuckled his belt and gave me the strip tease of my life.

I was never really the domestic type so when I tried to make breakfast for my husband, I just ended up royally burning my finger.

“I told you to just let the maids do their job,” Adam said as he put ointment on the burned area. I woke up early and went to the kitchen to cook. He’d go to his office at 7 sharp so I had to prepare for hours since I wasn’t very confident about my cooking prowess.

But came 6 am and Adam woke up. He couldn’t find me on the bed so he went down and saw me in the kitchen while I was trying hard not to tear up. The burn was so painful! I didn’t know what stupidity came into me that I accidentally dipped my finger together with the bacon in the pan coated with oil. I was such a walking mess!

“I want to cook you breakfast,” I told him. I researched! I read recipes and watched vlogs about cooking. I wanted today to be perfect because it’s our first day back here in the city. The two weeks vacation in Maldives and Europe was heavenly but now that we’re back here in Seattle, I wanted to start being hiswife.

He kissed my unburned finger.

“And I appreciate the thought but I don’t appreciate you getting hurt, Bree,” he said and then he was finally done patching me up. He pulled me up with him and pulled me close. “You don’t have to do anything,” he said and then kissed me.

I opened my mouth and welcomed him. I kissed him deep until I couldn’t breathe anymore. I had to wrap my arm around his neck to prevent me from falling down because every time he kissed me, I lost my senses and even gravity couldn’t help me. And when he grazed his sinful tongue against my lower lip, I just lost it.

Pushing him back down on the couch, I straddled him and quickly pulled his pajama bottom down.

Leaning down to kiss him, I also rapidly pulled my panties down and eased his member into my core. I gasped at the contact. He had been inside me every night since we got married but every time we’d do it, it was like I was being stretched to my limit.

“God, Bree,” he breathed against my neck. “I have to get ready for work.” But he was doing the otherwise. He was guiding me up and down and I could hear our s*x pounding wildly against each other.

“Then do me good and do me fast,” I answered with deep and labored breathing.

That seemed to do the trick. Adam switched out position and made me bend over the couch. I turned and saw him completely removing his pajama bottoms.

“Your pajama’s so cute, Adam,” I commented and I laughed at him. I just didn’t imagine that someone as successful and as hot as him would be sleeping in his pajamas. I thought I already knew Adam but as our married life went by, I kept on discovering new things about him and it was wonderful.

“It’s not cute. Don’t use the word cute to describe or anything about me.”

And then he pounded into me. Hard. Deep.


“Are we clear?”

And another thrust. And I moaned so loud I was afraid the maids would hear us.

“Did you hear me, Bree Walton?”

And another.

“Y-yes,” I said as I welcomed his sweet assault. He continued pounding against me and I arched my ass so that he could angle better. I whimpered at every contact and I nearly cried when he reached that sweet spot. “Oh good Lord!” I cried out. I was being delirious with the pleasure and when he reached for my cl*t and rubbed it, I came so hard.

“Shit!” he cursed when my s*x squeezed his c*ck. I felt him coming inside me. We stayed like that for a while until he removed his c*ck from my s*x. “God, that was amazing, Bree,” he said and then kissed my forehead. “I love being married to you.”

I smiled at him. I loved every second of it, too.

We ended up having s*x inside the shower room. Adam took me from behind again and worshipped every inch of my body. He almost got late because of that so he didn’t eat breakfast at home.

“I promise I’ll cook tomorrow,” I told him as I arranged his tie.

“Just don’t hurt yourself.”

“I won’t!” I beamed and tiptoed to kiss him. “See you later, babe. Come home to me, alright?”


The first few months were okay… but I was starting to get bored. My mind was starting to feel rusty and I was starting to considering cleaning every inch of Adam’s mansion just to ease my boredom.

I called Maya and asked her to have lunch with me. She was in the middle of a deposition. I felt a little jealousy that she was able to experience that.

“So, how’s the billionaire life?”

