Kami Ni Misis Atbp Part 2

by kobe0824

Conversation transcript ni misis at ng client nya Part 1:

Misis: “Hi! Thank you for contacting our company services. May I know your name?”

Client: “Hi! I’m Mr. Ford! I am planning to purchase a plan through your services!”

Misis: “Ok Mr. Ford! Before we go to the process, may I know your age for verification purposes?”

Mr. Ford: “53 years old!”

Misis: “Thank you for that Mr. Ford! On the bottom of your screen you have an option to either we talk through chat or live talk for better communication and purchases!”

Mr. Ford: “Ok, then I choose the live talk then!”

Misis: “Thank you! Hey Hi Mr. Ford! Can you see me now? What? You can’t hear me? Give me one moment maybe I am having technical difficulties with my laptop here!”

Misis: “I apologize Mr. Ford, it seems the speaker or the microphone of my pc is not working, but we can still do the live purchases we’ll just have to type in our conversation.”

Misis: “Do you see me clear Mr. Ford?”

Mr. Ford: “Ok that’s not a problem, either chat or live or both works for me. Yes I can see you clear! By the way you’re pretty lady!”

Misis: “Well thank you for that compliment Mr. Ford. So do you have an idea what services on our plan you want to purchase?”

Mr. Ford: “Ah yes yes but if you could explain to me so I can better understand! But before that may I ask you questions?”

Misis: “Yes sure sir! What is that?”

Mr. Ford: “Are you married?”

Misis: “Yes sir I am.”

Mr. Ford: “I see. So your husband must be a lucky guy for having a beautiful and sexy lady!”

Misis: “Ofcourse! I think he hit a jackpot on me hahaha!”

Mr. Ford: “Yeah! Jackpot! If I’m your husband, probably it’s more than a jackpot!”

Misis: “Hahaha Mr. Ford don’t give me jokes like that!”

Mr. Ford: “I am not joking! You’re pretty and it seems to me you’re sexy too! I just realized that Filipina ladies are that just a complete package!”

Misis: “Well thank you for that Mr. Ford. So can we go back doing business?”

Mr. Ford: “Oh come on ma’am I can have the all day doing transaction with you so why can’t we get to know each other as agent and client, right?”

Misis: “Mr. Ford I have other clients waiting in line after you so my time to do business here is very critical, I hope you understand?!”

Mr. Ford: “Ok, how about let’s do business talk after 30 minutes but before that let’s get to know each other?”

Misis: “I apologize Mr. Ford but time is gold for me!”

Mr. Ford: “Okay, what if I’ll double my purchase today, will you agree with that? I mean It’s just like me buying another plan that matches the purchase of whoever your next client is?”


Mr. Ford: “Don’t think it too hard ma’am! I’ll double the purchase like I said, just give me additional time so we can talk outside business!”

Misis: “Okay we have a deal but we shouldn’t be take any longer than an hour because I have more in line waiting!”

Mr. Ford: “Not a problem to me!”

Misis: “Ok! So what are we gonna talk to outside business talk sir?!”

Mr. Ford: “You know ma’am I’ll should probably get it straight to you since we I only have limited chatting with you, but I want you to strip in front of me?”

Misis: “Excuse me?”

Mr. Ford: “You know since I saw you moments ago you I can’t stop looking at your face and your sexy upper body! I can’t help looking at those tits and imagine what it’ll looks like!”

Misis: “I’m sorry sir but I can’t do what you’d requested. I am chatting with you for business purposes and not to make a show in front of you!”

Mr. Ford: “Ma’am like I said earlier, I’ll double my purchase for today and I could do the same on my future purchases through your service. Hey that’s pretty much big of a sales quota reached already for you. Come on ma’am, all you need to do is to take your clothes out and let me see those titties hiding!”

Misis: “Sir, I am really sorry but I can’t do that! I think I’m gonna move on from you and talk to my next client!”

Mr. Ford: “Oh no dear you can’t do that to me. You don’t leave me hanging. See what you’d did to my huge cock!”

Mr. Ford: “So you don’t know what to say huh? You haven’t seen this kind of cock?!”

Misis: “That’s big!”

Mr. Ford: “Yes it is big! Want to see it upclose?”

Misis: “D**n”

Mr. Ford: “Do you want to hold this?”

Misis: “Y-Yes!”

Mr. Ford: “I know girl like you can’t resist big cocks! Just imagine my hand is your hand rubbing my dick!”

Misis: “Yes! It’s hard!”

Mr. Ford: “Hahaha good wife! So could you take out your blazer and your shirt?”

Misis: “Ok but just the top clothes?”

Mr. Ford: “Okay!”

Mr. Ford: “Nice! Look at those small cleavage! So yummy! I want to grab them and massage them with my two hands!”

Misis: “Ahh that would be nice sir!”

Mr. Ford: “It’ll be more nicer if you will take out your bra too! Let your boobs be free!”

Misis: “Ahh okay sir!”

Mr. Ford: “Wow! Look at those! So firmed, your nipples are perky! I bet those are so good to be suck!”

Misis: “Yes sir! You want to suck it?”

Mr. Ford: “Oh yes dear! I will suck it hard!”

Misis: “Oh yeahh uhmmmm!”

Mr. Ford: “Such a good wife! If I’m just on your side, I’ll f**k you all night even in front of your husband!”

Misis: “Ahhh that’s naughty move sir but I think that’s hot!”

Mr. Ford: “Just keep caressing your boobs dear while I’m masterbating my cock here! Take a look!”

Misis: “Ohhh it is so hard! I think I want that inside of me sir!”

Mr. Ford: “Hahaha good, good! So why won’t you show your pussy to me because I’m pretty sure it’s dripping wet already?”

Misis: “Well you’re right it is wet now! But I’ll only show my pussy to you if the price is right?”

Mr. Ford: “Seems you know how to negotiate a deal!”

Misis: “Of course sir! We’re doing business here right?”

Mr. Ford: “Wow! So you already took off your skirt and your underwear is so wet! I want to lick it! Free your pussy my dear!”

Misis: “Sir, no better offer, you won’t see it!”


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