Konting Pigil Sa Pangigigil Part 6-9 by brifer

A brand new day, after my playful day with Jan. I didn’t expect that it would be my worst day (up to that time).

Jud had a sleep over at her friend’s place, supposedly for a group study. I was calling her that night but she was not answering. I tried again in the morning. Same thing, no answer. So I called Jan.

Jan, nakauwe na ba ang ate mo, tanong ko. Ahh, yes kuya, sagot nya. Eh bakit di sya sumasagot sa calls ko, kahit last night. Di ko alam kuya, umiiyak ng umuwi kanina eh. Puede bang ibigay mo sa kanya ang phone, I’d really like to talk to her. I heard na kumatok si Jan sa door ni Jud, ate si kuya sa phone, sabi nya. After a long while, I heard Jan saying softly, kausapin mo ate. He needs to know. I need to know? What? Tanong ko sa sarili ko.

Then Jan spoke again, kuya, puede ba daw mamaya na lang. Sobrang antok lang daw nya. That was an alibi, completely untrue. Jud would call or would immediately receive my calls whenever. Something is wrong, I mused. Ok Jan, try ko na lang ulit later.

I decided to call Jud’s friend, the one who hosted the sleep over/group study. She was hesitant to tell me anything, even when I needled her. Until I got really pissed off and threaten her in a way.

She related that it was a real study group but her bf arrived together with another guy who was and still is Jud’s ardent suitor. Nauwi sa inuman, they got all drunk and became playful. Jud’s suitor became touchy with Jud until they started making out. She was thinking that it was just all fun until Jud woke her up at 3 AM crying. Jud said she woke up butt naked with the guy beside her. She couldn’t remember what happened. When they confronted the guy, he admitted that he fucked Jud, twice!!!

I was shocked, and angry. I was almost shouting on the phone. After the call, I was dazed. I couldn’t think clearly. Is this karma, I asked my self. But Jan and I did not fuck. The punishment must fit the crime, I insisted, to myself.

I called Jan again. Hi kuya, tulog pa rin sya, pagdadahilan ni Jan. Wag mo na syang gisingin Jan. Just tell her, I already know what happened last night. At ayaw ko rin muna syang makausap at makita, mariin kong sabi. Kuya, kuya, it is not ate’s fault, pleaded Jan. So alam mo na pala, wala ka man lang sinabi sa akin kanina, sisi ko kay Jan. Jan was now crying, I didn’t know what to do kuya. I understand your situation Jan, don’t worry. This is not about you.

I called Phil afterwards. Bro, I have a mountain of a problem, I blurted to him. Where are you, I’ll go there now, mabilis na sabi ni Phil. Dito lang ako sa house bro. Ok, I’ll be there in 30 minutes.

Phil was at our place in less than 30 minutes. Bro, what happened, Phil asked upon entering the house. I sat and began to cry. Bro, Jud fucked another guy, I tearfully related. Huh!!! Who’s the guy, Phil asked. So I told him what Jud’s friend related to me. So Jud was taken advantage of, concluded Phil.

Phil became uneasy, upset, then angry. Bro, alam mo ang pangalan ng guy, tanong ni Phil. When I mentioned the name he blurted, kilala ko yang kupal na yan. Bro, wag ka ng makikialam ha, let me take care of him. Phil knew that I might kill the guy when I see him.

Phil left. After 2 hours, he called me. Bro, I know di matutumbasan yong ginawa nung guy kay Jud, pero I did what I wanted to do. What did you do, tanong ko kay Phil. I beat him up bro. I did not hit him in the face, all punches and kicks were all on the body. And I broke his arm so he would not soon forget. What!! You did what??!! As if I did not clearly hear what Phil just told me. It was a rhetorical question.

I also told him never be in a place where either you or I will be at, continued Phil, for surely he’ll get another unforgettable beating. (As I’ve related before, Phil was 6 feet tall, with toned muscle and a taekwondo blackbelter.) Thanks bro, for your support, that was all I could mutter. Bro, labas tayo tonight. My treat, yaya ni Phil. I wanted to be preoccupied so I readily accepted his invite.

Jan called. Kuya, ate has not stopped crying, she’s been repeating “sorry Bri, so sorry”. Alam ba ng parents nyo, I inquired. NO kuya, and please don’t tell them. Kuya, wag ka ng magalit kay ate, please. Gumanti ka na lang kuya. Use me, I’d be willing. Of course NOT. I won’t ever use you to take revenge Jan, I indignantly stated, and I was very, very serious. Sorry kuya, wala lang akong maisip para matulungan kang wag ng magalit kay ate, paliwanag ni Jan. I know Jan, and I am not mad at Jud, I am just extremely disappointed with her. Kuya, whatever happens between you and ate, close friends pa rin tayo ha, ha kuya? Of course Jan, was all I could say.

