Konting Pigil Sa Panggigigil Part 4 by: brifer

Phil was being a good boy. Pinapangatawan yung sinabi nya na di mangchichicks because he was serious with Viola. Pero di nakatiis ang loko. Bro, pamassage tayo with happy ending, yaya nya sa akin. Hahaha, nangati ka na kantyaw ko sa kanya.

We went to a spa and chose two sexy masseuse, sa couples room kami.

Ok naman ang massage, masarap ang hagod. I noticed Phil na hinihimas ang likod ng masahista nya, then would pinch and mash her butt. My face was turned towards them and I was enjoying how Phil was seducing his pretty and sexy masseuse. Then he inserted his hand inside her short skirt, obviously mashing her butt. Then she made a jerking motion, halatang nagulat. I was sure dinakma na ni Phil ang pussy ng masseuse nya. His hand was rapidly moving, now he was fingering her. She had stopped massaging him, she just bowed her head with both hands on Phil’s tummy and chest. She then made an impish moan, but very noticeable that her body shook. She was having an intense orgasm.

I felt my own masseuse stopped massaging me. I turned my head and looked up, she was watching like I did. I smiled, reached out and pinched her cheek. She smiled back and suddenly grabbed my manhood.

She began rubbing my genitals. It felt so good. She removed my towel and began stroking my dick with one hand and gently mashing my balls with her other hand. I was pleasantly surprised that from my balls she began to rub my asshole. Ohhh it felt so good. I was no longer watching Phil but savoring my own pleasurable experience.

I turned my head towards Phil and now he was the one watching me with an evil grin. He then proceeded to pull his masseuse towards him and embraced her, then kissed her. Phil was really a good looking macho guy so his masseuse did not even offer a weak protest. They were now making out, with her on top of him.

I closed my eyes savoring my own pleasure, just for a moment. I opened my eyes and was alarmed that Phil and his masseuse were now naked and fucking each other. Phil, I whispered, he looked at me. Are you using a cd? No need, she says she’s clean. I was dismayed. You can never be sure especially if your partner is a professional personal sex provider.

My own masseuse softly asked me, sir, do you want to do it too? I promptly replied, no, just suck my dick. And she did with much gusto. Both Phil and I were moaning. Sarap kasi.

My masseuse, inserted her finger in my asshole while sucking my dick. I didn’t know yet at that time that what she was giving me was an extreme type of linggam massage. I liked it a lot. I grabbed her head and pushed it down. In no time I was exploding my juice inside her mouth. She couldn’t escape my strong grasp of her head so I guess she swallowed every drop.

She continued massaging me after my eruption. I fell asleep. Phil woke me up and told me our time (2 hours) was up. We proceeded to the sauna room. He boasted that he was able to have 3 pops, 2 inside the pussy and 1 in her mouth. He told me that he gave 1k tip to my masseuse and gave his masseuse 3k. Ik for each pop. At that time, that was a very generous tip, even today’s standard.

Phil was satisfied, and so was I. Phil, thanks sa pag libre. Wala yon Bro. Let me watch again pag nag session ulit kayo ni Jud, hiling nya. Of course bro, maagap kong sagot. Bro, sama ka sa akin sa 18th birthday party ng sister ni Jud, yaya ko sa kanya. When bro? Next week, next Saturday night bro, sagot ko. So sorry bro, I’ll be joining my folks in their Hongkong trip that day. Ganon ba, ok lang. So solo flight ako, sagot ko.

We talked about Viola. Serious talaga sya. He said, extra extra na lang muna sya (casual sex), but di puedeng mag gf while waiting for Viola to turn 18.

Formal attire ang debut ni Jan (Janine), younger sister ni Jud. So naka tux ako. My gf, Jud, was stunning in her black, backless gown, lutang na lutang ang kaputian nya. I gave her a hug and smack on the lips. Nakatingin mom nya at nakangiti. I approached her at nagmano, then kiss sa cheek nya.

