Dean of Student Affairs – Act I, Chapter 02B

by: pestengahem

The soft *DING* of the lift announced the arrival of my visitor. I could hear mumbled voices through my door. I could only assume that my secretary, Annika Mittendorf, was welcoming the guest in her usual charming manner. Miss Saige Collins was here for an interview for a PhD position on my team. Following a meeting with her last week, Nikki suggested to me that Miss Collins was someone who would be an asset to the lab. Nikki was intimately familiar with my tastes, so a strong recommendation from her went a long way. As I waited for Miss Collins to be led into my room, I amused myself looking across to Albert Park and by relishing the smell of Nikki’s pussy on my index finger.

I had agreed to take up a post as Dean of Student Affairs in a small university in Quezon City. The job was to start in time for the coming academic year. Not very many people knew about my plans. I’d confided in Nikki just last week, in fact, as she was scooping the excess cum that had leaked from her mouth and was depositing the load onto her tongue. I let her know that I needed her to join me as my new Executive Assistant and she was pretty excited about the prospect of relocating to the Philippines. At the time, she was looking for a reason to dump her boyfriend and this was as good a reason as any.

The post that this interview was expected to fill was important for a similar reason. Annika made sure my office ran smoothly. Madeleine made sure that my lab ran smoothly. To complete the trio, I needed someone to make sure that my undergraduate teaching commitments ran smoothly. For that, I required a PhD student.

Annika entered my office to let me know that Miss Collins was waiting in my meeting room, which was just off my main office to the left. She handed me the material I needed for the interview and left to join Miss Collins. I took a moment to scan the material, got up and entered the room.

Miss Collins looked quite luscious. She was dressed in a white, fitted turtleneck top under a short, brown leather jacket. Her dark tartan miniskirt came up to about mid-thigh. Both the skirt and brown leather boots accentuated her long legs. She smiled as I walked in and strode confidently to shake my hand.

I took her hand and held it a fraction longer than I should. I took the moment to study her features. She had a thin, freckled face, green eyes frames by tortoise-shell glasses, an upturned nose and full lips. Her hair was gathered in a French bun, drawing the eyes to her jawline. Medium-sized hoop earrings were dangling from her lobes.

I invited her to get comfortable and offered to take her jacket. She turned around and allowed me to assist her. As I removed her jacket, she revealed that she was wearing a sleeveless top and her motion thrust her HUGE braless tits out. Her nipples were jutting against the thin fabric not just because it was cold outside. I took the opportunity to slide the back of my fingers against her right nipple stimulating it further. A quiet little moan escaped her lips and she shuddered a little.

“I’m sorry,” I said with a smile.

“I’m not,” she said, winking and slowly licking her lips with the tip of her tongue, revealing a silver tongue stud.

“Ahem,” piped Annika, observing the little interaction with a smile. “We’ll get to that a little later, I’m sure. Please take a seat, Miss Collins. Shall we begin, Professor?”

“Yes.” I sat at the head of the long conference table between Annika to my left and Miss Collins to my right. “You’ve applied to be a PhD student under me. Why don’t you start by telling us why you’re perfect for the position?”

“Thank you for this opportunity. As I mentioned to Annika last week, I’d be perfect in any position — whether it’s under you, on top, or bent over…”

“Excuse me?” She was clearly quite witty and playful.

“Errr… What Miss Collins means to say, I think,” Annika interjected, “is that both her qualifications and experience are complementary to the requirements of the position.” Annika had a big smile on her face and a glint in her eye as she said that to me. Beneath the table, she also slid her stockinged foot up and down my left calf. Miss Collins was smiling broadly, too.

Two can play at this game. “Well, Miss Collins…”

“It’s Saige,” she interrupted, placing her hand on my forearm. “Please call me Saige.”

“Well, Saige, you do have an accomplished CV. Annika wouldn’t have recommended that you appear here today otherwise. However, this job is quite demanding. I need people who can give their complete commitment to me.” I could feel Annika’s foot make her way up my lap. I reached down with my left hand to caress her calf and ankles. Meanwhile, Saige hadn’t let go of my right forearm and was gently running her fingers upward towards my elbow.

