Eee Cee Que Blues – Tiktok Tamod by: pestengahem

My name is Tiana Tiomico. I am a 19-year-old student in the AB Film Production program at the University of Santo Tomas. This is the story of my experience during the ECQ.

I’m a typical creative type — moody one day and manic the next but always fabulous, Dahhhling! I am very supportive of LGBTQ+ rights, identify as bisexual and prefer to be addressed as she/her.

I joined the **** Sorority to further my interest in LGBTQ+ issues. During Orientation Week, they organised a rally in Plaza Mayor next to the Benavides Statue. It was loud and energetic and mesmerising. Something inside me clicked. You see, I come from a small town in Tarlac with an even smaller way of thinking. I knew that I was attracted to both sexes, but could not express myself. When I was in junior high school, I had to hide my feelings. In senior high school, I had to sneak away to meet my girlfriends on secret trysts. When I saw the **** Sorority rally, I realised that I finally found people who would accept me for who I was. I could finally drop this mask I was wearing for so long.

It also didn’t hurt that all the sorority sisters were all babes. The senior sisters were successful students. Two were members of the UST Central Student Council, there were several who were members of the UST varsity teams the Golden Tigresses (volleyball), Lady Booters (football) and Yellow Jackets (pep squad). I wanted to join them so very much.

During my period of initiation, I grew close to Pot de Guzman, a fellow pledge who was pursuing a degree in English. We clicked right away. She was originally from Siquijor, so her father, who was worked as a bosun on a cruise ship, rented her an apartment a few streets away from campus. I was crashing at her place after a long day doing the bidding of the senior initiators. It was there that I first came out of the closet. Pot was very supportive. She had come out as a lesbian to her family a few years ago and they showered her with love and support. That night, Pot showed me the same love and support. I was so relieved that Pot was so accepting of my nature. I cried so very hard that night. In the morning, Pot and I made love for the first time. I was sitting on Pot’s face and she had her tongue deep in my shaved pussy when I experienced my first real orgasm. I cried again, this time out of sheer happiness.

When we were accepted as full members by the sisterhood, Pot immediately dyed her hair pink. I got my tongue pierced. I intended to explore my newfound sexual freedom and the use of my new metal stud on several pussies and cocks. I was enjoying life! Then the ECQ hit and life changed.

Unlike Pot, who was stuck in her unit near campus, I managed to drive to my hometown before the travel restrictions were imposed. I invited her to join me, but she said that her father was going to be arriving from overseas and she wanted to be in Manila while he underwent quarantine.

I arrived home after five hours of driving. Several control points along the highway caused massive traffic jams. I thought that the government response was rational, but the implementation was being overseen by incompetent people. I parked outside the gate and shouted for my mum. My dad opened the gate gave me and a hug. He told me to head inside while he parked the car into our carport and transferred all my things from the car.

My mum and younger sister were in the sala. My mum was watching a Korean drama on TV. My sister was lying on her belly on the sofa watching TikTok videos on her mobile phone. “Hello, Yan. Nag tanghalian ka na ba? Katatapos lang namin kumain.”

“Hello, po.” I kissed my mum on the cheek before sitting on my sister’s butt. She squealed and pushed me away. “Grabe po ang traffic sa Balintawak tapos sa North Luzon Expressway. Panay mga checkpoints.”

“Balita ko nga. Tawagin mo lang si Yaya Yollie kung gusto mong kumain.”

“Opo. Maliligo muna ako. Malagkit ang katawan ko sa biyahe.”

“Ah, okay. Check mo muna kung tapos na ang Kuya Enzo mo.”

“Bakit, ma? Naandito ma si Kuya?”

“Oo. Dumating siya kagabi. Dito muna daw siya matutulog.” That was strange. Kuya Enzo is about six years older than me; he is 25. He married his college sweetheart, Colleen and they have a two-year-old daughter. He and his family lived in Cabanatuan City where he managed a small design firm. He keeps fit by cycling and running. He is also an avid photographer and was the reason I got interested in film production. I wonder why he was home.

I helped Dad and Yaya Yollie empty the car of my things. I grabbed a laundry basket stuffed with clothes, underwear, books and my laptop and carried it to my room. Once there, I emptied the lot on the floor and selected my after-shower attire. On my way to the bathroom, the door opened and Kuya Enzo emerged. He was drying his hair with a towel. Another was wrapped around his thin waist. I poked him in the ribs. “Bulaga!”

