Tagalog Sex Stories

Delivery Man With Faye

by: RoyceSchobber


It was a cold sunday afternoon. The rain hasn’t stopped pouring for a day. A tropical storm had been ravaging the South of Luzon and a Storm Signal No. 4 had been declared in the area. Faye wasn’t affected by this. Safe and sound in her condominium unit, she spends most of her time playing video games and watching movies. Today is no different, after spending the morning playing and taking her bath, she decided she had enough of playing and proceeded to watching a series called Queen’s Gambit on Netflix. This has been her routine for about a month now since they suspended shooting again. While comfortably watching in her couch, the doorbell rang. Faye paused for a minute and think who could it be. She wasn’t expecting anyone for the day. She got up and was about to come to door to see through the peep hole. It was a delivery man from Lazada. It suddenly came to her that she had ordered several things from the day before yesterday. She asked the man to wait for a minute and came looking for her robe.

Faye is always half naked in his condominium unit. Aside from wanting to see how her body looks, it gave her a sense of freedom in a way. Today, she is wearing a black two-piece she got as a gift from a friend. The bra was fit enough to show the circular shape of her boobs and her underwear was so small that her pelvis is showing and the cloth was just enough to cover her pussy.

While always proud of her body, Faye had the decency to cover up this time before opening up to a stranger. She found her floral silk robe that covered her entire body, not showing a hint of what lies under. She tied the lace in her stomach to keep the robe from opening up, and finally opened the door.

“Good Afternoon po, Miss Faye? Lazada delivery po” the delivery man politely said
“Yes, thank you” Faye quickly received the package and was about to shut the door when the delivery man cut her off.
“Mam? 2060 pesos po. COD po ito”
“Wait what? No, I paid this online” Faye was confused.
“Eh.. di po nakalagay dito na paid sakin”
“Hold up, let me check” Faye went inside and came looking for her phone.

As she opened the app, it was indeed a COD payment. It was her mistake she doesn’t like paying cash and would rather pay online. She apologized for the delivery man and asked him to wait while she’s gone looking for her wallet.

Faye quickly went inside her room and looked for her wallet. When she found it, there was no cash. She tried looking for other things that could spit out cash like her bag, her pants, even her cabinet. There was none. Faye became distressed and decided to tell the man that she don’t have any cash right now.

“Mam, pano po yan?”
“Magwiwithdraw ako sa labas ngayon, may ATM diyan sa may supermarket”
“Kayo po bahala mam, pero malakas ang ulan ngayon, baha din diyan sa tapat ng condo niyo”
Faye cursed and for a moment she doesn’t know what to do.
“Mabuti pa mam hintayin na lang natin tumila yung ulan. Balita ko matatapos na yung pag ulan mamaya. Mahihirapan din ako makaalis. Last delivery ko naman na to ngayon”
“Pasensya ka na kuya ha, naabala pa kita. Pasok ka muna dito” Faye was being apologetic to the man.

She let he man in and offered her some coffee and snacks in her living room. They both exchanged some inital conversations. After being comfortable, Faye decided to undress her robe, showing off her body.

“Ughh okay lang po ba? Pasensya na ha ganito po kasi lagi ako magsuot pag nandito sa condo”
The man was startled and surprised. He gave Faye a look from head to toe as she goes accross and hang her robe.

“Oo naman mam.. bahay niyo po ito so your rules” said the man as the sips from his coffee.

About 20 minutes had passed before they both finish their snacks and coffee. Faye gathered the cups and the left overs and went over the kitchen to the sink. Even when not looking, Faye could feel the eyes of the man on her ass, especially now that she is facing backwards. She doesn’t mind though, she gave too much trouble for the man so he let him be.

A few minutes later, she could feel two hands squeezing her tits from behind, the thin cloth is enough to feel his warm and big hands through her skin.

“Pinapahirapan mo ko…tangina ka..” the man said quietly through her hears as he kissed her neck from behind.

Faye was suddenly confused. Should I scream? Should I stop him? Should I slap him?

Faye’s heart was beating so fast that she could barely move. The man’s kisses in her neck and the back of her ear is making her freeze. This has never happened to her before. The delivery man started to unlock my bra from behind, remove it, and tossed it away. He went over my shoulder to see my boobs as he held it both and squeezed it so tight I that I can’t help but to let out a deep moan.

“Putang ina ang tigas na ng utong mo” He said as he lightly pinch my nipples with his thumb and index finger. His right hand went down inside my underwear and I felt him rub my clitoris. I adjusted my legs slightly wider so he can finger me better.

Now I have no control of myself. I felt jolts of electricity in my body as he simultaneously squeeze my left boob and rub my clitoris. I felt wetness in my vagina. His mouth is in my shoulder and neck licking and sucking my skin.

He suddenly made my body turn so that I can face him. He grabbed my face and kissed me. I felt his tongue inside my mouth and gladly returned the favor by doing the same. We sucked each other. I wrapped my shoulders around his neck as if we were lovers, my hands still wet from the dishes I just finished rinsing. He moved on to slowly downwards as he goes to my tits. He kissed all the way from my lips down until he reached my nipples. He made a circular motion with his tongue to both my nipples that made me closed my eyes because of the pleasure.

I helped him out of his T-shirt and kissed his body. The man was about 40-ish years old, probably married with his old guy look. His hair is gray due to his age. He has a crooked nose and a long mustache that I bet will feel good in my pussy when he lick me. I sucked on his left nipple that made him muttered curses.