When Jan appeared, solo, no escort (ayaw daw sabi ni Jud), I was stunned. Noon ko lang natitigan si Jan. Ang ganda, honestly, mas maganda kesa kay Jud. She’ s about 5’5″, slender but with good size boobs and nice butt. Pronounced ang curves nya sa suot nyang dark lavander gown.

After the sumptuous dinner followed a simple program. Riot ang hosts ng program. Tawa kami ng tawa. Panay akap sa arm ko si Jud. Naiilang nga ako dahil tingin ng tingin ang Dad nya.

Time for 18 candles, tribute from Jan’s girl friends. May nakakakatawa, may nakaka iyak. Then 18 roses, dance with her boy friends and 2 uncles and last dance with her Dad. Then dance time for everyone, riot at enjoy talaga.

Jud pulled me to the dance floor. Kahit hyper yung music at yung dj, trip ni Jud slow dance kami with us in a tight embrace. Kami lang naiba, hahaha. Wala na kaming pakialam. She whispered to my ear, I love you Bri. I whispered back, I love you my princess. With that she kissed me on my lips. I was startled, because I knew her parents were looking at us. Don’t worry, they like you baby, she assured me.

We danced for about 20 minutes, whatever the music, we slowdanced in tight embrace. Then somebody tapped Jud on the shoulder. Si Jan. Ako naman ate, I’d like to dance with kuya Bri. Medyo nagtaas ng kilay si Jud sabay sabi, remember sa akin yan, sabay baling sa akin at sinabi sa akin, ingat ka dyan, may crush sa yo yan, then tumawa sya. Si ate naman, pagmamaktol ni Jan, halatang naembarassed sa pambubuko ni Jud.

Slow dance, medyo di lapat ang bodies namin ni Jan. Sorry kuya ha, sabi ni Jan. Don’t worry about that, I assured her. Wala ng usapan after that until the music ended. I led her to her table with her parents. Medyo naka simangot si Jan so her mom asked, anong nangyare? Si ate kasi, sagot ni Jan. Jud immediately sat beside her sister and said, sorry na, binibiro lang kita. Sige, for the next 20-30 minutes, I’ll let Bri dance with you. Jan sheepishly glanced at me. I immediately took her hand and led her to the dance floor.

Slow dancing, in tight embrace, with just me and Jan on the dance floor. Na self consciuos ako so before the next song was played, I motioned to the others to join us. They obliged. A cousin took Jud to the dance floor.

I noticed Jan’s breathing was becoming labored. So I asked her, napagod ka na, gusto mo ng umupo? No, her immediate response. Happy lang ako, because you’re dancing with me. I whispered in her ear, it’s my honor to dance with a beautiful woman like you and this is your night. I felt kinilig sya sa sinabi ko.

Lapat na lapat ang bodies namin. Sarap ng feeling ko. Jan turned me on. Maybe she felt my bulge, she tightened her embrace. I felt her heart beat. I was now rubbing gently the skin of her exposed back. She feigntly moaned. She then whispered, kuya, I have a favor to ask. What is it, I asked back. She hesitated. Kiss me, she implored. So I kissed her on her forehead, a long kiss. I knew Jud saw it. After the kiss, she said, not there kuya. On my lips, I haven’t been kissed on my lips. Nagulat ako but I regained my composure, and said, not now Jan. She asked, but you would? I didn’t want to ruin her night so I said, yes, I would. With that she embraced me so tightly until the music ended.

Jud ribbed Jan when we rejoined them. Sinulit mo talaga sis ha. Ok lang, this is your night sabay tawa ng magkapatid. I just smiled.

Mommy, ok lang sa atin matulog si Bri, tanong ni Jud sa mother nya. Wala tayong available spare room, sa atin din daw matutulog ang aunt mo (sister ng Dad ni Jud). Sa couch sa sala na lang po ako, I volunteered. Ok ka ba don hijo, tanong ng Dad ni Jud. No problem po, sagot ko agad.

