Konting Pigil Sa Panggigigil (Part 2) by: brifer

Grabeh ka, dahan dahan naman, para kang mauubusan… ahhh fuckkk but don’t stoppppp grabehhhh ang lakiiii ang sarapppppp ohhh ummmmm

Give it to me, give it to meee. Harder, fuck me harderrr, ummmmmm sooo gooooood, yeahhh yeahhhh ieeiiiiiiih..

You’re so big baby. Di kasya sa mouth ko but I can’t get enough of your huge cock. I love this. I just love this. Yes, putok mo sa mouth ko….yummy

Those were the usual things I heard from the girls that Phil fucked as I watched during our college days. If my recollection is accurate, I think I watched him fucked 5 different girls, college girls.

Habulin ng chicks si Phil. He was a he-man as I described earlier, not a girlie-man.

But never, not even once, that I made an attempt in joining Phil in his mouth watering fuck sessions. I was content in just watching. Maybe that was the reason several of his girls were attracted to me too though I am not as good looking as my friend (not ugly, not handsome, just above average in looks). They said I have an enviable self confidence and control. So some of them secretly propositioned me to fuck them as well. But I never succumbed. No bombshell of a woman was worth betraying my best friend… until Phil and I saw this girl. I had to summon the gods of mount Olympus just to be able to kill the urge of betraying my friend because of that girl.

While hanging out at our usual place, a gorgeous girl walked nearby. Phil and I had another ground rule: whoever saw a girl first AND talked about her, gets the girl. I saw her first and I was mesmerized by her elegant beauty. 5’7″ in height, long shapely legs accented by the khaki shorts she was wearing, good sized boobs that are obvious in her tight fitting tshirt. Her face, so lovely, not just pretty or beautiful, truly lovely. I was into her that I forgot to SAY anything. Then I heard Phil exclaimed, Oh Bro, look, there’s an angel coming, while pointing to the girl I saw first. Rats, bummer, I silently muttered. Phil is first at bat. I was hoping that the girl won’t fall for him so I could have my chance.

We both smiled at her. She smiled back and stopped walking. Phil immediately approached her. Hi, I’m Phil, and that’s my pal Bri, pointing to me. The girl extended her hand to Phil which he immediately grasped. I’m VIOLA, the girl said. While Phil was still holding her hand, she looked at me and gave me a sweet smile. It pricked my heart, sana nakapagsalita ako agad isip ko na may malaking panghihinayang.

We invited Viola for snacks and we were both elated that she obliged. Kwentuhan, siempre si Phil ang bangka sa usapan. Ano bang tong feeling ko, sabi ko sa sarili ko. Di lang yata crush itong nararamdaman ko kay Viola, parang love at first sight. Pero pano na, si Phil ang may right. So kahit ang saya ng usapan, my heart was heavy at the same time.

When we parted with Viola after 2 hours. It seemed Phil was on cloud nine. Bro, I will court this girl. Pag sinagot ako nito, di na ako titingin pa sa ibang chicks. I looked at my friend and surmised that he was dead serious.

Oh bro, parang may problema ka, biglang tanong ni Phil sa akin. I hesitated. Then said my piece. We were very honest with each other. So I told him that I saw Viola first but was too mesmerized to utter a single word. Sorry bro, his first reaction. Pareho tayo ng taste sa girls eh, he continued. Bro, ikaw na muna ang manligaw. Nagulat ako sa sinabi nya. But I countered, Bro, ikaw na lang. Ikaw ang naunang nagsalita at sabi mo nga serious ka sa kanya. At come to think of it, bagay kayo bro (this was not a lie, they’d look good together). Phil smiled and gave me a manly hug while saying, thanks bro, you’re truly my best pal.

The rest of that day, I was really feeling blue, and that feeling cascaded into the night. At 8 PM I called a girlfriend, a friend who happened to be a girl. Hi Jud (short for Judith), labas tayo. Labas? Eh you don’t drink naman. Just come over here. Dito na lang tayo sa bahay. Judith was part of my study group and I had been to her house several times before so I readily agreed.

In an hour, I was with Jud’s family, eating and having a good time. Her parents and younger sister were all very friendly and accomodating. Then her mom asked me, Brian, bf ka ba ni Judith? Kamuntik na akong masamid. Ma, salo ni Jud, Bri and I are just good friends. Her mom retorted which made me smile, pero boto ako sa yo kung magiging kayo ni Jud. Thank you po, sabay baling kay Jud, narinig mo yon? Di na pala ako dapat manligaw if ever, sabay tawanan, pati Dad nya nakitawa na rin. Feel at home talaga ako sa family na to, isip ko.

I was about to say goodbye at 10 PM but Jud insisted that I stay longer. We went to her room, of course with her mom’s permission and just hang. We just looked at each other, smiled at each other. Then she asked pointblank, Bri, nong problem? After a long pause, I related with her about what happened that morning, about my feelings towards Viola, everything. She looked sad, for me. Then she stood, sat on my lap and hugged me, while stroking my head and back. I wanted to cry but I restrained myself.

Then Jud began to kiss me on my cheeks, then on my neck, then whispered to my ear, don’t worry Bri, everything will be alright.

Then she kissed me on my lips, ever so gently. Not a smack because her lips lingered on mine. Then the tender kiss became torrid. Now, we were making out. Laplapan talaga. Both of us didn’t say a word. We were just savoring what was happening, unplanned, spontaneous, but oh so delightful. Nalimutan ko ang problema ko.

