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When I met my wife that was it for me, she was the only woman I would need. We fell in love and stayed in love. We got married and then had kids. Well, actually, we got pregnant and then we got married. Our daughter, Kendall, was born about 7 months after the wedding. The wedding was nothing special except that to us it was the most special event ever. It was small just family and some friends. We had a great life together for over 18 years…

One night on her way home from work she was killed in a car accident. It was no one’s fault really; just a crazy accident caused by snow and ice. It devastated all of us. She was a very well liked and popular person. I never met anyone that didn’t like her. She was 5’2 and never weighed more than a 120lbs, she had short brown hair that she always dyed but not outrageously. She had big sexy breasts for a woman her size. C cup I believe. Our sex life was incredible and very open…more on that later but this story is about how something awesome and unexpected happened with my lovely at the time 18 year old daughter. Kendall looked a lot like her mother, Michelle, except she is a little bit taller and smaller of frame. She is 5’5 and very skinny with 32b breasts (I know because I do the laundry now) whereas Michelle was shorter and stockier. I, by the way, am 6’1 225 and still pretty fit for my age of 40.

Well anyway about two years ago Michelle, my wife, passed away in an unexpected car crash. I would have lost it completely but I had to stay together for my children. We were all a wreck, constantly seeking each other’s company for comfort. The first couple days even weeks were all a blur…but at some point Kendall started coming into my bed at night. There was nothing sexual about it, yet, but just to comfort each other. Most nights we would cry each other to sleep in each other’s arms. Many mornings I did wake up with morning wood but luckily she never noticed or said anything. It was nice having her share my bed on those nights, those nights turned into every night within a few months.

I had never thought about my daughter in a sexual way. Sure I had noticed that as she got older and turned 18 and her body started filling out that she was pretty attractive. Sure I noticed that almost every guy around her checked her out in some way. And sure I noticed that she looked more and more like her mother as the years passed by. Sure I had felt her tight little ass against me and even noticed her firm little, perky tits as they pressed against me as we slept. But I had never looked at or thought about her in an inappropriate way…Until that one night 4 months after Michelle passed away.

It was a night just like any other; Kendall was sleeping in my bed every night now. Not even starting in her bed anymore. In fact on this night she was in bed before me already asleep. Only half of her body was covered by the blanket she had already kicked most of it off. She always did that. I noticed that she was wearing her usual pajama’s a tight form fitting tank top and loose fitting pajama bottoms that on this night had ridden up so that her right ass cheek was visible revealing her tight ass with blue silk bikini style panties on. I crawled into bed next to her on my side facing her. When I did she roused and moved close to me her back against me, I put my arm over her and squeezed her hug like. She quickly fell back asleep and I soon followed. Many hours later I had an incredible dream about my late wife.

It was a beautiful dream, the first time I had had this kind of dream. It was a sex dream. I had had many other dreams about her but none like this. In fact for most of the 4 months since her death I had pretty much no sexual desire at all. I had only masturbated a few times but that was mostly out of necessity and over rather quickly. But this dream was like the real thing. I remember in the dream she was dressed her favorite red negligee and I was on the bed watching her walk towards me. As she got to the bed she started to rub my legs making my cock get hard. The dream was so real that it felt real…My cock was throbbing in the dream but felt so real. I felt like a young man getting his first action. I eagerly reached for a boob. It was wonderful and felt so soft and fleshy. I caressed it and then the other very quickly. The next part of the dream I remember is her on top of me fucking me fast and furiously my hands moving from one breast to another tweaking her nipples. I came rather quickly and the dream was over.

But then it wasn’t over and in the dream Michelle was laying next to me. I could feel my still hard cock pressing into her ass right between her cheeks. She was grinding her hips and ass slowly back and around. I pushed my cock into her more also moving my hips. My pants were back on in this part of the dream as we slowly dry humped each other. My hands were slowly caressing her shoulders and side. Her skin was so soft and tender and smooth. I could feel her hand on my hip squeezing and moving it in sync with our humping. She was quietly moaning which just made me more excited. I started moving my hand onto her stomach my middle finger found her belly button and her stomach was so tight. I didn’t remember it being that tight before but since it was a dream I didn’t dwell on it. As my one finger moved around her belly button my pinkie was rubbing down near her panty line barely going under. “Mm mm yes,” I heard her whisper as her ass moved up and down pretty much fucking my cock through our clothes. It felt so good even better than the first part of the dream even more real.