I rolled my eye.

“Seriously, I don’t spend Adam’s money.”

“But you’re his wife!” she argued. “You’re entitled to what he has.”

True. Adam told me I could buy whatever I wanted but I just wasn’t that type. I tried shopping a few times but the absurdity of the prices was giving me a headache so I stopped it. I just stick to the stores I was buying from before. I would never get the hang of being married to a billionaire.

And being driven everywhere I go plus having a personal bodyguard. I was used to being completely independent before I met Adam so this was completely new to me. It was like I was living someone else’s life. It was crazy.

“He didn’t even ask for a pre-nup. You’re so lucky! Does it feel so good? I mean, being a billionaire?” she asked with her eyes twinkling. If I could only view this the same way she was viewing it, maybe life would have been a little better for me. I mean, I could enjoy Adam’s money and I wouldn’t worry about being bored. I probably would have spent all my time buying anything my eyes fancied.

“Not everything that glitters is gold,” I told her and she just rolled her eyes at me. “Anyway, how’s your job?” I asked her because I was so desperate to hear somerealstuff! My mind was starting to feel useless because I hadn’t really done anything for the past months.

Maya ranted about her job and I was in heaven. Hearing about those familiar terms and listening to different public cases was a delight. It was like I was deprived from all of these and finally, I was getting a swig!

“You look happy. Is there anything entertaining with my problems?” she asked, confused because of the smile on my face.

“No, no. It’s just that I was so bored. Being a wife is good—and Adam is so good—but sometimes, I just can’t help but imagine what would have happened if I continued my career.”

Would have I made something out of myself? I would probably be still in law school by now. And my family wouldn’t avoid contact with me. They still couldn’t accept the fact that I chose being domesticated from the very promising career in law that was waiting for me.

“Pretty sure you’d annoy people in UMass Law because you’re such a smart weirdo.”

“That’s not true.”

“No, honey. It’s true. You’re so smart that it’s annoying. You’re lucky Adam didn’t find it annoying,” she said. “Lucky bitch.”

We continued talking and it was refreshing! Most of the maids at the mansion were really old that I really couldn’t talk to them about anything that interested me. I wished I could talk to Maya but I knew she was busy with her job and life, as well.

Her boss called her so she really got to return to work.

Rolling her eyes, she said, “I gotta get back to that hellhole.”

“You love thathellhole.”

“Right. See you soon?”

I smiled and watched her leave. I called the driver to pick me up and in less than 5 minutes, he was waiting for me outside the restaurant. The bodyguard followed in suit and rode shotgun. I really would never get used to this.

The driver was waiting for my instruction. I didn’t want to go back to the mansion yet. Just imagining that vast space and the fact that I would be bored to death was enough for me to avoid it. Adam arrived a little after 5 everyday. So until then, I busied myself outside.

I went to the mall. I went to a lingerie store and looked for anything that Adam might like. He had been really sweet to me lately and I wanted that to continue. I heard stories about couples losing that magic months after marriage. Like when the honeymoon bliss was already over. We had been married for almost 8 months now and everything was still really good. I didn’t want it to end.

‘Don’t look at the price tag and just swipe the card, babe,’Adam would often remind me every time we shopped and I looked at the card and be surprised with the unreasonable price of most things.

A red andveryskimpy lingerie caught my eyes. This was barely decent; it was outright slutty. So I bought it.

I still had plenty of time to kill. I went from store to store and bought clothes for Adam. He had a personal shopper but I just wanted to buy him clothes—well, more of pajamas. He’d surely punish me again later for making fun of his pajamas.

My s*x clenched at the thought of being punished by Adam. But I immediately put the thought away because I was in a very public place. I was sure I looked flushed and I didn’t want the bodyguard to see me aroused.

I was in the middle of looking for something more to buy when someone bumped into me.

“Say sorry, Dalton,” the woman told the kid.

I smiled. “No, it’s okay.”

