Best Age To Start on OnlyFans

OnlyFans is a platform that opens a lot of doors to different opportunities. Let’s admit it, OnlyFans can be a life savior to anyone who is struggling financially. However, this platform is not for everybody. We know some people love watching teen OnlyFans accounts, but this social media site doesn’t allow and encourage child sex trafficking. OnlyFans may allow teens, but only if they are 18 and above.
OnlyFans may not be a pornography site, but we all know how popular it has become with sex workers. So, it is not recommended to create an account if you are a minor and below 18.

Why is OnlyFans Popular

The OnlyFans package includes subscriber-only content, and many individuals are eager to pay for it.
The chance to make money is certainly the main attraction for creators. Ads and product placement are the main sources of income for brands and content providers on this network, although they can also earn money on other social media sites. However, with OnlyFans, the users are the ones who foot the bill, with OnlyFans getting a 20% cut of all earnings.
The 2020 Australian wildfires prompted model Kaylen Ward to charge fans $10 to view graphic photographs, which she used to generate almost $1 million for charity. Several adult artists reportedly earn six figures annually.
Musicians can earn more money and get more visibility by linking their Spotify accounts to their YouTube pages, which many YouTubers regard as a secondary source of income.

OnlyFans Age Ratings

Users must give a registered address, a photo ID, and a selfie if they are 18 or older in order to upload their own content. Some have questioned the efficacy of the age verification method, citing instances of younger teens creating accounts using borrowed IDs.
The apparent independence of an OnlyFans account may allure children, but there’s a good reason why the minimum age requirement is in place. Teens and young adults shouldn’t hang around there.

Verification Process of OnlyFans

Using a combination of automated algorithms and human moderators, OnlyFans verifies the identities of all authors and fans. The procedures, policies, and methods we use to verify age and identity are ever-evolving due to changes in legislation, technological advancements, and industry standards.
As part of OnlyFans’ age and identity verification process, creators are asked to submit more than nine pieces of personally identifying information and documents. Your full name, verified email address, physical address, date of birth, government-issued photo ID, selfie (selfie taken either holding the ID or without), social media account where you manage your US bank information, W-9 forms, and Social Security number are all required pieces of information and documentation.
Prior to accessing media content on OnlyFans, fans may be asked to provide a range of papers, confirmations, payment details, and personally identifiable information. The precise necessities differ from one nation to another.
We monitor the Creator and Fan accounts after account creation is complete. If someone from our community or an interested third party (like the police, a business partner, or an NGO) expresses concern, we will investigate the situation and proactively use AI and technology to double-check the age and identity verification procedures.


While OnlyFans allows a certain age, it would still be best to consider everything that you need to consider before creating an account. You should be ready in all aspects–your mind, body, and money. If you are creating as a creator, you should be ready for the backlash, and if you are creating an account as a subscriber, make sure you don’t ask the money to subscribe from your allowance or parents. It’s a must to have an informed decision about this.