“I’m prepared to work long hours under you,” she said, cocking her head to one side, her gaze following the progress of her fingers as it slid up and down my forearm. I moved forward in the chair and positioned Annika’s foot closer to my crotch, allowing her to press down on my expanding cock with her toes.

“I expect to be at your beck and call at all hours of the day…”. Her fingers travelled to my open palm. Annika removed her foot from my crotch, leaned forward on her chair, and slipped her hand over my cock.

“…and night.” Annika’s hand was now gripping my shaft under my dress slacks and rubbing my cock against my left thigh. The movement of her arm caught Saige’s attention and she met Annika’s gaze with a knowing smile.

Saige continued speaking. “I always give my body and soul to a project, Professor. Completely.”

Annika moved herself closer to me. “Tell us a little about your technical skills, Saige,” she said. Annika reached down to cup my balls.

“I’m trained in the operation of most of the standard lab instruments in molecular biology and neurology. My speciality is in imaging, specifically in the use of micro-CT scanners.”

“I note that you have some publications under your belt.” I brought this up not to ask her to divert the direction of the interview, but as a hint to Annika to carefully undo my belt. My secretary got the hint and casually dropped her pen.

“Oh, how clumsy of me,” Annika said loudly. “Excuse me while I pick up my pen.” She ducked down under the table and crawled to the space between my legs. She reached up with both hands to quietly undo unbuckle my belt and reach in to pull out my cock. “Ahhh… Here it is.”

I expected Annika to quickly resume her seat after accomplishing her job. Instead, I she disappeared from view. Shortly after, I noticed that Saige tensed a little and shifted in her seat. Apparently, Annika was taking the opportunity while on her knees to force open Saige’s legs and run her fingers up and down her bare cunt.

Saige’s face grew a little flushed and her eyes glazed over as she took in the feeling of Annika’s fingers spreading her pussy lips.

“Do go on, Saige,” I instructed.

“I have other skills, too. For example, I know how to read palms. Show me yours.” Not waiting for an answer, she took my right hand in both her hands and pulled in close to her body. She exposed the palm with both hands and drew herself closer to examine my palm. This caused my fingers to be shoved firmly onto her left tit, allowing me to feel their firmness and bounce.

“You’ve got long life and love lines and your Mound of Venus is particularly prominent.” She moved my palm around, giving me a proper feel of her tit and her nipple. I strummed my fingers across her nipple, causing her to look up at my face and into my eyes. She released my palm, but my hand didn’t leave her tit.

“I believe that your future is quite exciting. I want to be a part of it,” she said, staring straight into my eyes. I grabbed her tit forcefully, eliciting a soft groan. “Uuuuhhhh….” She licked her lips with her tongue.

I released Saige as Annika crawled out from under the conference table and resumed her seat. She proudly displayed her pen. “I found it, Professor!” She waved the pen in front of my face, allowing me to smell Saige’s pussy juices coating her pen and fingers. She brought the pen to her lips and sucked half of it into her mouth. “Mmmm… I love this pen.”

“I have other skills that I’ve developed from years of practice. Annika gave me a personal demonstration last week and I think she wasn’t disappointed,” Saige said

“Oh, yes, Professor. I was very impressed by Saige’s skills after the first time we met. In fact, I asked her to see me the next night at my place for a repeat demonstration.” Annika was grinning ear to ear. Her hand returned to my lap and was she rubbed cock she freed, smearing my pre-cum around the head.

“Well, Saige. Why don’t you honour me with a demonstration of your skills.”

“It would be my pleasure, Professor.”

She stood up. I noticed that her miniskirt had ridden up to just below her ass. You could just make out the lips of her shaved pussy. As she pushed the chair back with the back of her thighs, I noticed that the seat had a distinct wet spot. She held out her hand to Annika. My secretary released my cock, stood up and took Saige’s hand. They were both looking at each other with smiles on their faces and lust in their eyes. I leaned back on my chair, placed my hands behind my head and enjoyed the demonstration.

