Konting Pigil Sa Pangigigil by: brifer

Sure ka na you’re no longer a virgin? You’re still so tight. Umm umm umm. Yeah, you’re the second guy who has penetrated me ohhhhh that feels so good. You’re so huge uhmmm ohhhhh damn, you’re ripping my pussy ahhhhhh but it feels so gooood ahhhhummm.

I’m here now at a resort in Mactan, Cebu, reminiscing about the sexcapades my best bud Phil and I had during our college days.

We had an agreement, bawal taluhin ang gf (then wife) ng isat isa, kahit ex bawal din. That was our expression of the respect and deep friendship we had.

No touching, but watching puede, hehehe.

So yung intro, that was the time I was watching Phil fuck his new gf at that time, so hot, so pretty, so wild.

Phil was (he’s deceased) mestizo, very good looking. Stood 6 feet, with nicely toned bod. He had a black belt in Taekwondo (I was in another martial arts discipline). And he had a 9-inch dick!!! With wider than regular girth. That was why his hot gf was saying that he was ‘ripping’ her.

Damn you Phil, you’re destroying my pussy, screamed Phil’s gf. Medyo napa upo ako ng tuwid sa sofa. Yeahhh but don’t stop, don’t stoppppp. Slam hard yang titi mo sa puke kohhhh. Ohhhhh ang sarapppp.

Sarap batukan itong babaeng ito, isip ko. Akala ko nasasaktan, na concerned naman ako, yun pala sarap na sarap hahaha.

Phil was now holding her legs up wide apart so bukang buka ang pussy nya kaya todo salpak ng dick ni Phil.

I was watching a real hard fucking. Medyo tinigasan ako. But I tried to control my urges. I wanted to jerk off and explode too. But I restrained myself and contented myself to just watch.

I’m commiiiiiinnnng, screamed Phil’s gf. Me tooooo, Phil’s orgasmic reply. I saw how their bodies screamed in ecstasy and delight when they both climaxed almost at the same time.

Phil slumped on top of his gf, trying to catch his breath while his gf’s eyes were tightly closed but with her mouth open gasping for air. Yeahhh it was an intense hard (though not rough) fuck.

When they regained their composure, Phil stood and started to go to the bathroom. He stopped in front of me, fully naked and asked, ok ba bro? Tinigasan ka ba? Medyo, nakangisi kong sagot. Then derecho na sya sa bathroom.

His gf sat on the edge of the bed and did not even bother to cover herself. Bakit nga ba eh nakita ko na naman lahat hahaha. She looked at me and asked, Bri, want to taste me?
Ask your bf if he will consent to that idea. She pouted knowing our agreement.

When Phil emerged from the bathroom his gf went it for her turn. Bro, sorry for putting you in that situation. I just wanted to see if you can control the natural urge. Man, I’m impressed! Phil exclaimed. You set the bar high my friend, he continued. Kung ako yon kasi baka di ko na control ang libido ko and I might have joined the fun. Now, I won’t be able to do that, nakakahiya naman sa yo.

I did not mention to him anymore that his gf made a pass at me, nay, propositioned me!

His gf emerged from the bathroom still stark naked. Grabe, ang ganda nya at super sexy. Bagay sila ni Phil, isip ko. She sat in between us sa sofa but leaned towards her bf, while looking at me with a smirk. Parang sinasabi nya, this is what you just snubbed, lowering her gaze to her boobs and pussy.

I smirked back at her, as if I was saying, yeah, you’re one hot bombshell, but it will take more than that, much more, to betray a friend.

Phil saw my smirk and raised an eyebrow (ala the Rock). In response, ngumuso ako sa hubot hubad nyang gf. He smiled broadly and understood.

Then his gf started kissing Phil’s neck. Phil began to caress her boobs. She lowered her kisses to his chest then sucked his nipple hard. Phil perked up and moaned a bit. He then began to rub her pussy. I motioned to Phil if I could have a close up look at what he was doing with her vagina. He nodded in approval.

I went near, about just a foot from her pussy. I saw close up her juicy cunt. Trimmed pubic hair (di pa uso ang brazilian waxing noon), pinkish inner parts. Then unti unti kong nakita ang whitish liquid habang nirurub at finifinger ni Phil ang pussy nya. I could hear her moaning. Ohhhh Phil, honey, don’t stop. Uhmmmm. It feels so damn gooood, fuckk, Im comming again ahhhhhhhhhhh, damn youuuuuu ughhhhhummmm

I saw she squirted a little. (Damn, uy napadamn na rin ako, hahaha. Damn it, isip ko, sana dala ko handicam ko. —wala pa non smart phone, nokia analog phones lang ang uso).

Sarap manood ng ganon kalapit at actual, talo ang videos.

Then sa sofa mismo, sinimulan ulit ni Phil ang pagkantot sa gf nya na nanginginig pa sa last orgasm nya. Medyo matindi agad ang bayo ni Phil habang nakanganga sa sarap ang gf nya. Medyo humiga ako sa ilalim para tingnan close up ang kantutan nila. Hmm hindi ako turned on. Mas maganda nakikita yung whole bodies nila including their facial expressions. So I transferred to the single sofa and watch their intense sex from 6 feet.

Sobrang lamas at piga ang ginagawa ni Phil sa boobs ng gf nya while continuing to hump her hard. Now, I was turned on but I restrained myself again from jerking off. Binusog ko na lang ang mata ko at nirecord sa mind ko hehehe.

Honey (Phil’s gf), I’m coming again, yan na, yan na…. Fuck you Phillllll, fucccccck youuuuuu uhmmmmm ahhhhhhhh. Don’t stoppppp, uhmmmmmm. Phil intensified his hard thrusting. Ummm ummm ummmm until he too exploded deep in her vagina. His gf looked like she passed out, but he continued humping her for about 30 seconds more after they climaxed. He slowed down then finally stopped, stood, looked at me, and winked. We both looked at his gf, slumped on the sofa, senseless, but more than satisfied with what she just experienced.

She regained her composure after about a couple of minutes. She sheepishly smiled at me and went to the bathroom to clean up. I saw their combined juices running down her legs as she walked towards the bathroom.

Bro, let’s eat. Nagutom ako, invite sa akin ni Phil. Yeah, ako rin nagutom sa panonood sa inyo hahaha, sagot ko naman.

Kahit naka tshirt and jeans ang gf ni Phil, obvious na super sexy at sobrang ganda nya. We went to Shakeys.

Bri, did you like what you saw? Tanong ng gf ni Phil. Yes, super like. Sagot ko naman. Then I asked her, how does it feel na may nanonood habang nag sex sa inyo? She looked at me then at Phil. Then she said, actually parang awkward at first pero a bit later parang it added to the sensuality and intensity. Kaya dali kong nag climax. Madali at madalas, hahaha, sabat naman ni Phil. We all had a good laugh.

When Phil broached the idea na mag watch ka while we have our first sex, Phil’s gf continued, I was really hesitant. Siempre naman di ba. I nodded in agreement. She continued, pero love ko tong pal mo eh so pumayag na rin ako. Kasi din, I observed na gentleman ka at you’re a true friend. Sinabi nga nitong si Phil ang agreement nyo kaya naging medyo comfortable ako. Well, you could watch again next time, then she winked at me and smiled.

We three had a grand time, kahit sila lang nagsex.


For two weeks now, several of my readers messaged me, nangungumusta at nagtatanong kung kailan ulit ako magsusulat.
Thank you very much, my avid readers. It feels so good to be missed.
So this one is unplanned. Kaya sorry kung medyo short at hindi at par with my previous writings. I’ll make it up to you next time. That one involved Viola.

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