“Yan, dumating ka na pala.” He smiled and hugged me, causing me to squirm away as he rubbed his wet hair on my face. In the middle of his hug, he whispered in my ear. “Yan, maligo ka muna. Ang lakas kasi ng tokpu mo. Hahahahahaha!” He walked briskly to his room before I could attack him with my slippers. It was good to have him back.

Over the next few days, as it was clear that the ECQ would be lasting for quite some time, the entire family settled into a familiar rhythm. Dad and Mum did their own thing. I had to continue online lectures through Blackboard. I also managed to maintain contact with my friends via videochat. Kuya Enzo had brought along his MacBook and project files, so he continued to work on his clients’ projects. When he wanted a distraction, he and I would go around the neighbourhood shooting pictures with our cameras and improving the images post-production to hone our skills.

My younger sister, Ella, was obsessed with TikTok. She showed me her feed and asked me for pointers. I taught her some basic film-making techniques like camera angles, bridging shots, editing and transitions, and lighting. Her first few shots were amateurish. Her more recent clips incorporated what she learned and there was a clear improvement in composition and style. I mean, these were short clips of people dancing, so it wasn’t that hard. The important thing was that we were having fun. In the process of teaching her, I got hooked myself. I even created an account and released three clips. They were mainly me dancing around to music in a thin tank top and without a bra. My jiggling 36C tits managed to attract a few hundred horny followers. (Videos showing prominent nipples are quickly detected by the state-controlled AI in China and removed.)

After preparing and posting my most recent clip, an idea occurred to me. I wanted to see how far I could push the boundaries of the medium. Clips on TikTok can be as short as three seconds to as long as 15 seconds. A user may join four clips to make a video last up to 60 seconds. Most clips, however, are about 15 seconds in length. I wanted to see if pornographic content could be delivered effectively in this format. I couldn’t post pornographic material directly onto TikTok. It didn’t stop me from experimenting, though.

I knew that the clips couldn’t be just a single scene of hard fucking. These were rarely popular because the viewers needed context. I believed that the trick was to condense the story, characters, dialogue, foreplay, fucking and cumshots to no more than 60 seconds through careful composition, disciplined shots, creative transitions and precise editing. Every millisecond was important to drive the sequence forward; there was no room for wasted shots.

I talked it over with Pot one night after she and I brought each other to orgasms via videochat.

“Yan, ikaw ba ang Zuckerberg of porn?” Pot rose from her floor and wiped her pussy with a towel.

I paused while licking my dildo clean of my pussy juices after a satisfying cum. “Hoy! Hindi ako mukhang robot.” I liked the analogy, though. “Bigyan mo ako ng script, Babe. Kailangan isang scene lang at 30 seconds ang action. Magaling ka naman magsulat.”

“Okok. Magkano ang cut ko?” Pot got up and was using the bidet to wash her pussy.

“Test lang to, Babe. Susubukan ko lang kung magagawa natin to. Bigyan kita ng credit pag nagwork.”

“Ah, okay. Bilhan mo na lang ako ng bagong vibrator.”

“Deal, pero ako muna ang gagamit nun sa iyo.”

“Fuck. Katatapos lang natin, horny ka pa?”

“Ilang linggo na tayo hindi nakakakantot, Babe. Sobrang horny ko na.”

“Ako rin, Babe. Darating na nga si Papa bukas. Baka mahirapan tayo mag video.” Pot’s father was scheduled to be released from quarantine the next day and will be staying with Pot in her studio unit. We talked about that a bit and we bid each other a good night.

When I awoke the next day, I found that Pot had already sent me three great scripts via email. One was a girl-on-girl scene. I set that aside because shooting a girl’s orgasm was much harder than a boy’s. It had potential, though. The second involved a boy-girl blowjob with the boy cumming in the girl’s mouth. The third was a scene involving a boy cumming on a girl’s tits during a boobjob. These two had potential. I wrote back to Pot to ask if she could merge the two. The next version arrived within the hour. Pot also included a screenshot of the new vibrator she wanted. Crazy girl!

