Cindy Lustful Weekend Part 3

ni cindy22

Noel was still pounding me while I was looking at Tito Rolly’s eyes. Libog na libog na ako. Although the door opening in small, I know Tito Rolly can see me naked and being fuck by his son. Mayamaya narinig ko Noel saying, “I am cumming baby,” he is about to cum. I answered back, while looking at Tito Rolly’s eyes and in a louder voice, “cum inside me.”

Noel released his cum inside my ass. Ang dami niyang nilabas na cum. I can feel his warm juice inside my ass. Noel was still holding my hips tightly, ayaw pa niya ilabas ang dick niya. Gusto niyang ipasok lahat ng cum niya sa ass ko. Napatingin ulit ako kay Tito Rolly, he is smiling at me naughtily. Alam niya ang nangyayari. His right hand is now holding his dick stroking it. The situation increased my libog level further. Narinig ko si Noel telling me “ang wild mo baby…plus ang tight ng ass mo. I love you.” Sabay kiss sa likod ko.

He pulled his dick and na-feel ko lumalabas ang cum niya from my ass. I am exhausted from his pumping and I decided to close the door, but not before giving Tito Rolly a smile, and then I collapsed sa bed ni Noel na nakadapa. Noel grabbed his towel, wrap it around his waist and told me “ligo muna ako sandali baby.” I just nodded and stayed in bed. When Noel left the room, I heard his dad asking “Son, how is she?” and Noel replied “The best dad, Cindy is tight there.” Sa pagod ko, pumikit na ang eyes ko dahil sa pagod sa pag-fuck ni Noel and also sa wine. I can still hear the two guys conversing outside the room, but the I can’t understand what they were discussing anymore, at that point I just want to sleep.

I woke up after a good rest, Noel placed a blanket to cover me dahil malamig ang aircon nila. He is sleeping next to me. Napagod din ang loko. I checked my phone for time and it was already 530pm. More than two hours din sleep ko. I stood up and decided to take a bath again. I grabbed the towel, wrapped it around my body, picked up my toiletries bag and went out. I saw Nana Lucy fixing the sala. I went to the bathroom near the kitchen but it was locked. Nana Lucy told me that Ate Belen is still cleaning the bathroom. I asked her if matagal pa, and she said mga 30 minutes.

I really want to take a bath na since I feel sticky again in my pussy and ass area. Noel’s cum is on my butt and legs. So I decided to go to Tito Rolly’s room. I will ask him if I can use his bathroom again.

I knocked at Tito Rolly’s door and I heard a voice saying “come in.” I opened the door slowly, took a peek inside and I saw Tito Rolly sa bed niya watching tv. “Yes, hija?” Tito Rolly asked me, while reaching for the remote control and turning off the TV. I told him, “Tito, may I use your bathroom again? I need to take a bath but Ate Belen is still cleaning the other bathroom.” Tito Rolly replied, “yes Cindy, please do. Mukhang pinagod ka ng anak ko kanina,” sabay ngiti sa akin. Alam ko na alam niya ang nangyari sa amin sa room ni Noel.

I replied to him “Thanks Tito, nanggigil nga si Noel eh. Hahaha. Sige Tito, maligo muna ako, teasing him a bit” Sabay punta ng bathroom niya. I started taking a long bath, I love the feeling of the water pouring all over my body. After about 30 minutes, I dried myself, brushed my teeth and went out of the bathroom. Pagbukas ko ng door ng bathroom, nagulat ako. Si Tito Rolly nakatayo sa labas. Wala siyang pangtaas na damit and naka-boxer shorts lang. Nakalabas ang cock niya, which he is stroking with his right hand. “Tito…” yon lang ang word na lumabas sa bibig ko. I knew he will make a move on me sooner. And he is making a move now.

“Ang ganda mo talaga Cindy,”sabi ni Tito Rolly, and then he entered the bathroom. I did not have the strength to refuse him. Ang nasabi ko lang ay “Tito, baka pumasok ni Noel.” Sabi ni Tito na he locked the door sa room niya and that Noel will surely knock. Also, Noel is sleeping pa raw when he checked on him sa room namin. That gave me a sign of relief. While okay lang naman sa akin na ma-fuck ni Tito Rolly, I don’t want na mahuli kami ng anak niya.