“Dalton?” the woman called the kid again but he didn’t listen. She looked at me instead. “I’m sorry. He’s just so overactive these days. I can barely keep up.”

The kid ran around the mall. I smiled at the scene. The woman said sorry to me again and ran to follow the kid. I didn’t know why but the scene tugged something in my heartstring.

It was a little after 4 when I finally exhausted every ounce of energy I got. I rested for a while and then instructed the cook to prepare dinner for us. I was thinking steak and then I remembered that Adam loved drinking red wine with that. I went to the wine cellar downstairs and was welcomed with different bottles of red wine.

I was never the one who was fond of wines. It tasted good, yes, but I didn’t understand such fascination of other people with it. But I knew few good wines because my mother was a wine aficionado. God, I missed my family so much!

Shaking the thought away because it brought my spirit down, I picked a 1997 Domaine de la Romanee Conti. I remembered how my mother loved this with rib of beef. I took the wine so I could chill it before Adam arrived. I was about to tell the cook to prepare roast prime rib of beef, served with wild mushroom risotto.

I shrieked when someone held my waist.

“Here you are,” the voice said and then I felt him kissing the side of my neck. “Romanee Conti. Good choice, wife.” And then he brushed his tongue on my neck and I moaned.

“It’s still early,” I managed to say despite the fact that he was getting me so worked up. He took the wine from my hand and put it back on the back. He kneaded my breasts and continued kissing my neck. “I was about to prepare dinner.”

“I saw the cook doing the cooking, babe. Don’t lie.”

He pinched my n*pple because of that and I cried out in pleasure.

“I didn’t have time,” I said through ragged breathing. “I was out with Maya…”

“Hmmm…” he murmured as his hand traveled south and went inside my skirt. His fingers were quick to assault my s*x. He gently massaged my cl*t before easing his finger inside… One finger… “Did you have fun?” He inserted two fingers and I wasn’t able to produce anything but gasp and delicious moans. Gods, he was killing me!

“I b-bought you clothes,” I managed to say while he was pumping two fingers in and out of me.

“Did you buy yourself anything?”

My breathing was labored and the end was dangerously near. My hands held on to whatever I could hold onto.

“I bought a lingerie—shit! Oh, my god, Adam!” I cried out when I came. He continued pumping his fingers in and out of me while I came and he almost killed me with two much pleasure. My knees were weak and I was delirious from the sensation.

And when he finally pulled his fingers out, I felt incomplete.

“Sweet as ever, babe,” he said while licking his fingers clean. He kissed me on the lips. “Now, let’s fix you up or else the maids would suspect that we did something down here.” He fixed my skirt and combed my hair with his fingers.

While he was doing so, I was looking at him. He looked really good. He was still in his suit that it gave him the authoritative look that I had always admired in him. Everywhere he went, he exuded this aura. And his eyes were so dark that I wanted to drown in them and just get lost in it.

“Babe?” I called while he was buttoning my shirt.


“I was just thinking…” I hesitated. I didn’t know how to open this up. I didn’t know how he would take this.

“What?” he titled my chin up and made me look at him. He must have sensed my hesitation. “Do you want anything?” he asked. “Aside from s*x, that is, because I’m already planning on giving you plenty of that.”

I shook my head and smiled at his remark.

“I was just thinking…” I repeated. “I want to get pregnant.”

I closed my eyes and waited for his response. I was worried. I didn’t know how he would react. We never talked about this. I knew he wanted to build a family, too, but I didn’t know if the time was right. Was it too soon for him? I was 24 and he was 27. We were too young but I wanted this. I knew I wanted this. Seeing that kid in the mall made me think about finally building a family. And I wasn’t doing anything in here… Maybe a kid would change that.


I blinked a few times.


He nodded.

“I would love to see little Bree and little Adam running inside the house,” he answered with a smile and I just hugged him. “Now, let’s make those babies,” he said and scooped me in his arms.

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