Dean Of Student Affairs – Act I, Chapter 03B

By Pesteng Ahem

The master bedroom was located on the second level of the unit. The bedroom was enclosed by glass and overlooked the lounge area. A special tint was applied so that one could control the opacity of the glass walls with the touch of a switch. At the moment it was totally opaque, obscuring the view of anyone wanting to look into the room.

The decor of the room was of modern Danish functional. The bed was king sized and occupied the centre of the far wall. It was set low on the floor, but appeared to float due to the position of metal pedestals at the centre of the bed. White carpet contrasted sharply against the black sheets. A set of eight drop lights illuminated the bed like a stage. The rest of the room was shrouded in darkness.

I turned to the left and entered the walk-in closet, depositing my cuff links and tie clip. Annika had done a splendid job of unpacking and organising the things I sent from New Zealand. Despite the newness of my surroundings, it felt very much like home.

I disrobed and entered the ensuite that abutted the bedroom. I set the temperature of the shower and waited for it to steam. In the meantime, I puttered around the bedroom to check the news.

Turning to my left, I noticed that Annika had left a little present with a note indicating that it was for Denise. The note explained that the box contained a wallet from Burberry’s new summer collection. In the wallet was 300,000 pesos — Denise’s so-called “talent fee” for the evening. The expected time of her arrival, 7:30 PM, was underlined in red ink.

I pressed the button on the intercom by the bed. A few moments later, Frecious knocked on the door.


She opened the door slowly and entered the room. “Yes, sir.”

“Please come closer, Frecious.”

She approached me with some hesitation, as I was naked. Without averting my eyes from the television, I said that I would be having my dinner at the balcony.

“Of course, sir. I’ve prepared a four-course dinner for you and your guest.”

“Brilliant. Please have Ashana come to give me a massage in about 15 minutes. That will be all.”

“Yes, sir.” Frecious curtsied and left the room.

I pressed a button so that the news channel was duplicated in the bathroom’s television unit. This allowed me to follow the news as I showered.

The hot water on my body was quite relaxing. The shower was equipped with four chrome pipes running down the four corners of the large area. Each pipe had four strategically-placed nozzles. When activated, someone standing directly underneath the rainfall shower head would experience pulsed jets of water from all sides. The massaging action of the water coupled with its temperature produced the relaxing effect I was experiencing.

After about twelve minutes, I turned the water off, grabbed a towel from the nearby rack and dried myself. I returned to the bedroom wearing a towel around my waist in time to hear Ashana knock on the door.


Ashana entered the room smiling broadly. She was carrying a small plastic caddy with some lotions and oils on top of a set of towels. Her hair was tied behind her head, exposing her pretty face and her generous cleavage.

“Ashana, Annika said that you knew how to give massages.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Very good. I’m very tired and need to relax a little.”

“No problem, sir.”

“How do you want me?”

“Please lie face down in the middle of the bed.”

I dropped the towel on the floor and stood naked in front of Ashana. She dropped her eyes to look at my cock. It gave a little twitch. Ashana licked her lips with the tip of her tongue. “Mmmmm…”

I turned and walked to the centre of the bed. I plopped myself onto its centre with arms to my side and palms turned upward. I buried my head into the mattress and closed my eyes.

I could feel Ashana’s movements around the room. She approached the bed and lay the towels and lotions on the bed.

“Are there areas of your body you want me to pay attention to, sir?” I could hear the distinct sound of a zipper being opened and the soft ruffle of clothed dropping to the floor.

“I’ve been sitting all day, so please focus on my lower back and bum.”

“Do you prefer a hard massage, sir?” I could hear the springs creak softly as Ashana got on the bed and knelt on my right.


I could hear Ashana twist open a bottle cap. A few second later, I could smell the light scent of flowers fill the room. Then I felt Ashana’s hands grasp my shoulders and neck as she began her massage.

Ashana was an experienced masseuse. For a small girl, her technique was excellent as she pushed and kneaded and twisted my muscles to wring out the kinks and knots. Starting from my upper back, she worked her way own each arm in turn, then turned her attention to my feet and calves. Clearly, she was saving my lower back and bum for last.

I could feel her drip some oil onto the backs of my thighs and onto my bum. I felt her knead first the right, then the left, thigh. Then, positioning herself between my legs, she worked on my lower back.

She opened another bottle and I could feel her drop a copious amount onto my bum. The oil mode its way down my crack and onto my balls.

