Chris’ Sexdessy by: Cutie13

Hi everyone i wanna share this experience of mine from a hot momma i met online. I’m a lil bit rusty with my writing skills so please pardon me with wrong grahams so let the naughty experience get started.

I met this good looking lady from an app i downloaded few years ago. Her handled name was Lyn, 35 years old from(*****).
Similar with common dating apps, there’s a like button so i clicked it without any hesitation. She was gorgeous and so damn hot. hahahaha. Scrolled for couple of ladies, like and dislike. same routine lang ginawa ko and then suddenly my phone beep for a notification. Luckily she liked me too ayiieeuut. I started the convo with a “Hi” and then for a couple of seconds she replied with a “Hello ”

We talk for hours with any random topics that would come to our minds. We both enjoyed our convo then at one point umabot kami sa naughty topic. Naughty questions are asked from both sides. Dun ko nalaman na she’s somewhat depressed with her sexlife. Nasa abroad ang hubby niya and that they only do video sex just to cope up with their sexual needs. I laughed at her and she felt embarrased at the idea of sharing her rants with a man younger at her. Then i ask her out of the blue

Me: uhhhmm how many rounds are they able to do those video sex?

She hesitated but still replied not for long

Lyn: about 2 rounds. gizzzzz mahina resistensya na asawa ko she added.

I replied with a burst laugh saying….

Me: hahahhaha so your saying malakas pa resistensiya mo? Do you think you can still keep up with young guys like me? I added.

She replied.

Lyn: Don’t challenge me young man.. I can still make a young calf go wild hehehe..
Me: Sabagay sa alindog mong yan. Any bull will go wild if they see and feel you inside.
Lyn: Hehe i’ll take it as a compliment. ikaw palang nakausap kong mai sense kahit medyo naughty of all the youngsters i’ve chatted here she added
Me: Woahhh. that’s a big compliment coming from you ms. gorgeous sayang at malayo ka. hehe
Lyn: At bakit huh?? anong kalukuhan iniisip mo?
Me: Wala i was thinking if i could keep up with you pag nagkataon. I may get cold feet pag nakita kita in person.
Lyn: Well let’s see if my sched would allow hahahahaha
Me: Ahahahaha that would be nice if it would come true. Kaso parang malabo madaming nagfafantasize sayo jan sa inyo if you only know.
Lyn: Hays madami nga but no one dared to have courage and seduced me.
Me: Weak. hahahaha if i were in there place hahahahaha i’ll seduced you and make you my mistress hahahahaha.
Lyn: Really? you’re pretty naughtty young kid.
Me: There’s more to know about me ms.gorgeous.
Lyn: Really?? uhmmm ano ba kaya mong gawin to an aged woman like me huh??
Me: Well i don’t want to brag but i think i can make you twitch and squirt hahahahhahaha. I’m afraid i could reap that pussy of yours.(added a grin emoji)
Lyn: Uhhmm your pretty confident huh?? gano ba yan kalaki??
I hesitated in making a reply but at the same time na excite ako with what she asked so i replied to her with confidence.
Me: Wanna see it?

It took sometime before i get a reply. My phone rang vibrates and then i get an unexpected reply from her.

Lyn: Let’s not talk here. Do you have viber young man??
Me: yes i do. (i replied instantly with my heart racing fast and my mind is filled with erotic and naughty thought)
I let my emotion subside before asking for her number (P.S. i hate to be ask by a lady with informations like phone number nawawala dignidad ko as a guy)
Me: Can i have your number ms.gorgeous??
Lyn: ********** i’ll be waiting hehe

It took me a minute or two to dial her number on viber and waited for couple of seconds. (phone ringing) my heart beats fasts on each phone rings and then suddenly the ringing stops and a soft lovely voice came at the end of the phone.
I was dumbfounded when a saw a gorgeous lady on my upper right corner of my cellphone. She looked younger at her real age. Her hair was so smooth as she comb it using her nails and each strand of it flows smoothly upon her fingertips. Her lips are colored dark red and her skin is so damn white. Halatang alagang alaga from head to toe si ms. gorgeous. She’s wearing a see through silky night dress na laced type. She has a fine figure from collar bones down to her hips an average boobies that makes it a total package for her age. I forgot that we are in a videocall my mind spaced out for a bit being amazed at the lonely and unsatisfied goddess infront of me. Then i heard a soft chuckle, that’s when i realize na naka video call kami.

Me: aaa…uhhhmm.. (clearing my thought and let my emotion subside)
She then burst to a laughter
Lyn: Hahahahha natameme ka ata young man? You haven’t seen what’s inside these night dress yet.
(she said with a cute smirk on her face and added a lip bite)
Damn that was hot. nagpipigil lang talaga ako. ugggghhh this lady is driving me into nuts. charootttt. what instantly came into my brain was to challenge her and make her show everything and ever part of her body. I wanna see all those curves, those flats and bulge areas. Then i replied to her saying (out of the blue yung reply ko)

Me : Really?? you haven’t seen yet what’s inside this boxers and this sleeveless shirt of mine (winked at her)
Lyn: uhhhhmmm. i wonder how big it is and how tasteful it is hehe.
: you know what young man i haven’t had a great sex with my hubby and i’m missing it already. she added.

