Konting Pigil Sa Panggigigil Part 5 by brifer

I decided to stand up when I heard the whispers of Jud’s parents in the kitchen. Good morning po Tito, Tita, greet ko sa kanila. Oh Bri, sorry nagising ka namin, pag aplogize ng mom ni Jud. Ok lang po, gusto ko ring maka kwentuhan kayo, paliwanag ko. Hijo, coffee ka, yaya ng dad ni Jud. Thanks po tito sabay kuha ng ini-offer nyang coffee mug. Bango po tito ng coffee, papuri ko. Kona coffee yan from Hawaii, galing sa pinsan ko, may pagmamalaking sagot nya. Masarap at mabango talaga yong coffee.

I was thankful I had the opportunity to talk with them. They’re both down to earth, at mababait talaga. We talked for more than an hour before Jud and Jan joined us for breakfast.

Kuya, you didn’t give me a gift last night, Jan said with a hint of tampo (fake tampo hehehe). Jan, mahiya ka naman kay Brian! Saway ng mom nila. Sige, mommy, pagalitan mo yang bruhang yan, gatong naman ni Jud, with kasamang ngiting aliw na aliw. Oh ok po, no problem, mukhang nasasanay na po ako kay Jan, pagtatanggol ko naman. Buti pa si kuya, very understanding, sabi ni Jan sabay tayo, punta sa likod ng upuan ko at yakap sa neck ko with accompanying kiss on my cheeks. Nagulat ako pero di ko pinahalata. Yan mommy oh, pagalitan nyo, inaagaw pa ang bf ko, pamaktol na sabi ni Jud.

Jan, I started to speak with a smile, it is no longer your birthday so balik na ako sa gf ko, sabay hawak sa kamay ni Jud. Yehey, yan ha, you heard my bf loud and clear. Lahat tawanan, including Jud’s dad. We had a good breakfast.

Sweetie, favor lang, asked Jud. I have to meet with another study group today. I promised Jan na I will accompany her sa mall. Could you sub for me, please, pa emote na request ni Jud. I didn’t have plans that day so I readily agreed. I looked at Jan and she was so happy and excited.

I changed clothes as well as Jud and Jan. Jud was wearing jeans and tight fitting tshirt. Jan on the other hand was wearing short shorts accenting her long shapely legs na puting puti matched by a tight fitting tshirt as well. My very first words were, you’re not going out with me in that, Jan! Everyone was surprised but their Dad agreed immediately. Jan, wear pants, he ordered. She complied but only after saying, parang pari naman si kuya. I just smiled at her.

We dropped Jud sa bahay ng friend nya and Jan and I proceeded to the mall. What will you buy, Jan, I was making conversation. Just a pair of dresses kuya, she replied. Help me to choose ha, she continued. Sure, I assured her.

Jan was very sweet and affectionate. She was clinging to my arms as if we’re bf-gf. So which store, I asked. Kuya, let’s have snacks first, dyan na lang sa Coffee Bean. She chose a corner table, while I ordered our drinks and cakes.

It was very obvious she was enjoying our time together. She kept on staring at me with a smile. Then she said, kuya, singilin kita ngayon sa promise mo. Anong promise, tanong ko. Eh di yung pag take mo ng virginity ko, sagot nya. Jan, are you serious? Yes kuya, I’m serious. I was at loss for words. We were both silent for a while.

She then took my hand and led me out and we proceeded to the clothing store. She chose two dresses and I paid for both, sabi ko gift ko sa kanya. She hugged me so tightly and kissed me on the corner of my lips. I was again surprised. This girl is seducing me, I thought, and she was succeeding.

While walking hand in hand, she pressed her body on mine and asked, kuya bring me to a motel, straight without any hesitation in her voice. I was not thinking right. But I realized that I was already driving towards a good motel in Pasig.

We entered the room. She took the first move. She embraced me, looked up and kiss my lips, tenderly at first until the kissing became torrid. It’s amazing that we could learn the rudiments of a good erotic kiss in under one minute. That was all it took for Jan to learn how to kiss like a pro. I think she had been planning about this.

Halos matanggal ang tongue mo sa pagsupsop nya dito. But it felt really good. He lips were full and soft. I could feel her lips and mouth as she sucked on my tongue. She was ravenous. As if it will be our first and last opportunity to have this thryst (maybe so).

She initiated taking off our clothes. She took off all her clothes first while I watch. Completely naked, she began to take off mine too. She is very beautiful and every guy would lust after her body.

Jan, let’s take a shower first, I whispered to her ear. No kuya, I want to taste you in your natural manly scent. She then proceeded to lead me to the bed, pulled me beside her as she sat and began kissing, licking me. She then began to suck my earlobes, my nose, my cheeks, my neck. Parang kinakain nya ang face ko. She was getting to me, my manhood was now fully erect. It was already throbbing as she gave me her lustful version of sucking face.