“Oops. I think I put too much,” she said. Then, I felt the bed shift as Ashana pushed her face between my bum crack and licked the excess oil from my ass hole and my balls. “Mmmmmm… sluuurpp… sllluurppp… mmmmm”

I lifted my pelvis to allow her better access. She took the opportunity to grab my cock shaft in an oily hand. Her hand gripped me tightly as she moved her arms up and down. My balls were in her mouth.

The room was filled with the sounds of her licking and sucking on my balls as she continued to give me a handjob. I let her continue for a few minutes. Then, I flipped over.

I noticed that Ashana was dressed only in thong knickers. Her 36C tits were capped with dark brown areola and large nipples. Her tits were large for her 5’4″ frame, her belly was toned and her bum was quite pale. Her entire body was gleaming in oil.

Ashana hadn’t released her grip on my cock as I flipped over. She moved to my left side and offered her tits to my open hand. I took the chance to grab a slippery mass and twist her nipple to attention.

“Uuuggghhh…” She looked at me through heavily lidded eyes. I switched my attention to her other breast. She was now using both hands to pump up and down my cock. “Sir, ang laki ng titi mo.”

“Nagulat ka ba noong nakita mo ang ginagawa namin ni Annika kanina sa sala?” Her only response was to grip my cock more firmly. I slowly released my grip on her tits and caressed her belly.

“Matagal ko na kilala si Annika.” My hand was making its way to her bum.

“Opo, sir.” She continued to shuck my cock up and down using both hands with a slow pace She would stop at the base to fully expose the head, then slowly make its way to the tip. Her action was causing her tits to shake. The feeling was pleasurable. Her eyes left mine and focused on my cock head.

“Ituloy mo pa ang pagsalsal mo, hija.” I caressed her oiled bum. It was soft with a nice amount of fat and muscle. It wasn’t toned from exercise, but lacked the flabbiness of a lazy life.


I pulled her bum closer to me. Ashana rose from a kneeling position and got on all fours. Her head was near my pelvis while her knees were close to my shoulders. She had spread her legs apart and her black thong disappeared into her bum crack. I could see stray hairs escape from her unshaved pussy as I spread her ass cheeks apart.

“Dagdagan mo pa ng oil, hija.” Ashana let go of my cock with her right hand and reached for the bottle of oil. This action caused her body to move forward. I reached for her thong and pulled the thin strip covering her ass hole.

Ashana stiffened a little when she felt me lift the strip of cloth to expose her dark hold. She opened the bottle and, holding my cock at its base with her left hand, she dribbled a stream of oil onto the head. The warm liquid dripped down the shaft to coat the balls. She quickly used her right hand to cup the head and rotate her hand, smearing the oil around the helmet.

I motioned for the bottle and she handed it to me. I poured a generous amount on her lower back and coated her ass cheeks. I spread the liquid with my right hand and, using my oil-coated thumb, gently teased the area around her ass hole.

Ashana tensed, stopped her handling of my cock and tried to buck her pelvis away from my hand. “Ooohhhh, sir. Sandali lang. Birhen pa po ako diyan.”

“Shhhhh… Huwag kang mag-alala, hija. Hindi kita pipilitin. Lasapin mo lang ang pakiramdam ng daliri ko. Sige, ituloy mo ang pagsalsal sa titi ko.”

She relaxed a bit and continued her handjob. I noticed that the gusset of her thong was getting a little wet. I moved my thumb to her perineal area and caressed the outside of her pussy. She responded by slowly twerking her hips to the rhythm of her hands.

I got her used to the feeling of my thumb circling her ass hole and travelling to her pussy lips. The hair was matted with oil and her secretions. The musky scent of her arousal was filling my nostrils.


“Yes, sir?”

“Ito ang huling okasyon na ipapakita mo ang puki mo sa akin na hindi nakaahit.”

“Opo, sir. Hindi na mauulit, sir.”

“Sige, ibuka mo ang iyong mga binti.”

“Ganito sir?” She spread her legs, causing her pelvis to lower to the bed. This caused her pussy lips to spread open. I slowly ran my index and middle fingers from her lower back, passing over her ass hole and thrust deeply into Ashana’s pussy.

“Ssshhhhiiiiiittttt! Aaannngggg sssaaaarraaaapppp” Ashana let out a loud moan as my fingers dug deep into her and I felt her cervix. Using my other hand, I grabbed her left tit, which was dangling from her chest. The intensity of the pleasure cause Ashana to lay her head onto my thigh.

I thrust my fingers in and out of her wet pussy to the rhythm of her hands pumping my cock. Her hips were twitching involuntarily and her thighs were shaking.