Saige reached behind her and released the clip holding her hair in place. With a shake of her head, her red hair came cascading down her head and upper shoulders, briefly obscuring her profile. She started to lean in over the conference table.

Annika leaned in to meet her. She brought her hand to Saige’s face and quite lovingly pushed her hair back from her cheeks and over her ear. Then, grabbing a handful of hair in her fist, Annika roughly pulled Saige’s face forward, causing Saige to support her body with both hands on the desk to keep her balance. Saige gasped with the forcefulness of Annika’s motion. Annika took advantage of Saige’s surprise to bring her face forward and slip her tongue into Saige’s open mouth.

“Mmmmmmmmm…” I’m not really sure who was moaning or whether both were. They were clearly enjoying the moment.

Saige raised her left knee onto the conference table, shamelessly exposing her pussy to my gaze. A small glint caught my eye, causing me to break into a small smirk. The slut had a jewelled butt plug wedged up her ass!

She lifted herself onto the table, causing the papers and meeting materials to scatter. Both women continued to pash with abandon, swapping spit and tangling tongues with much gusto. Annika carefully positioned Saige’s head away from me and assisted her in assuming a reclining position. This meant that Saige’s pelvis was facing me. She slut’s knees were wide apart.

Saige’s pussy was shaved. She had a small tattoo of a pussycat above her right hip. Otherwise, her white flesh was unmarked. Her pussy was a deeper pink than usual due to her intense arousal. I noticed that her outer links were spread and pussy juice was leaking around the opening of her cunt. Beneath her pussy was the butt plug’s pink jewel set in the centre of a steel ring.

My view of the gorgeous pussy was suddenly obstructed by Annika’s right hand. I observed it make its way down Saige’s toned abdomen and over the pussy. She use her well-manicured index and middle finger to separate Saige’s pussy lips and locate gently lift the hood of Saige’s clit. When the little pink button was exposed and Annika slowly pinched it between her digits and pressed down in a circular motion.

“Aahhhh… Baby, that’s what I needed. Your fingers feel amazing on my clit.” Saige lifted her hips to increase the pressure of Annika’s fingers. Annika released Saige’s clit and dipped her fingers into her pussy. When they emerged, the fingers were coated in Saige’s juices. Using this as lubrication, Annika her attention to Saige’s clit.

“What did I ask you to call me, whore?”

“Sorry, Mistress. You said that I should address you as ‘Mistress’.”

“That’s an obedient little whore.” Annika turned her face to me and gave me a little wink. I motioned for her to proceed as I continued to watch the two sluts fuck each other on the conference table in front of me. Saige was now lying on her back with her heels at either edge of the table and her legs spread out lewdly in front of me. Saige’s arms stretched above her head. Annika was standing to Saige’s right, her right hand playing with the busty redhead’s pussy.

Annika’s fingers moved from Saige’s clit and buried themselves into her pussy. “I can feel the butt plug through your pussy, whore,” she said, thrusting her fingers slowly in and out.

“Ughhhhh… Yes, Mistress… Aahhhhh… I did as you asked…” Saige was lifting her hips to the rhythm of Annika’s thrusting fingers.

“Play with your tits.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Saige reached under her white shirt and grabbed her tits. She used her thumbs and index fingers to pinch each of her nipples and pull them away from her chest. “Aahhh…… Sooooo goooodd…… Fuucckk meeeee harderrrr… Pleeaaasse, Mistresssss….”

“You’re juicing up quite nicely, whore. Why don’t you scoot your ass to the edge of the table so that the Professor has a closer view of your juicy pussy?”

“Yesss, Mistresssss…” Saige inched her body toward me. As she felt the edge of the desk with her feet, she stopped. Her pussy was now about a foot from my face. Annika hadn’t stopped thrusting her fingers into Saige’s pussy and I could here just how much juices she was producing.

Annika slipped her fingers out of Saige’s pussy and used them to spread the lips wide open with an inverted ‘V’. This allowed me to view Saige’s pink inner lips and pooled creamy pussy juices.