She grabbed my dick as she lowered her kissing, licking, and sucking down to my chest. She sucked hard on my nipples, which I liked a lot, while caressing my hard as wood dick. Then she lowered her licking and sucking on my tummy, then around my penis. I knew medyo maasim asim na at maalat alat sa pawis ang singit, bayag at uten ko pero walang preno, dila, sipsip ang ginawa nya.

Then she began licking my dick, not soft licking but that kind which one would really feel to the bones. Jan, that feels so good. Where do you learn how to do that, I asked softly. She looked up and said, I researched this kuya, I watched a lot of videos, then returned to what she was doing. The sensation I was feeling was truly exceptional and to think that a neophyte is doing this to me, it doubled the sensation.

Jan, I don’t want you to suck my dick, I told her. Why kuya? The moment you put that inside your mouth, I’m sure I will definitely explode. After I said that, without warning, she did just that, isunubo nya ang dick ko and sucked hard. Ahhh Jan, Jan, Jannnnn, then I erupted, expelling straight to her tonsils my thick sticky juice. As I watched, she swallowed all of it. Then with a sweet smile and seductive eyes, asked me, pasado ba kuya? 100% ka Jan sa performance and effect. She was grinning from ear to ear.

Shower tayo kuya, yaya ni Jan. She then held my hand and led me to the shower room. Ano ba yan, sunod sunuran ako sa babaeng ito na more than 4 years ang bata sa akin. But Jan was irresistible.

While enjoying the warn shower I asked her, Jan di ka nandiri don sa ginawa mo kanina? Bakit naman ako mandidiri eh super yummy mo kaya. Kasi nga di pa tayo nag shower kanina, sabi ko naman. I enjoyed giving you pleasure kuya, sagot nya.

After showering, she again held my hand and led me to bed. This time I decided it was my turn to pleasure her. Inihiga ko sya and started gently mashing her body. I began with her legs, massage/mashing combination, then up to her thighs. Then her tummy until I reached her twin peaks. Gentle mashing at first, then the pressure and intensity gradually increased until I was literally gripping her boobs which looked like they were going to burst. Sobrang piga ang ginawa ko, gigil na gigil. Hihihi kuya, konting pigil sa panggigigil baka matanggal ang suso ko, pabirong sabi ni Jan. Medyo natauhan ako and said sorry.

Para makabawi, I immediately went to her pussy and began licking it. I opened it a bit to show her clit and sucked on it gently. She gasped and moaned. I continued focusing on her clit until she pressed my head hard on her cunt and exhaled long and loud ummmmmhhmmm ahhhhh kuyahhhhh ahhhhhh. Her body was quivering, her tummy rippling due to the intensity of her orgasm. I changed gear and started gently licking her whole pussy until her convulsions subsided completely. With her eyes closed, she was breathing steadily for about a minute when I attacked again and savagely ate her pussy and sucked on her clit. Ayyyy kuyahhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhh in less than 30 seconds her more explosive orgasm occurred. Kuuuuyyyaaaahhhh ahhhhhhh ummmmmmmm.

I wanted to lengthen her orgasm so I continued sucking on her clit even though she was already pushing my head away from her pussy. She went limp, so I stopped and looked up. It was as if she passed out. So I sat up and stared at her. She opened her eyes and smiled at me so sweetly. Thanks kuya. Fuck me now, please..

Humiga ako at tumabi sa kanya, medyo pumatong sa kanya. Jan, I can’t take your virginity. You’re my gf’s younger sister. Though every nerve in my body is screaming to me to fuck you, I don’t think it is right. Our oral sex might already be considered as crossing the line, I explained to her. But kuya I want it, she pleaded. But I was thankful my other head, the one on top of my shoulder was still functioning well. I told her, this is as far as I could go Jan. Please understand.

It was obvious that Jan was disappointed. But she nodded and said, thanks kuya. Ate is right, you’re a gentleman who won’t take advantage. That’s why inspite ng kapilyahan ko, pinasama ka pa nya rin sa akin kasi confident sya sa yo. I was so proud of myself for controlling my urge to go all the way with Jan.

Jan and I stayed for another hour in the motel room. No fucking occured except another round of fellatio and cunninlingus and we both had tremendous orgasms.

We returned to Jan’s house and after spending some pleasantries with her parents said my goodbye. Inihatid ako ni Jan sa gate but before I could go out she hugged and kissed me on my cheek. Thanks kuya. Puede ba nating ulitin, oral sex lang, puede kuya? I looked at her, then kiss her on the forehead and said, I’ll think about it, smiled and left. I was thinking, there should be no next time. I was sure that if that happens again, di ko na mapipigil ang aking pangigigi. I was sure I would fuck her senseless.

To keep my mind off Jan, I began thinking of Jud. I called her. Hi, still busy? Yes, maybe another 4 hours, she replied. Are you free tomorrow? I asked. Jud sensed something brewing so she said, uy may plano ang bf ko. Yeah, I want to make love with you the whole day, I answered. A pause, then, yes baby, I’d like to do that too.

That would be great, I thought.

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