“Masarap ba, Ashana?”

“Uhhh… uhhhh… uuuuhhhh… uuhhh…”

I twisted her nipple. “Sagutin mo ako, hija. Nasasarapan ka ba sa ginagawa ko sa puki mo?” While my two fingers were thrusting into her, I moved my thumb over her ass hole.

“Oooopppoooo, sir!”

“Basang basa ka na, hija.”

“Kanina pa ako nalilibugan, sir, noong napansin kong pinipinger niyo si ma’am Annika.”

I continued my thrust a few more times, then stopped. I got up from the side and knelt closer to her spread out form. She released my cock and attempted to rise, but I held her by the back of the neck, effectively, pinning her to the bed.

“Huwag kang malikot, Ashana.”

“Opo, sir.” Ashana’s chest and head were flat on the bed. Her face was turned towards me and both her arms were raised above her head. She was kneeling, but as her legs were spread wide, her pelvis was only inches above the bed.

I released my hold of her neck and grabbed hold of her rams. I positioned them behind her back and held them tight with my left hand. Ashana whimpered in protest, but she didn’t struggle. Then, I returned my attention to her pussy and ass hole. I opened the bottle of oil and dripped a generous amount onto her ass hole, allowing the stream to drip down onto her pussy, mixing with her secretions. I dropped the bottle and gently circled the rim of her ass hole with my index and middle fingers. After a dozen or so rounds, I dipped the two fingers into her hot pussy.

This time, I wanted her to explode. I thrust my fingers deep and pulled them out to find her engorged clit. I tapped the button and returned deep into the pussy. I continued this action a few times. Ashana was bucking her pelvis against my fingers and struggling to free her hands behind her back.

“Uuughhh… uughhghh… uuuhghghgh… tang ina, angggg sssaaarrraaappp…”

“Kaninong puta ka, Ashana?” I quickened my pace. My fingers and hand were coated with her pussy juices.

“Huh? Uuggghh… uughghhh…”

“Kaninong puta ka, Ashana?” I repeated my question. I stopped my thrusts and removed my fingers from inside her pussy. I focused on her clit, pressing down roughly on the sensitive flesh. The movements of her pelvis grew erratic.

“Sa inyo, sir,” she whimpered. Ashana had her eyes closed, awaiting the huge organsm that was approaching.

“Anong sabi mo? Hindi kita marinig, Ashana.”

“Sa inyo, SIR.” I returned my fingers into her pussy, this time adding a third finger.

“Aaaeeeiiiiii!! Sssaaa… sssaaaarrraappp…”

“Kaninong puta ka?!” I shouted.

“PUTA MO AKO, SIR!” She screamed. My hand was a blur as it thrust in and out of her pussy. Juices were now coating my entire hand and wrist. I let go of her hands and put the index finger of my left hand into her mouth. Through the haze of her dim consciousness, she felt the digit and sucked on it. I withdrew it and brought the saliva-coated finger to her ass hole. Then, I thust it all the way in.

“AAARRRGHHHHHHHH!!!!” That did it. Ashana’s orgasm hit her like a freight train. She held her breath and her body stiffened. Then after a few second, she convulsed in quick succession. I could feel her pussy walls contract in waves around my three fingers. Her ass hole, too, was gripping my finger in a similar rhythm.

After a few minutes, I brought her down gently by slowly withdrawing my finger from her ass and pussy. I stopped to caress the outside of her pussy, but she clamped her legs closed and curled into a ball.

“Ang sarap, sir.” She was smiling weakly. Drool had escaped the sides of her mouth and pooled onto the bed sheet. I reached down to push back her dishevelled hair. I caressed her oiled back and she cooed in response.

Then, her eyes grew big as she noticed my erect and angry cock. “Hala, hindi pa po kayo nakaraos.” She got up and grasped my cock. “Humiga kayo, sir, at ako ang bahala sa iyo.”

“Sa susunod na lang, hija. Malapit nang dumating si Miss Barbacena.”

She pouted as she stroked my cock.

“Kakantutin niyo ba si Denise, sir?” She asked with a twinkle in her eye. She was playing with the head of my cock using the tips of all her fingers.

I didn’t reply.

“Pwede ba po akong manood?”

“Hahaha.” I got up and walked to the shower. Ashana followed and helped me rinse the oil from my body. I left her in the shower as she cleaned herself. I was dressed by 7:23 PM, just in time to prepare for Denise Barbacena’s arrival.

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