It’s as if she’s giving me a hint about what she wants. so i bravely decided to give her what she needs kahit through video lang. I brought my camera down to my boxer and started stroking it then brought again the camera to my face teasing her with lipbites and moans.

Me: uhhhmmmm doy you like what you saw ms.gorgeous? i asked her teasingly
Lyn: Fuck that was big hehe you’re a gifted young man and you have a nice body figure out there. I love the abs and your chest.
Lyn: ilang inch ba yan? she asked
Me: i dunno about 7 i guess. (i replied with a chuckle.) you wanna se it ba? It’s yours for tonight hehe just tell me if you want to see it my lady hehehe (i added with my heart pounding heavily and fast due to excitement)
Lyn: Can i? she replied her voice was soft, determined as she smile teasingly with a lipbite
Me: As you wish my lady.

I brought my camera down to my boxer and slowly bringing out my cock that’s been wanting to get out of its cage. I heard a soft gasp as soon as my hard thing came into view.
Lyn: oooohh myyy goossshhh!!! you fucking monster.. uhhhhmmmm shiiiitttttt!!

I could remember her words so well. Her praise echoed in my ear for a couple of seconds. Halatang she never had anything as long and big as mine before.

Me: Do you like it my lady? (i asked while still playing and stroking my cock that is now so hard and on it’s full length)
Lyn: Yes! ughh your making me want you young man? di ako sure if i can take that inside my pussy and kung gano ako mag eenjoy when you will fuck me.
As a token of appreciation i’ll let you see me playing and pleasuring my self.
Me: Let’s do it together my lady. shall we?
Lyn: ow yes! i Love to see your cock as i pleasure my self you little beast, bringing my naughty side like this… you’re the first young man you made me excited this much.

She started unlacing her night dress. and as soon as her dress falls infront of the camera i saw her flawless silky skin and her lovely breast.

******************chapter 3*******************

She started pinching darkish pink erected nipple using her left hand as she holds her phone on the other hand. I can see her struggle doing both things at the same time but not only for a while as she got a hang of it. She marveled her body using her own hand, squeezing and pinching bothe her tits and nipples. I can hear soft yet heavy moans. Her angelic voice came on the line and man that rrally turned me on and i can’t help myself kundi sabayan siya with what she’s doing.So i started to stroke my cock and brought down my camera for her to see it.

Lyn: uhhhhmm….. aaaaahhhhh..yeeessss…. that’s it, show me that big gun of yours, stroke it for me young man… uhhhhhmmm…. her voice seemed to grow louder (as she continue to pleasure her self.)

Me: Do you like it my lady? do you not want to get hold of it, suck it and lick it or even get pump by it?

I asked her these questions as i teasingly moved my camera towards the head of my cock to focus on it. Slowly moved downwards to let her see it’s length. I wanted her to see and memorize every corner of it, every bulging veins and to be mesmerize by it.
(P.S. sabi nila i have “referring to the girls a had sop/videosex before” that i have this deep and enchanting voice. hahahaha ewna ko lang if its true.)

Lyn: Uhmmmm…. I wan’t it so bad young man. kung duol lang kas amoa karon (this is a bisayan sentence that if translated in tagalog would be “kung malapit kalang sana.) I would love to get hold of it, lick it and suck it even if it means deep throating me. uggghhh your making me wet so much.i wanna get myself ravage by that monstrous cock of yours and feel that indescribable pleasure it will bring to me.

While saying this lustful words, she puts her phone to a stready area and place in on a drawer which is around 3 and a half inch tall, enough for me too see her full body, her lovely tits and erected nipple. She hasn’t unlaced her undies yet but the lighting was luminous enough for me to notice that her undy has some wet spot in the middle of it. She is indeed wet. She sat down on their king-sized bed. As i think about it siguro bed nila nang asawa niya. I did bother to ask her and kept it on my mind.
My head is fixated on her lovely and gorgeous figure by now. It is so magnificient. Her figure was that of a 25 years old woman who goes out of gym. I want to get hold of her body. I want to touch every curves of her and let her feel the pleasure and excitement her husband can’t give. I can see her still marveling her body with a teasing smiled-face.

Lyn: You want to suck this tits young man don’t you?

She asked me as she hold both of it and squeez it and not for long i was surprised by what she did. She brought her tights upward and lowered her face, she then opened her mouth as her tounge reach out for her erected nipple. She started to let her tounge marvel around it. For a short moment i felt like my cock got even bigger. The view swallowed me into the depths of lustfulness. (man that was so intense… sino ba di malilibugan sa ginawa niya.)

Lyn: Uhhhmmm. uuuuulllllllll…Sllrrrrppp.

(those were the only sound i could her from her. She is also swallowed by lust.) She started to moan lewdly and loudly and that made me horny even more. ( fuck her voice is so damn angelic i had eargasm from the very beginning of our videocall)

Me: Uuhhhhmmm….. Yes…… that’s it my lady…. do more for me…… labas mo lahat ng libug mo. Moan for me, pinch your nipples and lick it for me….. Let’s do it together as long as you want.

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