That night, true to his word, Phil picked me up. I was surprised to see Viola sitting on the front passenger side. Bro, her Dad gave permission when I told him you’ll be with me and Viola could bring her cousin. I looked at the back seat of the car and a beautiful, smiling face greeted me. Bri, si Deanna, cousin ko, pakilala ni Viola. I looked at Deanna, smiled and nodded at her but my gaze was back on Viola immediately. She’s so beautiful, angelic, and so refreshing to look at. Phil noticed that I was already staring at Viola so he said with a smile, oh bro, sakay na. I sheepishly smiled at him and boarded his car.

Deanna was wearing a tight fitting dress. As she was seated, reclined in the car, her shapely legs were in display. I glanced at them and Deanna caught me. She smiled and pinched my arm, as if to say, enjoying what you’re seeing Bri? She smelled great. I extended my hand and she took it. I held her hand for about 10 seconds before I let it go. She blushed.

When we got to Eastwood, at that time the go to place for yuppies and teeners, I was able to check out Deanna. Tall like Viola, and mestiza too. Her bumpers would make any guy drool. Viola was almost 16 at that time, and Deanna was only 18, still too young. So it was decided that there would be no drinking. I don’t drink anyway.

We settled in a corner booth at an Italian restaurant. Phil’s treat so we were all kidding him that we’ll order the most expensive entrees. Sky’s the limit tonight, assured Phil.

Deanna is a good conversationalist. Any topic, she could engage in. Of course nauwi sa love life ang usapan. So Deanna, may bf ka na? Tanong ni Phil. Wala pa, nakangiting sagot naman nya, sabay tingin sa akin. Hey, couz, bagay kayo ni Bri, sabi ni Viola sabay tawa. Nag blush na naman si Deanna. Sinalo ko sya. Oh Phil, kumusta yong girl na pinapalaki mo? Baka ma charge ka ng abduction of minor ha. Bro naman, two years na lang, puede na, sabay sabay kaming tumingin kay Viola na sya naman ang nagbablush ng husto. Tawanan kami.

Deanna tugged on my shirt and mouthed ‘thank you’. I sweetly smiled at her at may pa beautiful eyes pa yata ako, hehehe.

That night, I was preoccupied. My mind went off Jud. That was a good thing.

Deanna is not a flirt. Like Viola, she carries herself with class and confidence. So when we walked around Eastwood after our long dinner, nothing naughty crossed my mind when Deanna took my arm and embraced it. I felt her left breast as it pressed on my arm.

Uy, sweet naman nila, tukso ni Viola sa amin. Nakaka inggit naman, kami di pa puede, pahabol ni Phil. Good boy ka na talaga bro, I’m impressed, I complimented Phil. Phil was grinning widely. From time to time, he would touch Viola’s elbow para alalayan sa paglalakad. I knew in my heart na di na pakakawalan ni Phil si Viola. I was sure even at that time that Viola would become Phil’s wife.

Viola’s curfew was 10 PM so we were at her place before 10. Her parents greeted us and thanked us for bringing their daughter before the prescribed time. Panay ang yuko ni Phil, obvious na nagpapa impress sa mga future in-laws nya. We did not enter the house anymore as we still needed to bring Deanna home. Bro dito na muna ako sa likod, nakangising sabi ko kay Phil. Ginawa mo pa akong driver ha, pero ok lang, gabi mo to bro, sagot naman ni Phil. Thanks bro sabay tapik sa balikat nya.

So Deanna and I were seated at the back. Deanna sweetly embraced my arm again which made her breast brushed against my arm. I could not resist it, I kissed her forehead, then her lips. Soft, tender kiss. But a long one. I did not know at that time it was her first kiss. I was in the clouds. Kahit kiss lang, I was so elated. And that kiss made me decide right there and then to break up with Jud.

We met Deanna’s mom at the gate of their house. After some pleasantries, we said our goodbyes. Deanna kissed me on my cheek in front of her mom who just smiled.

Sa car, bro bilib naman ako sa yo, sabi ni Phil. Pano si Jud? Bro, di ko kaya. I decided tonight to break up with Jud, sagot ko naman. Sure ka bro? tanong ulit ni Phil. Yes bro, sure na ako. So you’ll talk to her? Tanong nya ulit. No bro, text ko na lang sya. Di ko kaya ang face to face.

to my female readers, I’m sure you won’t agree with breaking up through text/call. I was young and immature then, and hurt and deeply disappointed. In a sense, I was the aggrieved party so I felt I had the right to cut off the relationship in any way I could.