Not wanting to stop the humping action just yet I moved my hand away from her panty area and slowly moved up to her breast area. Her tank top was tight so it was easier to move my hand over it rather than under it. I started fondling her breasts they felt so good. Our hips still moving, my cock almost ready to burst; my hand squeezing her tit just the right one this time it felt firm and perky in my hand almost too perky. I moved my hand past her tit and on to the flesh of her upper chest. It was warm and flush and she was heaving her chest. Her hand was no longer on my hip but now it had my raging hard cock in it. She was squeezing and starting to stroke it. Her hand was inside my boxers flesh on flesh. My hand was now moving under her top to feel her breast and hard nipple. Michelle’s nipples were big and wide but these were smaller and stuck out further…..

HOLY SHIT!!!!!! This was no dream…This was not Michelle. This was my 18 year old daughter. My hand was on my daughter’s perky little tit. Her hand was stroking my cock. I quickly tried to think things through. I was practically asleep, maybe she was too. Maybe, maybe maybe…..I stopped all movement and could feel my cock going soft. She turned her head and looked me in the eye and said, “Kiss me, Daddy…”

The feel of her soft tender lips was the best thing I had felt in a long, long time. We kissed softly at first, feeling each other out. Eventually our lips parted and our tongues probed each other’s mouths. My cock hardened again as she stroked it…I moved my hand down her torso until I got to her pants again. This time I barely hesitated as I pushed my hand down, I could feel her wetness way before I actually got to her lips. Her bald mound was drenched. My middle finger started to part her lips pressing down on her clit and rubbing it before pushing down between her lips.

She managed to remove my boxers somehow as she fondled and played with my cock and balls. I was rubbing up and down her incredibly wet lips. We were still kissing but more passionately now. I push my middle finger into her pussy. More like slid, it was so wet. Her whole body quivered and shook. She bit my lip, and then moaned deeply and breathily. I pushed my finger in deeper and out and then back in deeper. Fucking my little baby girl with my fingers…she rolled over on her back and let me play with her. She had to cum at least twice at this point. I stopped and pulled her shorts and panties all the way off. She pulled me closer; I was now on all fours over her my cock inches from her pussy. I moved my hips down a little my cock head now touching her wet lips and then I slowly started to enter her. Her chest was heaving slightly. It was a beautiful sight seeing her chest go up and down. Her nipples hard and poking through her tank top which she pulled off revealing her tits. My cock was now inches deep into her pussy. I pushed it in deeply and held it there for just a second before pulling it out again. I looked into her eyes to make sure this is what she wanted too…she moaned. I pushed it in fast and deep and then out again. I fucked her hard and fast and then slow and soft and all over again. It didn’t last long…. I felt her pussy tighten against my cock as she came causing me to almost burst. I pulled out at the last second and came all over her stomach and up to her tits. I had never seen that much cum come out of me. She smiled as she took her hand and wiped some off her tits and then licked her fingers. We then cuddled and went back to sleep.

In the morning I awoke feeling guilty and having to pee, as I got up to go to the bathroom I looked at her naked body. I had never looked at it the way I did this morning. Her body was so tight and firm I felt my cock twitch a little. I shook off the feeling and went to go pee. When I got back to bed she was gone. I heard her come out of her not slept in bedroom and go into the bathroom and start the shower. I went to make some breakfast and start the day. After her shower she came out dressed and ate. She said, “I have to go to work now Daddy, I love you,” she gave me a kiss on her cheek just like every other morning. She then smiled and said, “Oh yeah, and thank you. I hope you enjoyed it too.” She then left for work leaving me to ponder what would happen later that night.

All I will tell you at this point is that that would not be the last time we fucked each other. In fact two years later we still fuck quite a bit. We really never talk about it and it doesn’t stop either of us from dating or anything. We spend our days just like any other dad and daughter but at night we would touch, explore, and fuck each other.

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