I spent the next two days storyboarding the shots I wanted to see. I was obsessed with this idea that I skipped meals and sleep to work on the project. I tested the shots and made sure that they would fit into the tight duration. I managed to get it down to 48 seconds. This left me 12 seconds of extra time. After further trimming and modification, I was pleased with the final plan. Now, all I needed was to shoot the actual footage. Hmmmm… Where could I find a male with a big cock?

This was a bit of a problem. If I was at university, I would have no shortage of people to cast in the male and female roles. However, given the travel restrictions and the strict stay-at-home rules, there was no way I could proceed to the next stage. It was so frustrating to have an idea but not be able to see it through! I spent the entire day finding a solution to no avail. Then, Pot came through again via a link she sent me to her Google Drive. In a secret folder, Pot kept video recordings of her sexual escapades. I clicked the link to her newest file.

The video clearly showed Pot’s room. It was quite dark, so I adjusted the brightness and contrast settings. This allowed me to make out Pot leaning over the sleeping figure of a male. Pot was starting at the camera and showing off the large cock in her hand. She compared it to the size of her forearm. Then, she winked at the camera and started to suck on the cock. She was putting on quite a show for the camera. The unknown male was obviously enjoying it because he was moaning incoherently. Then, Pot jammed the cock down her throat. I could see the male’s balls constrict, the cock shaft jerk and Pot’s mouth fill with all the sperm that was being ejected down her throat. Some cum escaped her lips and travelled down the shaft. Pot used her finger to scoop the cum and placed it on her tongue. After cleaning the cock, she placed a blanket over the male. Then, she took the mobile phone close to her face and whispered, “I love my Daddy.” Pot had just sucked off her Dad! Fuck, that was so hot. I quickly undressed and grabbed my hairbrush. I replayed the clip a few times and brought myself to a great orgasm. After I came down from my high, my next great idea hit me — Kuya Enzo.

I hopped in the shower and scrubbed myself clean. I took care to shave my pussy and apply feminine wash. I did put on some light makeup and eyeliner, splashed some cologne, and prepared my hair. I wanted to achieve a natural look. Then, I wrapped my naked body in a towel, took my SLR camera and entered Kuya Enzo’s room.

Kuya was on his bed playing a mobile game on his tablet. All he had on was a pair of old boxer shorts and some socks. He was leaning on some pillows at the head of the bed and his legs were spread apart.

“Hello, Kuya. Busy ka ba?”

Kuna Enzo looked up briefly and returned his gaze to the game. “Okay lang. Mga trash ang kalaro ko.” I entered his room and sat to his right. “Pwedeng magpakonsulta? May idea lang ako para sa project.”

“Okay. Wait ka lang. Matatapos na ito.” He continued playing until I could hear the game music stop. “Okay. Talo kami.” He placed his mobile phone on his chest and looked at me and smiled.

“Kuya, alam mo ba tung TikTok?”

“Hindi ba yun yung app na pinagkakaguluhan ninyo ni Ella?”

“Yeah. Yung nga. May idea ako na parang TikTok pero iba.”

Kuya nodded. “Mahirap mag breakout sa app market ngayon, Yan. Ang tindi ng investment sa China. Hindi ka pa marunong magcode.”

I shook my head. “Hindi ko balak maglaunch ng bagong app. May idea ako sa bagong klaseng content. Kailangan ko lang ang tulong mo.”

“Ahh. Okay.”

“May TikTok ka ba sa phone mo?”


“Download mo muna.” He searched for the app and added it on the phone. Then, I asked him to view some of the clips so that he got a sense of the fare on offer. I showed him Ella’s channel and mine. I noticed his cock twitch a little when he was watching my prance around with my big tits on display. I thought that this might not be so bad and moved closer to him on the bed.

“Kuya, mapapansin mo na maiikli lang ang mga video clips. Pero I think na pwede siya gawing medium sa porn.”

“In 60 seconds? Hindi yan kaya, Yan. Three minutes nga sa PornHub kulang pa para magjakol.” Kuya knew his field. However, so did I.

“Hindi, Kuya. Gumawa na ako ng storyboard mula sa script na ginawa ni Pot. Gumawa ako ng test shots. Kumbinsido ako na magwowork ang idea.” I described the idea in detail and he started to see what I was seeing. “What do you think, Kuya?”