I brought my face closer and thrust my tongue deep into Saige’s pussy.

“Aaaarrgghghghhh…” screamed the young girl.

“You like the Professor’s tongue, little whore? I told him that you taste like peaces. Don’t you fucking prove me wrong.”

“Fuuuuuucccckkkkkk… He’s eating me out sooooooo good.”

Annika was still holding Saige’s pussy open with her fingers. I moved my tongue to her clit and used a swirling motion alternating with broad up-and-down strokes. “Oooooohhhh Goooooodddddd!!” Saige’s hips were bucking so much that Annika had to hold her down with her other hand.

“Is the whore ready to cum?” Annika asked.

“Sooooo cloooose, Mistressssss…. Fuuuuccckkkkk…” Saige’s top was now bunched under her chin, fully exposing her huge tits. Her areolas and nipples were inflammed from the abuse she was inflicting on them. She was mashing both her tits with her hands, and they were overflowing from the sides. Her eyes were closed and her face was contorted in anticipation of an explosive climax.

“Aahhh… aahhh… aaaah…. Eeaattt meeee… Eaatttt my puuusssssyy…”

I suddenly stood up, lifting my face and stopping all contact with the juicy cunt in front of me. I raised my face and grabbed the back of Annika’s head. She opened her mouth, capturing my invading tongue. We shared the taste of Saige’s juices.

I broke the kiss. “My turn,” Annika said, as she took my place in front of Saige’s pussy. I shucked my pants and approached Saige by the right side. The view from this angle was amazing. Saige had her eyes closed. Her mouth was open and her tongue was mimicking the motions of Annika on her pussy. The glint of the tongue stud was obvious. A red flush appeared over her upper chest. Both her hands were over her huge tits: her right was lifting the breast by the nipple fiercely while her left was mashed into the tit flesh. There were deep red finger marks marring her white tits from the force of her actions. Her chest was rising and falling as she took deep and long breaths. Her tummy was toned and concave. The muscles of her lower abdomen were tense with anticipation. Her legs were spread wide apart and her thighs were trembling. I could see the top part of Annika’s face between those long legs. She was using long strokes of her tongue to swpie against the pussy from the ass to the clit and back again.

Saige had not noticed me because of her closed eyes. I pumped my cock a few times and approached her face. I grabbed the side of her head and pointed my cock toward her mouth.
“Open, slut.”

She opened her eyes, saw my cock and took the head in her mouth. “Mmmmmmm….” she moaned as I thrust my pelvis, causing half of my cock to enter her mouth. I pulled back a little and slammed all the way in.


“That’s a good little slut. Did your daddy teach you how to deep throat?” I didn’t give her a chance to respond as I thrust my pelvis forward and back in rapid succession. Her face was hitting my hip as she took my entire cock down her throat. Drool was spilling down the sides of her mouth and coating the conference table.

“Urrrkkk… Urrrkkkk… Urrrkkkk… UUURRRKKKK…” This last louder sound from Saige was due to Annika simultaneously sucking on her clit, thrusting three fingers of her left hand deep into her pussy and pulling out the butt plug. The combined effect of my cock down her throat, the self-inflicted assault on her tits, Annika’s tongue on her clit and fingers deep in her pussy as well as the stimulation of her ass. This brought the young, gorgeous redhead to an explosive climax. “UUUUURRRKKKKKKKAaaaaaa!!” She screamed around my cock as her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Her hips began to rise and fall erratically. Then, with a final forceful thrust, Saige squirted fluid from her pussy, drenching Annika’s face, hands and chest. Saige’s orgasm continued as we assaulted her orifices. Then, as quickly as it started, it stopped as Saige lost consciousness.

“Fuck, that was amazing, Boss,” Annika said as she pushed back from Saige’s spent pussy. “But I think we killed her.”