As we exchange kisses and licks all around our body. I unlocked his belt that tightens his old maong pants. I knelt in the cold floor tiles in my condo and pulled his pants down. His boner is showing on his old black underwear. I licked it as I look at him. His eyes rolled upward as if he were possessed. He told me to pull it down and I did. His dick is of normal size, I bet around 4 to 5 inches. Dark and thick. His pubic hair was long and untended. I held it with my hand and started jacking it off to straighten it before I gave him a head. His dick gave off a smell that I liked and made me even hornier. I continued sucking his dick, his hands guiding my head up and down. I tried sucking it all the way down since its not that long which made him shout. I stopped sucking it for a while as I breathe, saliva pouring down my mouth. He then instructed me to suck his balls which I obliged. It was big though dark and hairy. He jacked off whilst Im doing his balls. I went back to sucking his dick, this timw even hard and messier. My saliva was pouring out of my mouth as I forced my throat into his cock, his big hands guiding my head in and out.

After a while, he pulled me up by my underarms. I was surprised how strong he was. He sitted me on the sink and spread my legs wide. The only thing Im wearing is my underwear. He had a trouble removing it so he removed it by force, breaking my precious panty apart. I don’t care though, all I want now is his mouth on my pussy. He opened my pussy up by stretching my labia as if to see inside then he quickly put his tongue inside. This time, I was the one who let out a shout. The rain is still pouring hard as he sucked my vagina.

After this, he went kissing and sucking upwards, my stomach, my tits, my underarms, my neck and my lips. The man just completely licked every part of my body.

“Ang puti mo tangina ka..hmmm” he muttered as he was kissing me.

Being done with the foreplay, we went to my bedroom. I thought this time he’s gonna fuck me, but he wanted to do a 69. And so was I.

And so we got into position, im on top. Before I suck him I felt his tongue licked my asshole, I’ve never felt so hornier that my body froze. His tongue on my ass and pussy is just so good. I cant even let out a moan as it drove me crazy.

He stopped and said to suck his dick, which I compeletely forgot since Im focused on his tongue. i sucked him again, the taste and smell is getting better. I tried to swallow it whole into my throat, which made him moan.

We carried on for about 2 minutes when he said that he finally wants to fuck me. I lied down the bed and about to spread my legs when he said that he wants to fuck me dog style. I was a bit shocked since Im not yet fucked in that position before. i agreed and bent down, his dick slowly pusing inwards me. As he goes, he keeps on slapping my ass cheeks that it turned red.

“Ahhhh! Tanginang puke to ang sikip!”

“Oh my God! Your dick is so deep inside of me” I gave a moan every thrust.

His thrusts were becoming faster and faster, his moans louder and louder, signalling the nearby explosion. I didn’t even care if he cums inside. All I want is his dick fucking me hard. I am lost in the moment.

“AHHHHHH! Putanginaaaa” his shout this time is the loudest and agrresive.

I felt his cum exploded deep in me. It was hot and sticky. I felt it dripping out to my thighs, and into my bed sheet. We were both catching our breaths. He didn’t remove yet his dick inside of me. I lied down facing the bed, with him on top of me.

“Ahhh. Ang sarap mong kantutin mam” he was still breathing fast.

“Likewise. Ive never been fuck like that before” I said smiling.

We made ourselves comfortable and started kissing again. He licked every part of my body, including my sweat which made me felt tickled.

“Ahhh. ang tamis ng pawis mo mam”

I reached down his cock, still soft and tired.

“Titigas pa ba to?” I asked

“Oo naman mam, paglaruan mo lang. Mabubuhay ulit yan” he said smiling.

So I sucked it again. Tasting a bit of his cum. He was lying down the bed with his head on the bed head rest as if he were the master and I the servant. He was looking at me seriously as I suck him. I returned the look, not shying away from his eyes. Suddenly, I felt his dick got big and hard inside my mouth. I smiled and went kissing him again. He was such a good kisser. His tongue kept playing inside of my mouth in ways never done before to me.

He squeezed my tits again. So I put those in his head, as if to drown him with my big juicy melons. He was more agrresive this time, biting my nipples slightly that made me so horny.

He said he wanted to fuck my tits so I went down again, not disturbing his position. I squeezed my tits around his dick, his hands were on my tits too to squeeze it tighter. I moved up and down which made him moan.

“Ahh, para akong kumakantot ng puke tangina” he said
“You like it? These are probably the best boobies you are gonna get”

We went on and on. Until I decided I want to ride him cowgirl, and so I did. I licked his dick first as to make it wet and easier to get in me. I rode him as his hands were on my hips, guiding me into fucking. I bounced up and down, each bounce my tits were bouncing too. I kissed him every now and then, and sometimes he come licking my tits too.

I felt his dick inside of my pussy as if it is part of me. My pussy is clenching his dick. Not wanting to let go. I still feel his cum earlier in my pussy yet he is still fucking me raw. We kept on and on. Until I said I was about to cum. I feel myself as if Im high, my eyes were going up and my body felt electrified. I cummed. My fluid dripping into his dick. Instead of stopping, this gave him more energy to carry on. His thrust were even heavier.

“Tangina… lalabasan na ulit ako..”

“Go on, I want to feel it in me again”

“Ahhhh!” He shouted so loud I thought the whole condominium heard him. Thankfully, the rain was pouring hard still. And his shouts were covered.

He cummed inside of me again, I felt my pussing so wet of my cum and his.

We were both tired. I cant even make myself stand because of the pussy beating I got. Instead, I kissed him again, falling asleep with his dick inside of me.


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