“Okay na idea ito, Yan. Kailangan mo lang talaga ng raw footage para matest yung concept.”

I broke into a smile. “I’m glad you agree, Kuya. Kaya nga naandito ako ngayon.” I took a deep breath, stood up grabbed hold of the towel and dropped it on the floor. I grabbed my camera and pressed the record button, bringing him into the frame. “Kuya, pwede bang ishoot ang titi mo?”

“Tarantado ka, Yan! Magbihis ka nga!” He threw one of his pillows in my direction. I easily dodged it. The camera was still recording.

“Sige na, Kuya. Hindi ko naman ipapakita ang mukha mo sa video. Kung gusto mo, pwede kang magmaskara.” I approached the bed and sat next to him. I could see that he was trying not to look at my tits. “Kailangan ko lang talaga ishoot ang titi mo.” I moved my hand to his upper thigh and started to rub upwards. “Uupo ka lang sa gilid ng kama, tapos hahawakan mo yung camera. Ako na ang bahala sa lahat. Promise na mag-eenjoy ka.” I smiled widely as my hand moved under his shorts to feel his pubic hair. I moved the camera to his crotch and could see that his cock was erect.

“Mali ito, Yan. Kapatid kita.”

“Pareho tayong adult, Kuya. Hindi mo naman ako kakantutin. Magcucum ka lang naman sa boobs ko.” Kua remained silent. My hand reached the base of his cock. I encircled it lightly with my thumb and index finger.

“Sige na, Kuya,” I said in a little girl voice. “Wala naman makakaalam. Inilock ko na yung pinto. Tayo lang dalawa ang naandito.” My hand now grasped the base of his cock fully. I kept recording. I noticed that Kuya was now staring at my tits.

“Pleeease, Kuya.” My hand travelled up his 7″ cock. It felt so hard. “Sandali lang tayo. Wala pang 20 minutes. Pleeeaseee.” My hand reached the head of his cock. It was large and bulbous. I squeezed and felt some pre-cum leak from the tip.

“Ang tigas ng titi mo, Kuya. Ang laki pa. Mageenjoy ka magcum sa gitna ng boobs, ko.” I brought my boobs closer to his face. “Pleeease, Kuya.”

My brother looked at my face. I could see his eyes blaze with lust. “Tang ina, Yan. Mukhang masarap nga ang malalaking dede mo.” He brought his face to my closest nipple and stimulated it with his tongue. I sighed in response. He removed his shorts with one hand and spread his legs. I gave his free cock a quick stroke.

Kuya was now sucking on my nipple. I groaned. I needed to get this under control or the shot would be ruined. I released his cock and pushed his head. His erection slapped against his lower abdomen. “Ops, ops. Work lang to, Kuya. Hindi personalan.” He grinned as I handed him the camera. I got up and walked to the foot of the bed. Then I knelt on the floor and tapped the bed. “Umupo ka dito, Kuya. Start na tayo.”

He slid down the bed and placed his feet on the floor. I spread his legs and knelt on the floor between them. I looked instructed him to use a slightly shaky camera motion to simulate an amateur style of film-making. I asked him to avoid allowing my entire face to be seen in the shot, but I wasn’t concerned because we could blur any obvious features during post-production. Then, I grabbed his cock and started to give him a handjob.

Kuya’s cock is very photogenic. It was hard with no obvious blemishes or deformities. The head was well-formed and pink. The shaft was veiny without looking monstrous. The pubic hair was well-trimmed and not wild.

I started slowly using my right hand. “Kuya, ang laki ng titi mo.” I made sure that I spoke clearly to the camera. “Ganito ba kalaki ang mga titi ng boys?” I continued to stroke up and down. I was rubbing my clit with my left hand.

“Ano po yung lumalabas sa ulo? Para po siyang likido.” While my right hand was pumping his shaft, I brought my left hand from my clit and collected his pre-cum on my index finger. I stuck out my tongue and licked the pre-cum on my index finger. “Medyo maalat siya, Kuya, pero masarap,” I said to the camera. “Marami pa po bang lalabas?” I continued to pump his shaft with one hand and rub the head with the other.