Hinawakan ni Tito Rolly ang face ko and sabay hinalikan ang lips ko. Mabango ang breath ni Tito Rolly, something I like in a guy. He then pulled the towel wrapping my body and let it drop sa floor. He stopped kissing me and started looking at my naked body, admiring it. He told me “you have a very nice body my dear, and shaved pussy pa ha,” touching my boobs and then my pussy.” Then he went back to kissing me.

Naisip ko, “this is it Cindy.” I opened my mouth and allowed him to enter his tongue inside. I also took out my tongue slowly and he licked it nicely. I started embracing him at that point, bumigay na ako sa kanya. I touched his cock, which is slightly bigger than Noel’s, and began stroking it. Magaling si Tito Rolly sa halikan, hindi siya nanggigil. He is in control of himself.

He stopped kissing me and told me “sabi ni Noel, squirter ka raw.” Nabigla ako that my boyfriend is sharing this information with his dad. Naisip ko, ano pa kaya ang nasabi ng boyfriend ko? Pero sa sobrang horny, I did not utter a word except to nod. Tito Rolly smiled and went back to kissing me, while touching my pussy. He inserted his middle finger inside me and it me stop kissing him and moaned.

He then released his finger, kneeled in front of me and raised one of my leg sa toilet set. Tito Rolly then started eating my shaved pussy. Ang sarap niya kumain, magaling gumamit ng dila niya. Much better than the son, naisip ko. Tito Rolly was holding my butt while eating me, he is now inserting his tongue deep inside my pussy. He then sucked my clit while inserting two fingers into my very wet pussy. Sobrang sarap ng feeling ko that time.

After a while, I started squirting. Napa wow si Tito Rolly sa experience. First time raw niya na nag pasquirt sa girl. “Good girl ka talaga Cindy,”sabi sa akin ni Tito Rolly. He then stood up and pulled down his boxer shorts and told me “your turn my dear.”Alam ko na ang gusto niya. I kneeled down in front of him and started licking the tip of his cock. I then slowly took his cock inside my mouth. Napahawak si Tito Rolly sa head ko. I sucked him slowly at first, then faster. Napa-moan siya “you are good Cindy, masarap ka mag BJ” sabi niya sa akin. I looked up at him and smiled. Then stood up and started licking his nipples, sabay stroking his cock. Lalong nasarapan si Tito Rolly sa ginawa ko.

At that time his cock is erect and hard as a rock na, and I knew he is ready na. I looked at him in his eyes and told him “Tito fuck me na. Hard please.” Sabay talikod at humarap sa bathroom mirror niya. I placed my hands sa bathroom counter to support my weight and then spread my legs a little wider. I looked at his eyes thru the mirror, waiting for his cock to enter me from behind. He started stroking his cock and pushed it inside me. I can feel its big head entering my wet pussy. With his hands on my waist, Tito Rolly started pounding my pussy. Mabilis and malakas. “You are tight Cindy” sabi niya sa akin. “I am lucky to have you now.”

Napa pikit ako sa sarap ng pag fuck sa akin ng dad ng boyfriend ko. I let out a moan to encourage him. This made him aggressive and is now fucking me harder and faster. Nakita ni Tito Rolly ang cellphone ko sa side ng bathroom counter. He then said, “I want to document this moment, Cindy. Is it okay with you?” Sabay hawak sa phone ko. He wants to take a picture of our fuck. I just nodded my head, I am now possessed with my horniness to refuse his request. He gave me my phone where I opened it, set the phone camera and gave it back to him. He then took a few shots of us thru the mirror of the bathroom.

He then placed the phone back and went on pounding me. At that time, I told him that I am about to cum which I did. After a while, Tito pulled his cock and sprayed his cum on my butt. And daming cum na pumunta sa butt ko. “Ang sarap mo…” sabi ng hingal na hingal na Tito Rolly. He then picked his boxer shorts, sinuot niya and told me “wash up ka na and lumabas, baka kumatok na si Noel” sabay labas sa bathroom. I picked up the towel na nasa floor. Hanged it, went to the shower and wash my body, particularly my butt na puno ng cum ni Tito Rolly. While the water is rushing to my body, naisip ako. “Cindy you are a slut. You let dad and son fuck you today.” And then I smiled naughtily.