That night, I texted Jud and broke up with her. I stated my reasons. She replied after a while, I understand Bri. I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry for breaking your heart. I didn’t notice right away that I too was crying, like her. We both needed space and time to heal.

After about 5 minutes, Jan called. Kuya, I’m crying right now. Sabi ni ate break na daw kayo. Yes Jan, di ko kasi kaya, paliwanag ko sa kanya. Kuya, no one is blaming you, it was ate’s fault. She should not have placed herself in that situation. She is a victim, yes, but she is not faultless. I love her, but I love you too kuya. So for what’s its worth, I just like to say that you have every right to break up with ate. Thanks Jan, you’re perspective is so mature. Kuya ha, close friends pa rin tayo ha, pahabol ni Jan. Yes Jan, close friends pa rin tayo.

That night could have been long and dreary. The only saving grace was Deanna.

11:50 PM, almost midnight. I was still sitting by my study table, mind blank. My cp rang. Hi Bri, Deanna here. Oh hi Deanna, still up so late ha, I kidded her. Can’t fall asleep eh, so I just took a gamble and called she replied. Bri, do you have a gf? I immediately replied, none at the moment. Really?! She excitedly said. So what’s the meaning of your long and sweet kiss earlier, she querried me. It means I like you a lot. And I’m sorry I kissed you, I was not able to control myself. Don’t be, I like that you did it. I like your confidence, she assured me. Whew, thank you very much. Offending you is not in my check list sagot ko naman.

Bri, you were smiling kanina pero your eyes betrayed your sadness, Deanna perceptively said. I just broke up earlier with my gf, I lied. Oh, kaya pala sabi ni Phil it was your night, so sorry Bri. Don’t be, we were not meant to be. Bri, Deanna hesitated for a moment then said, are you free tomorrow night? What do you have in mind, I asked. Simple dinner and long conversation. My treat. I want to know you more, Deanna explained. Sure, I replied. Really, oh thank you Bri. Obvious ang excitement sa voice ni Deanna. I’ll pick you up at 7 PM, I offered. Yes, and don’t be late, Deanna excitedly said. I won’t, I assured her.

The mood in my room changed. From worst day to a prospective best day.


I surmise that only few guys read/follow my stories. I understand naman kasi konti lang ang sex scenes at di pa as salacious as what could be read in other stories.

But I’m thankful for you faithful readers, male and female. And I’m gratified with the PMs of a good number of female readers who told me that they prefer my kind of stories.

It is less difficult to mend a broken heart when someone is there to help you forget.

7 PM I was in front of Deanna’s house. She came out with her mom. Uh-oh, kasama mom nya? Nagtataka kong tanong sa isip ko. Bri, take care of my daughter ha, magiliw na bilin ng mom ni Deanna. Yes, yes ma’am, I promptly replied with a wide smile. Hayy, akala ko sasama, again sa isip ko.

I opened the door of my car at inalalayan ko si Deanna na sumakay. Naka miniskirt sya kaya nakadisplay na naman ang maputi at maganda nyang legs. Sige po ma’am, alis po muna kami. Hatid ko po sya by 10 PM, paalam ko. Kahit 12 ok lang Bri, sagot ng mom ni Deanna, sabay kaway.

You look gorgeous Deanna, bati ko sa kanya. Instead of smiling, she smirked at me. Anything wrong Deanna? Well, if I really look gorgeous tonight, then why didn’t you even kiss me, she pursed her lips as she said it. I sprang into action, from my seat I moved my face closer to her and gave her a tender kiss, on her lips. Again, it was a tender kiss, but with a little hint of desire added by softly munching her whole mouth. She impishly moaned, uhmm. She slightly opened her mouth and copied my munching motion. I did not dare introduce any tongue action for fear of ruining that memorable moment. It was an extended, soft, sweet, seductive kind of kiss. When I released her mouth and turned my head, I saw Deanna’s mom watching us. My car’s windshield was not tinted so she saw how I kissed her daughter. Naku huli ako ng mom mo, alis na tayo, sabay drive paalis. Nakita ni mommy? Hihihi tatawa tawang tanong ni Deanna.