“Kuya, ang tigas na po ng mga utong ko. Normal ba po yon?” I used my left forearm to cradle my tits. “Baka po makakatulong yung likido na galing sa titi ninyo, Kuya.” I gripped his cock at the base and rubbed the head against both nipples. I used my hard nipples to rub his frenulum, causing him to groan. I could see that pre-cum was leaking freely from the head of his cock, leaving sticky trails on my nipples.

“Kuya, nangangawit na ang kamay ko. Baka pwede po ninyong gamitin ang ibang parte ng katawan ko.” I brought my right hand to the tip of his cock and angled it to between my tits. When it was secure, I held both tits in my hands and slowly raised and lowered my chest. “Fuuucckkk, Baby,” Kuya moaned.

“Ayan, Kuya. Hindi na ako nangangawit.” I smiled and licked my lips. His cock was enveloped by my pillowy, soft tits. On the upstroke, the tip would emerge and meet the base of my neck, only to disappear quickly back into the flesh. I moved the fingers to my nipples and twisted them.

“Kuya, ang tigas ng titi mo. Muhkang nahihirapan po kayo. Kulang yata ng pampadulas.” I collected saliva and slowly let it drip between my tits. Then on the next upstroke, I spit on his cock. I used the lubrication afforded by the saliva to quicken my strokes. “Ayan po, Kuya, mas magaganahan po kayo bumayo.” I could feel Kuya’s pelvis thrust his cock to meet my chest’s motions. The force of his thrusts was now causing his cock to hit me on the chin.

“Ang bilis ninyo, Kuya. Pero, kulang po uli sa pampadulas. Saan po kaya ako makakakuha noon?” Kuya continued to thrust his cock forcefully. “Ahhhh, alam ko na Kuya!” I grinned for the camera and opened my mouth. I captured his cock between my lips on its next upstroke and swabbed the head quickly with my tongue. I made sure the press my tongue stud against his frenulum.

“Fuck, Babygirl! Malapit na ako!” Kuya’s movements were now erratic. He thrust his hips upward and pushed past my tits, causing a few inches to lodge in my mouth. I gagged a little but continued to swirl my tongue around his cock. I released his cock and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand.

“Ano po ang malapit, Kuya?” I staying in role. I returned his cock between my tits and continued my actions. Kuya was going crazy. “Kuya, bakit parang galit na galit na ang titi ninyo?” I kept the pace and left my mouth open in a big “o” as Kuya’s cock continued to saw between my tits and enter my mouth.

“Malapit na ako.” Kuya’s hips were now a blur. I could feel the head of his cock expand in my mouth. I trapped his cock in my mouth, released my tits and started to shuck the shaft rapidly.

“Ahhh… Ahhhh… Ahhhh… Fuuucckkkk!” I looked up at his face and caught his eye. A silent agreement passed between us.

“Ayan na! Ayaann naaaa! Lunukin mo ang tamoooddd kooo!”

Kuya thrust his head back and his hips upward. I sealed my lips against his cockhead. His body began to shake as he released spurt after spurt of cum. He was cumming soooo much. I could feel the hot, salty liquid coat the inside of my mouth and the surface of my tongue.

I collected the cum and removed his cock from my mouth. I grabbed my tits and returned his cock between them. He was still cumming. The remaining cum hit my face and landed on my tits. I opened my mouth and slowly let the cum I collected drop from my lips, down my chin and onto my upper chest and snake down my cleavage. I looked at Kuya. He was looking at the mess he made on my face, mouth, chest and tits. He had a wide grin and mouthed the words “THANK YOU”.

I yelled “CUT”. He pressed a button to kill the recording.

I stood up and grabbed the towel to clean myself. After that, I wiped Kuya’s cock and the remnants of our juices on the floor. Kuya flopped on the bed, exhausted. I grabbed the camera, lay beside him with my head under his arm. We both reviewed the footage that he shot while he fondled my tits and tweaked my nipples. We discussed the quality of the shots. I was pleased with the work.

I turned to him and kissed him on the cheek. “Salamat, Kuya.” I grabbed the towel and the camera and made my way to the door. Before I exited, I turned to him and said “Kailangan pa yata natin gumawa ng isang take para sure. Babalik ako mamayang gabi.” I gave him a wink and exited the room.


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