We proceeded to Jud’s home after the party. It was 1 AM. Everybody was visibly tired, especially Jud’s parents. Derecho agad sa room at plastado pareho. Jud’s aunt stayed with us in the living room for about 15 minutes then retired to her room. Jud and Janine excused themselves and changed to comfortable clothing. I always had shorts, sando, towel, toiletries, and another change of clothing in a bag in my car. So I took a quick shower and wore my shorts (knee length) and sando.

Jud and Jan emerged from their rooms almost simultaneously. Both were wearing sleeping shorts and loose tshirt. Both looked so sexy. Sulyap lang siempre kay Jan at titig naman kay Jud, siempre lagot ako kung baligtad.

Jud sat on my lap and buried her face on my chest. Uy, wag nyo naman akong inggitin, pleaded Jan. Medyo napatawa ako. Lapit ka dito, tabi ka sa bf ko, utos ni Jud sa sister nya. Sunod naman agad si Jan at dumikit sa akin. Di pa tapos ang night mo, sabi ni Jud kay Jan. Baby, bulong ni Jud sa ear ko, crush ka talaga ng bruhang yan. Kiss mo sya, pero mild lang. Caress her thighs and back too, but not her boobs. Huh!!! Gulat na gulat ako. Do it for me baby, muling bulong ni Jud sa akin.

Obedient nga akong bf so I did what I was told. I turned to Jan, then placed my right arm around her body and kissed her gently on her lips. Our lips touched, no movement. Jan was breathing heavily. Maybe it was a 30 second gentle kiss. Jan’s eyes were tightly closed when our lips parted.

I looked at Jud and she just nodded as if she was telling me to continue. I turned to Jan again, hinimas ko ang mga hita nya. Her chest heaved. I inserted my hand under her tshirt and caressed her back. She was not wearing a bra. I lowered my caress to her butt, put my hand inside her cotton shorts and mashed her butt. While doing it, I kissed her lips again. Ahhhh ummmm Jan moaned. I opened my mouth and enveloped her mouth. She followed suit and opened her mouth. I inserted my tongue inside her mouth and toured every nook ang cranny of her mouth.

Ang bango ng mouth nya. Panay pa din ang piga ko sa pwet nya. Napalalim yata ang himas ko sa pwet nya. Pussy na pala nya yong nakapa ko, basang basa na ang love hole nya. Napasinghap sya kaya napansin ni Jud. Hey you two, awat na, tama na. Oh bruha, satisfied ka na? Yyyes ate, pautal na sagot ni Jan. Thanks ate, thanks kuya, sabay halik sa mouth ko, halik na may pagkahayok, sisid talaga. Sinipsip nya dila ko, medyo masakit ang sipsip nya. Oy oy oy, tama na yan. Kumalas si Jan, sabay sabi, sa uulitin kuya then pakendeng kendeng na pumasok sa room nya.

Bruha talaga yang si Jan, nakangising sabi ni Jud. Baby, turned on ka ba, sabay hawak sa crotch ko. Tinigasan talaga ako kay Jan kaya obvious na turned on ako. Biglang tumayo si Jud at hinila ako sa room nya.

When we entered her room she said, now it’s my turn. She removed her tshirt and shorts and removed my sando and shorts as well. She then started grinding her body onto mine. Parang sinasayawan nya ako pero dikit na dikit ang body namin. Baby, she whispered, give me mutiple orgasms please. She did not have to say another word. I carried her to her bed and gently put her down.

I ravenously stared at her body and began caressing her using the tip of my fingers, from face down to her neck, breasts, tummy, thighs, legs, and up again gently tickling her pussy. She was moaning deliriously, ohhhhh ummmm baby ohhh yeah it feeeeels sooo gooood babyyyy…

Then I began kissing her whole body, same strokes, up and down, every part of her was touched by my lips and tongue. Her pussy was already dripping wet. So I buried my face on her salivating pussy. She quivered vigorously as my mouth and tongue plowed her hospitable hole. Ahhhh babyyy, ohhhh that feeeels sooo gooood. She moaned. Ahhh gawd, I’m comingggg. Ayan nahhhhh syahhhhhhh. Ahhhhhh ummmmmm sabay kisay nya. Di ko agad inihinto ang pagsungkal sa pussy nya kaya patuloy ang panginginig nya. Tama na baby, tama nahhhh, mamamatay na akohhhh ohhhh. So nilubayan ko na. Hingal na hingal sya.