I love the way you kiss me Bri.
Dapat pala aawayin kita para ikiss mo ako ng ganon, hihihi. Pilya pala tong girl na to ah, I said to myself. Sorry Deanna, you’re not even my gf but I have already kissed you twice. Kapal ko noh, I apologized. I’m 18, and my mom said I could have a boyfriend. So puede mo naman akong maging gf Bri, so you could kiss me anytime you want, offered Deanna. Whoa, saglit lang young lady. It would be better for you to get to know me, and I should court you first, I countered.

Deanna was quiet for a couple of minutes. I thought I offended her. I took her hand and squeezed it gently. She turned her head and looked at me. My eyes were on the road but I knew she was staring at me. I quickly glanced at her, she was smiling sweetly. She then touched my right arm, caressed it softly and said, no need to court me Bri. I really like you and you said last night that you like me very much, too. I was mesmerized.

Deanna, you know naman that I just had a break up. I don’t want you to think and feel that I’m doing a rebound with you. Could we do it a little slower, I asked. She continued to caress my arm and said, ok with me, so MU muna tayo now, as in RIGHT NOW, pero before mo ako ihatid, dapat bf na kita, hihihi. Pilya at loka ang girl na to ah, sabi ko sa sarili ko, sakyan ko nga. Wag nang mamaya. Gf na kita as in RIGHT NOW. She immediately pulled my arm toward her after I said it and kissed it. Wow, this girl knows what she wants and knows how to get it too, I mused. And this happened when we we still on our way to a restaurant. The night is young.

I pulled over to an Italian restaurant, because Deanna said she preferred pasta again that night. I forgot what she and I ordered as I was in deep anticipation of what could happen that night. But I remember that I totally enjoyed talking with her. She was very jovial. I was totally at ease with her, especially na gf ko na sya. Bilis talaga. I couldn’t believe it was happening but I was very thankful and grateful to her. It was as if she was a miracle worker who healed my broken heart in an instant.

We spent 2 hours in the restaurant. As we walked toward my car, I asked Deanna, what do you like to do next? Movie? she replied. I don’t like to watch a movie, I replied. I just want to look at you, and that was a very honest statement. Aww, ang sweet naman ng bf ko, sabay yakap sa akin. She kissed me torridly. We were making out beside my car. That time, I introduced tongue actions. I began to lick her lips in between softly sucking her lower and upper lips. It was a long very wet kiss. We were sucking face as what Americans would call the kind of kissing we were doing. After that kiss, I looked around and found out we had a small audience hahaha, the guards and several family drivers waiting for their bosses to come out from the restaurant. One of the guards gave us a thumb up sign. I just waved at them and opened the car door and helped Deanna get it.

We were both laughing when we sped off. Deanna, ok with you if I bring you to a hotel? , lakas loob kong tanong sa kanya. I remembered after our first kiss the night before that she liked my confidence. She looked at me intently, then softly said, anywhere you want to go is fine with me. So I drove to the good motel where I brought Jan previously.

Once inside the room I confidently declared, Deanna, there won’t be any sex that would happen between us tonight. To which she retorted with a devilish grin, we’ll see if your declaration will still hold true.

Bri, what do you like me to call you? Deanna asked. Everyone is calling me Bri, call me Ian, para maiba, para special. She smiled and said, sa akin, gusto ko Lyn. Lyn? tanong ko. Yes, Deanna Lyn and full first names ko, sagot nya. Oh, I like Lyn. Ganda mo talaga Lyn, my Lyn. Ah! Sige, bola pa, replied Deanna. Pinggg, parang may biglang nag pop na idea. I will call you MyLyn. She looked at me then suddenly her eyes became rounded with excitement when she realized what I meant. She embraced me and whispered to my ear, yes I’m yours Ian.

There was a long couch in the room so we stationed ourselves there. We talked, we hugged, we kissed and talked some more. It was already 10:30 PM. Hey Cinderella, I have to bring you back home before 12 midnight, I kidded her. Aww, could we just spend the night here, she suggested. Siempre di puede noh, lagot ako sa mommy mo, I protested. Wait, call ko si mommy. Mommy, ok if we extend our date? 2 AM? Puede 7 AM na lang ako ihatid hihihi? Mommy naman. Super gentleman kaya sya. 3 AM. Ok mom, 3 AM. You’re the best mommy. I’ll be home not later than that mom. Promise.

I promptly dialed the front desk, to inform them that we were extending our stay until 2 AM.

Ian, honey, kiss me again please. I obliged her. I helped her stand, because I wanted to make out with her and grope her body without any obstacle. I began to kiss her face, wet kisses. I could taste her sweetness. I had completely erased her lipstick with my open mouthed kisses. She was into it, responding with the kind of kisses I was doing to her.

