I just caught my brother masturbating. What should i do????

it was around 2am. I woke up and needed to pee, and when i opened our common CR, that is where i caught him.

His boxers was on the floor his left hand was holding something while sniffing it and his right hand was on his penis.

when i saw him and i know he saw me too because our eyes met, we stared at each other for a good 30 seconds.

then i just suddenly closed the door and went back to bed.

while laying down on the bed, i though of the things that i should do.

should i go to him now and tell him that it is normal and don’t be shy?

should i tell him that he should do it on his room instead?

Should i just ignore it?

but what is he holding on his other hand?

I have to pee!!!

so i decided to go back in the CR.

but now, it was empty and the other door to my brothers room is close.

then i saw his boxers still on the floor and… my panties??

why is it on the floor and not in the laundry basket?

Is my brother smelling my panties while masturbating?

that is weird.

Then as i am about to put back my panties in the laundry basket, i noticed that 3 other of my panties are on top of the laundry basket.

two thong panties and one boxer panties.

the thongs have this sticky white stuff that is not dried (Usually women have discharge and i do have discharge everyday) on it.

What could this be?

then i realized it.

OMG!!! Is this my brothers cum?? Did he cum on my panties?? When?? Does he do it every night?? OMG!

Then out of no where, i moved my panties closer and tried to smell the cum. It smells like bleach. Then i touched it and it felt sticky.

why am i doing this??

i started to feel warm and my pussy is starting to get wet.

I felt like i was hypnotized and i suddenly lick the cum out of my panties.

oh my!!! It tastes so good!!

i got the other thong and it also has cum on it. Then i smelled it and it gave me another chills.

then as i was licking my second panty i realized, i was touching my self already. I was sliding my middle finger inbetween my pussy.

i then saw my brothers boxers on the floor and grabbed it.

as a “revenge”, i smelled the part where the penis is touching.

Mmmmm!! It smells so good!

my middle finger is now inside my wet pussy going in and out.

oh my god! I can’t beleive the smell of my brother is making me so horny.

Then i decided to use my brothers boxers and put the crotch part inside my pussy while fingering!

oh my! It’s so good!!

Then i started to use two fingers while a part of his boxer is inside me!!!

oooooooohhh uuughhhhh!!!

then i started cumming!!


shet!! That cum belongs in the top 5!!

i threw his boxers back on the floor and filled with my cum and some white stuff too!

then as for part two, i decided to wear my boxer panty with my brothers cum on it while going sleeping.

as i lay on my bed, i started to rub my panties and i can feel his cum. Mmmmmm it feels so good.. as i tease my self, i suddenly dozed off

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