I pulled my cock out from Saige’s mouth. It was standing proudly against my abdomen, saliva dripping from the shaft. I looked at Annika, hardened my gaze and looked down at my cock. Annika understood. She hopped down from the seat and got on her hands and knees. She crawled towards me slowly and stopped at my feet. She sat on her feet and slowly reached up with one hand to grasp the top of my cock, with the other, she cupped my balls. She pumped my cock, Saige’s saliva coating dripping down to her upper chest. Then, she bent my cock to the horizontal position and took the entire thing into her throat in one slow motion.

“I love your mouth, Nikki.”


She took hold of my hands and guided it to the side of her face. I squeezed tightly to keep her head steady as I moved my pelvis back and forth.

“Uurrkkk… uuukkk…”

I shuffled backward to rest my ass on the edge of the conference table, assisting Annika to keep my cock in her throat while we moved. With my butt secure against the table’s edge, I grasped Annika’s head more tightly and moved it up and down my shaft.

“Aaaaaa… Fuucccckkk… Your mouth is heaven…”

“Urk… Urk… Urk… Urk… Uukkk…”

My pace was relentless and my cock was deep.

I released my grip of her head and Annika lifted herself off my cock. Once released, she grabbed my cock and licked around the head, paying special attention to the frenulum at the base.

“Sllluuurrrrpppp… Mmmmmmmm… What did you think of the young Miss Collins?”

“She needs more training. In the meantime, I want to try your pussy.”

Annika smiled at me and rose to her feet. She hiked her skirt, exposing her shaved pussy and its pierced clitoral hood. She scooped some saliva from her mouth and thrust her fingers in her pussy. Then, she bent over the table with her face over Saige’s unconscious form. “Fuck me hard, Boss!” She braced herself for my assault.

I took my place behind her. I lifted her right leg to expose her cunt. Then, bending slightly at the knee, I rubbed my cock down the length of her juicy slit, before plunging straight to the hilt in one forceful thrust.

“FUUUUUUCCCCCKKKK!” Annika screamed. “Where was this cock when I needed it last night? Ahh… ahh… ahh… Why wasn’t this fucking me instead of my boyfriend’s pencil dick?”

“Play with my balls, slut.” Annika reached underneath her and gently grabbed my balls. With her other hand, she played with her clit.

I pulled on her blonde hair, causing her head to strain backward. Then I quickened the pace of my thrusts. “Ahh ahh ahh ahh… That’s the way I want to be fucked! Faster, Boss… Your slut needs to come. Ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh…”

“I want you to scream, slut!”

“Louder, slut!”


I slapped her ass with my left hand.

“Spread your ass with both hands!” Annika stopped playing with my balls and her clit and reached back to spread her ass cheeks wide. I could see her light brown asshole wink at me as Annika tightened her inner muscles in response to my invasion. Beneath that, I could see my cock saw into her pussy. Her pussy lips has such a tight grip on my cock that it inverted when I entered and would stretch thinly when I pulled out. Her pussy cream was coating my cock thickly.

I let out a stream of spit from my mouth to land on her asshole. Using my thumb, I smeared the spit around the rim. Without waiting for permission, I pushed my thumb into my secretary’s ass at the same time that I pushed fully into her pussy with my cock!
“FFUUUUUCCCKKKK! I love your finger in my ass! AHH AHH AHH AHHHHHHHH! I’mmmm soooo clooooosseeee!”

I left my thumb jammed into her pussy. I could feel my cock through her flesh. I maintained my strong grip on her hair. I pounded her like there was no tomorrow.

“Fuck me back, slut!!” She pushed her hips back to meet mine.

“Aaaaarrgghhhhh! I’mmmmm cccc… ccccuummmmmiinngggg!!!”

I pushed to the hilt and felt her pussy pulse around my cock as my secretary screamed in release. “AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!”

I felt Annika’s body grow limp as she relaxed beneath me. She was mewling in satisfaction. The orgasm clearly took a lot out of her. I slowly released my hold on her hair and gently laid her head on Saige’s chest. I carefully removed my thumb from her ass. I left my cock in a for a little while, but pulled moved the hard shaft out of her pussy while simultaneously lowering her leg.
I bent over her and rubbed her shoulders. “It looks like you needed that, Nikki,” I whispered.

