Aunty’s Insatiable Desire for Sex

My name is Irvan I live with my aunt in Banten because my parents are working in Europe, so I just live with my aunt. After all, Auntie is a good person with me. Her name is Fita Sexy and Hot body even though she is 35 years old, 36B sized breasts and an ass that is still solid and round, many people are attracted by Auntie Fita’s beautiful body.
Oh yes, Aunt Fita is a widow who was left by her husband for 3 years because her husband cheated on her.

I have always liked Aunt Fita’s beautiful body, I have often seen Aunt Fita only wearing only bra and panty at home but I have no intention of fucking her, but then because I first saw my aunt’s body not wearing any clothes at all. Her beautiful white and smooth body has not been saggy anywhere.

On Sunday morning I was hanging out at my friend’s house, Aunt Fita called me to go home to her house now because there was no one at home because her maids had all gone home. when I heard the order I immediately started my car.

"What’s wrong, aunt? Why did you tell Irvan to come home?" I asked curiously.

"Van you  went home just now," Fita greeted me back.

"I thought there was something wrong, I was afraid there would be something wrong with you" I answered casually as I entered the living room.

"Van, have you eaten? Why are you lying on the couch right away?" My aunt asked me from the kitchen.

"Not yet aunt, I’ll cook it myself" I answered briefly.

"Are you sure? I’m sure you’re going to take a shower first, don’t sleep." she said.

About 10 minutes I’ve heard the splash of water falling to the floor. I immediately rushed to the kitchen and prepared my plan that I had always wanted to do.
There is a ventilation hole next to the bathroom that faces the bathtub so that the aunt will not realize that I am peeping.

I see aunty is rubbing her breasts and crotch oh clearly visible cleavage of her pussy with overgrown with sparse pubic hair, smooth body and white aunty.
I shook my cock that had been stiffening, I moaned "Aah Sshh"

I saw my aunt bouncing her body back, while her right hand was getting tighter and tighter on her pussy. Apparently Aunt Fita had reached her orgasm. Then she turned around and poured water over her body.

I went straight to the living room and turned on the television. I pushed away the pornographic thoughts in my brain, but I couldn’t. Aunt Fita’s beautiful body drove me crazy. I imagined Aunt Fita having sex and bukkake with me. My cock was still sauntding upright and couldn’t be lowered, so I just covered it with my hand.

" what are you doing, how come you put your hand on your pants and there are even movements again"
"Ohh … Eehh It’s okay, it’s just that I’m having trouble sleeping" I said evasively.

When I took a nap in Auntie’s room, I felt like my dick was wet but I was silent for a long time as if someone was sweeping the head of my dick. I jerked awake to see Auntie Fita who was greedily sucking my dick

" aunt? What are you doing? Aah" I asked a little moaning from my aunt’s lick.

"You like it, right Van? *Sruppt Srupppht* The more ferocious you suck my cock," said my aunt while slowly releasing her grip which had made Mr. P stiffen 90%.

"Iii..yahh anyway but…" without much reason aunty took off her shirt and brassiere. A breast that is once still brownish red and shaken my cock with her solid breasts.

It was really delicious when my aunt clamped her breasts in my buttocks, occasionally the head of my penis was sucked, making me squirm deliciously.

"Never mind auntie, it’s okay. After all, the Word knows that you masturbated in the bathroom this morning," I said casually.

"You see, so you…" Auntie was surprised with a half angry expression.

"Yes, Firman peeked at my aunt taking a bath. I’m sorry. You’re not angry, are you?" I was a little afraid that she would get angry.

Auntie was silent and the atmosphere was quiet for about 10 minutes. There seems to be turmoil in my aunt’s heart. Then Aunty got up and opened the wardrobe, suddenly she took off her blaser and unraveled her hair.

Aunty Fita took of her pants.

"Come on, quickly satisfy auntie, it’s been a long time since auntie’s pussy has been used" Auntie Fita lay down while opening her thighs wide to convince me.

"Emm .., Auntie is sure you want to be fucked by Irvan" I was increasingly misbehaving.

"Sure ,  Aunt know that yours is big and hard" Aunt whined slowly.

I got on the bed and lay down between her thighs, I kissed the distinctive scent of her pussy. I gently licked her pussy lips that were already wet from earlier, I played with her soybean seeds with my tongue quickly.

"Oohh Van Slow down, Ssshhh honey don’t be so fierce, aunty can’t stand it"

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