Maganda si Jud. 5’4″ so bagay sa height ko na 5’8″. Maputi sya kahit di mestiza like Viola. Pero panalo ang bumpers, my waterloo, aside from long shapely legs. Very pleasing ang personality nya.

Very passionate and hungry na ang kisses namin. We did variations of french kiss. Sarap ng feeling while she sucked my tongue. I sucked her tongue too, and her lower lip then her upper lip.

When our lips, nay, mouths parted, we were both breathless. We just looked at each other with sweet smiles, not uttering a single word.

Then she took off her tshirt. Then unhooked her bra. Wow, I saw a pair of proud breasts with lickable and suckable pinkish nipples. I gazed on them for quite sometime then gently touched and caressed them. Jud began to breath heavily then she started moaning when I gently pinched her erect nipples.

I was in the groove, enjoying what I was doing, mashing gently her enjoyable twin peaks. Then I began kissing and licking her boobs, then sucking her firm nips. I sensed that Jud was into it too, as I felt that she had totally given me permission to do to her whatever I like that time.

Inihiga ko sya at pumatong ako sa kanya. I began kissing her again, her face, her lips, down to her neck, then shoulders and breasts. She was making jerking motions every time I would gently bite her nips.

Then my kisses went down to her tummy. Sinamahan ko na ng konting pakagat kagat at pasupsop supsop ang halik ko.

I pulled her shorts and panty down to one leg. I looked at her tightly closed pussy. I looked up and mouthed “virgin ka pa”? She nodded. She was 19 at that time, I was almost 22. O my, I mused, should I take her virginity? Bahala na, then proceeded to lick her pussy. Di pa ako masyadong sanay at that time, but she seemed to enjoy what I was doing.

Bri, Bri, ahhh I love what you’re doing. I was licking her pussy from her hole upward to her clitoris. Evenly paced licking. Even pressure. Bri I think I’m gonna come ohhhhh ahhhh ummmmmm hahhhhhhh. She trembled as I tasted her juice gushed out. I looked at Jud’s face, angelic as she continued to savor her prolonged orgasm.

Whew, Bri, that was something. Actually, you gave me an unforgettable experience, sabi ni Jud sa akin. Uy, baka hanap hanapin ko to ha, pahabol ni Jud. I answered her with a song…”I’m a man that you can count on, call up my name and I’ll be there, I’ll be there…” Magsabi ka lang Jud, di ka mag dadalawang salita, promise ko sa kanya.

Bri, I’d like to kiss your dick pero di ako marunong, kumpisal ni Jud. Just pump my dick until I come Jud, I replied and suck my nipples too while doing it, I added. She immediately complied. She unzipped my jeans, took out my dick and began gently stroking it, while licking ang sucking my nips. Jud, stroke it hard and suck my nips harder, I ordered. She complied. Her hand was so soft while her mouth on my nips was so warm that in no time I was releasing a fountain onto her cheek, neck and breast. I expelled a deep moan while exploding. Ahhhh uhhhhh hahhhhhhhh

We hugged each other. Rested for a while. Then my dick began to harden again. I positioned myself between her legs. I began rubbing my penis on her pussy, adding a little pressure when it hits her clitoris. She was moaning again. I adjusted the pressure of my rubbing. Her vagina began to ‘salivate’ again. Then her body stiffened while whispering, gahhhh Im coming again, ahhhhh ahhhhh hmmmmmmmmm. But I continued rubbing, until I felt that sensation of a coming eruption. Tremors first then I exploded on her tummy. This was the second time yet I expelled more juice than the first one.

I was not finished yet. My dick was still hard and it was raring for another fight. I slowly inserted my dick into Jud’s virgin pussy. Bri, she whispered, obviously apprehensive, yet she did not stop me. So I slowly, centimeter by centimeter buried my manhood into her vortex of pleasure and desire. While doing it, I instructed her, breath in, (then thrust), breath out (then thrust) until my full manhood disappeared in her tight hole. She did not shed a tear, medyo suave ang pasok. I slowly pump my hips, in and out, in and out, very gently. Kahit gigil na gigil ako, todo pigil ko sa panggigigil baka kasi masaktan sya.

Bri, don’t ejaculate inside ha, Judith whispered. I won’t I assured her. It was like a rythmic slow dance. It was her first. So I allowed her to savor the experience.

I wanted to moan loudly, and so did Jud but we were in her bedroom. So pigil na pigil ang ungol namin baka marinig ng parents nya, lagot.

Bri, ang sarap sarap, di ko malilimutan ito, first time pero ang sarap sarap, paulit ulit nyang bulong sa akin. Bri, Bri malapit na ulit ako. Uh uhh uhhhh ummmmmmm, ramdam ng dick ko ng labasan syang muli. I changed gear and pumped faster so I could reach my own orgasm. Jud malapit na ako, umm umm umm yan na sabay hugot at sabog sa tyan nya ng natitira ko pang juice. Dami pa rin. Wow, nakatatlo kami pareho.

Medyo may bahid na pula ang dick ko, sign na I tore Jud’s hymen. We were both very satisfied.

So Bri, what does this mean, tayo na ba? Malambing na tanong ni Jud. I was not ready for that but I was not about to hurt her feelings after she had just given me her virginity. So I answered, of course. She embraced mo so sweetly. Mahal ko naman sya as a friend, so it would not be difficult to love her as my girlfriend. Pero si Viola, bigla ko syang naalala. Just forget about her, avoid her, I silently said to myself. But I know, it would not be easy.

Even in the arms of a beautiful girl who loves me, I was still thinking of the girl I just met. Who I cannot touch, kiss, make love with. Kahit di pa man, I knew Viola will become Phil’s girl.

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