Konting Pigil Sa Panggigigil (supposed To Be Part 10 BUT…) by: brifer

First of all, let me apologize for taking a long time to write the next part.

The reason is very personal. I realized that even recalling the past is painful, specially when the past has a lot of hurts.

I also would like to apologize for I would be unable to finish the series for the same reason I have stated. You see, Lyn went to the US for a vacation. She did not return anymore as I anticipated. At least she emailed me about her decision. She is married to a caucasian (white guy). They have 3 kids.

Jud has 2 sons. She married the one who fucked her while intoxicated, the cause of our break-up. They have separated after 6 years together. I thought the guy was the reason. I learned na mabait at mapagmahal yung guy kay Jud. Si Jud ang reason sa separation nila. Jan intimated to me that
Jud had not gotten over the fact that that guy was the reason why I broke up with her. So she found a way to hurt him, by having casual sex with another man. He found out, and that was the beginning of the end for them. It took a year of away at sakitan before they separated.

Jan, ah Jan. I thought we would end up as husband and wife but it was not meant to be. When Lyn broke up with me through email, naging kami ni Jan, though patago. Ayaw naming malaman ng family nya because of what happened between Jud and me. We had many opportunities for sexual escapades which we thoroughly enjoyed. We explored a wide gamut of sexual pleasure together. She was young, insatiable, adventurous, self-giving. Ahhh, even at this time, I could still smell her scent.

Until her family learned of our relationship. Jud was furious, as well as her father (he was mad at me because he thought I broke up with Jud for no reason – Jud did not tell him the real reason). So to keep the peace, Jan and I decided to call it quits. Di namin kaya ang “you and me against the world” kind of attitude.

Jan had a bf and got married (still happily married with a son and a daughter) only after she found out that I got married, 4 years after our break up. She was 23 when she got married. I’m just thankful she married a very responsible guy who truly loves her. She invited me (and my wife) to their wedding but I declined for her sake.

I’m happy that everything worked out for Jan, and also for me.

Life has a lot of surprises, both pleasant and unpleasant ones. We have to receive both.


I received messages from faithful readers asking me when I would write again. I feel I owe my faithful readers some kind of landing to this series, hence the above explanation.

I will be writing again. In fact I already have a plot for a story. But I will not be writing true-to-life stories anymore. Di maiiwasang masaktan minsan. I will try writing fictional stories this time. At hindi series, but stand alone stories, wakasan stories. Im sure I will find witing fiction more difficult as I have to use my limited imagination. At gusto ko sana mag sulat in Tagalog.

Hanggang dito na lang muna. Maraming salamat sa pag subaybay.

Hopefully by next week ma post ko dito ang first fictional story ko.

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