After a minute or two, itinaas ko parehong hita at legs nya at kinain ko ulit ang puke nya. Dahil pati pwet nya nakataas, I began licking her asshole then up to her pussy and end sucking her clit. Paulit ulit. Ohh babyyy what are you doing to meeee. Grabehhh kahhh babyyy ahhhhh, then she convulsed again, her second orgasm. This time I focused munching on her clit while she was convulsing. So her tremors continued, her body continued to shake, and her moans became inaudible.

No more babyyy, please stopppp pleeeaseeee babyyy, pagmamaka awa nya. I read somewhere na pag nasobrahan ang sarap parang torture ang nangyayare so tinigilan ko ang pangigigil sa pussy nya. Lantang gulay sya. Di gumalaw ng matagal.

She regained her composure after a long while. Grabe ka baby, mamamatay ako kung hindi ka nag stop. Baby, I have no more strength left, she said. Don’t worry baby, I replied, I’m just happy that you’re satisfied. Bawi na lang ako baby, next time ha, sagot ni Jud. Yes, baby, sleep ka na.

I got out of her room and sat on the couch. Bitin ako, isip ko. Masakit ang puson, daming naipong sperm sa balls ko, na dapat i-expel. Then I saw Jan stepped out of her room and walked towards me. My heart was beating fast. Without uttering any word, she kissed me, open mouth, deep kiss, like an expert. You wouldn’t know that this girl was just kissed for the very first time earlier (by me). No, no Jan, your parents, Jud might see us, your aunt, I protested. She did not answer, but proceeded to kiss me again, hayok na halik. I got carried away so I hugged her tightly and kissed her back. Ravenous, ravishing kinds of kisses. Kung sa pagkain, nilantakan ko talaga sya. Halos kainin ko ang mouth and face nya. Puno ng laway ko ang face nya.

Then I began to mash her boobs while pinapapak ko sa halik ang face nya. She began to moan loudly so I covered her mouth with my mouth. Umph ummmm, ahhh she was gasping for air. When I released her mouth, she whispered, kuya, take my virginity. I want you to be my first. I can’t Jan, I replied. Not now, not here. She paused then asked, some other time, somewhere else? I hesitated but said, yes. Sa ibang lugar, sagot ko. She smiled and kissed me again.

She noticed my very hard dick. Kuya, di ko pa nagagawa, pero nakapanood na ako ng porn. Sabay yuko at hila pababa ng shorts ko at subo ng titi ko. Di na ako naka hindi. Ang sarap kasi. Di pa sya marunong chumupa pero masarap. In no time malapit na akong pumutok. Tinapik ko ang shoulder nya, nag nod lang sya at patuloy sa pag supsop ng titi ko. Ahhh Jannnn, lapit na akohhhh, ang sarappp nyan. Then biglang umunat ang legs ko at nanigas sabay sambulat sa mouth nya ang lahat na naipon kong katas. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, ang mahina kong halinghing.

Di ko alam kung nilunok nya, kasi ang tagal kong nakapikit. Pag mulat ko eh naka ngiti sya. Ang ganda ng face nya, satisfied and pleasured. Kuya ha, yong promise mo ha, sabi nya sabay tayo at lumakad pabalik ng room nya.

Naiwan akong tulala. Ano ba ito? Naisip ko. Lagot ako kay Jud, pero kasalanan ko ba ang nangyari? Magulo ang isip ko at di agad ako nakatulog. I slept for only an hour until I heard whispers, Jud’s parents were awake and preparing breakfast.

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