“Mmmm…” She smiled as she lay her head on Saige’s tits. “You haven’t cum yet, Boss.” She tried to reach behind her to grasp my cock, which was resting between her ass cheeks. “Please let me take care of that for you.”

“Why don’t you rest a while.” I nuzzled the back of her head and kissed her nape.

I stood up and walked to the head of the conference table. I approached the spread legs of Saige. “I think it’s time we continued the interview with Miss Collins,” I grinned. Annika smiled and climbed up on the table.

I grasped Saige’s legs and lifted them close. I then rubbed my cock against her tight pussy slit, combining Nikki’s pussy juices with her own. Nikki took Saige’s legs from me and said, “Let’s wake up the slut.”

Grasping my cock, I pushed to enter her pussy. Annika holding her legs closed caused the pussy to be much tighter and my entry was quite slow. My entire cock was held in an extremely tight grip and I was loving it. “Fuck, this slut is tight!”

“Mmmmm…” Saige was slowly regaining consciousness. “Daddy?… Did you make sure to lock the door?… Oohhhhh… Mommy almost caught us the last time… Mmmmm….” She was mumbling to herself.

Annika and I shared a knowing smile. While keeping Saige’s legs closed, Annika slowly positioned her lower body over the younger girl’s head. She spread her knees and lowered her pussy over the girl’s mouth.

“Mmmmmmppppppphhhhh…” Saige’s voice was muffled. I was making good progress and three quarters of my cock was lodged in her pussy. I pulled out and slammed all the way in.

“Ooooohhhhhhh…” Saige gasped. “Where am I?”

“Welcome back, whore,” Annika said. “Let me show you what you missed.” She slowly but firmly pressed her pussy onto Saige’s mouth. “That’s it, whore. I want to feel that tongue stud on my clit. Aaaahhhhhhh…”

I took up a good rhythm. This time, I wanted to cum hard. I was using long hard strokes to plow into Saige’s cunt.

“Mmm… Mmm… Mmm… MMm…” Her moans into Nikki’s pussy were getting quicker and louder. “Fuuuccckk, Professor. I love your cock!”

“Shut up and keep eating my pussy, whore.”

“Yes, Mistress. Slluurppp… sllurrrppp… Sooo… gooddd..”

Annika spread Saige’s legs wide apart. She released one leg and slowly rubbed around Saige’s pussy to gather the juices that were leaking around my cock. Then, she moved her fingers to the top of her cunt to locate the younger girl’s clit. She pulled the hood, exposing the button and sucked the clit into her mouth.

“Aaaaiiiiieeee!!!! Ohhhhhh… Mmmmmmyyyyy Gooooooodddd!!!! Mooommmmmmyyyy! I’mmmmm cummmmiinnggg aagggaiinnn!” Saige’s hips began to buck like crazy as I pistoned in and out of her sopping cunt and Nikki stlimuted her clit with her tongue.

“I’m close, Nikki,” I said. “Open up, slut!”

Nikki looked up at me and opened her mouth over the young girl’s pussy. I thrust a few more times and pulled out of Saige’s cunt. Then, without losing a beat, I pushed into Nikki’s warm mouth and down her throat, where I unloaded mightily.

“Fuuucccckkkk! Take my cum, slut!” My cock was pulsing four… five… six big loads deep into Nikki’s throat. She started to gag, but held firm. I pulled out so that only the head of my cock was in her mouth. I released a last few spurts, which I deposited on Nikki’s tongue.

Nikki smiled and opened her mouth to show me the remnants of my ejaculation coating her tongue. Then, she got up and turned around to take Saige’s head in both hands. Slowly, the two of them shared a deep French kiss, swapping saliva and my cum between them. Saige’s took my cum with relish. She moved her tongue inside Nikki’s mouth and outside her lips to capture every last remnant.

I gently patted both girls on the bum and settled into a chair.

“Welcome to the team, Miss Collins. Annika will make the arrangements to have you join us in the Philippines. You leave in a few weeks. I look forward to working with you.”

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