I then licked and sucked her earlobes. She was ticklish there. She again moaned. Uhmmm, ummm, Ian honey.
MyLyn, my Lyn, you’re very beautiful and sexy, I whispered to her ear as I lick and suck it. I’m yours my Ian, I’mmmm…. ohhhhhhh, she was not able to finish what she was about to say as I inserted my tongue into her ear. Her body contorted with pleasure as I continued to “fuck” her ear with my tongue.

Then my tongue cascaded to her neck, licking and sucking. Her body was making tiny jerking motions as she savored the pleasure I was giving her. I wanted to see and savor her body so I took off her dress, looked at the goddess in front of me and finally removed both her undies. She covered her eyes in slight embarassment as my eyes feasted on her nakedness.

She held my head and pressed it against her as I began to kiss her boobsies. Huge and firm, I went berserk as I began to lick and suck her nips. Tenderly at first but I could not hold back any longer. A crescendo in the sucking and mashing I was doing to her made her moan alound. Ian, ahhh Iannn, I love what you’re doinnnngggg.

Still mashing, licking, and sucking her breasts and nipples, I let my right hand’s fingers caress her tummy, then her wet pussy. Ohhh ahhhh ummmmm, Lyn moaned as my fingertips barely brushed off her quivering pussy. Just by touching, caressing, and looking, one could ascertain that a girl is still a virgin. And my Lyn was still very much a virgin.

I began gently rubbing her pussy. Her hips were swaying as if she was dancing to music. It seemed that every tissue and nerve in her body was savoring the sensation of what she was experiencing. Then when I focused my rubbing on her clit, she expelled a loud moan, ahhhhhhhhh hmmmmmmm as she trembled in ecstasy. I continued rubbing her clit until she collapsed on the floor dragging me with her. Her tummy was rippling, she was gasping for air, proofs that her orgasm was continuing. Uhmmmmmmm her prolonged soft moan.

I picked Lyn up and carried her and gently placed her on the bed. The softness of her skin and body really turned me on. I removed my clothes as I continued looking at her nakedness, in awe of the beautiful creature lying down in front of me. I needed to release all my pent up emotions, negative due to my recent break up, positive due to Lyn coming into my life, carnal desire, hungry intent.

I buried my face in her bosom, grasping her love hole full with my mouth. I did a long torrid kiss with her pussy. Her hips again began to sway, side to side, up and down, circular motion. Ian ohhhhh Ian ohhhh ahhhhh don’t stop honeyyy. I sucked on her clit, still sensitive from her first orgasm. The moment I did it she screamed, not aloud but the kind that you know she’s screaming in delight. Iannnnnn ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhhh hummmmmmm. She pressed my head hard on her pussy while tightly enveloping my upper body with her legs. She had her second orgasm. But I was not finish yet. With her still trembling, I continued eating her pussy until she tried to push away my head. No more honeyyy. Ohhhhh ohhhhhhh honey no morrrrre. I released her pussy from my messy mouth. Both of us were gasping for air.

After a brief respite, I positioned myself in between her legs. My mind was clear, though I was filled with carnal desire, I was sure I would not take her virginity that time. I began to rub my dick on her vagina, long rubbing motion that traveled the expanse of her throbbing pussy. She again began to moan. Then she pulled me to her and kissed my mouth, deep kiss with a lot of tongue action. I continued rubbing my dick on her pussy while we kissed ravenously. My position was uncomfortable but I soldiered on. Until she released my mouth and gasped, without any sound coming from her open mouth she convulsed again, and while she was convulsing, I reached my own climax. I exploded all my semen on her tummy, then collapsed beside her. I looked at her and she had a smile of satisfaction on her.

We were motionless for a good 10 minutes or so. She was first to move, spreading and rubbing my semen on her tummy. She opened her eyes, looked at me and smiled. She then asked, am I still a virgin Ian? Technically you are my dear, I replied. But I’m sure your intensity 8 tremors and convulsions opened up the inner parts of your womanhood, I kidded her. She grabbed my arm with her semen-smeared hand. Yuck, I said. Pa yuck yuck ka eh sa yo to, sabay tawa nya.

Shower tayo, yaya ko. Tayo agad sya. We had a long shower together, soaping each other’s body, mashing, pinching, caressing. We kissed again, lovingly, recognizing that that was a special moment.

We checked out before 2 AM. We were back at her place by 2:40 AM. Her mom was still awake waiting for Lyn. I greeted her. She then said, mukhang sobrang enjoy ng anak ko ah. Halata sa glow ng face nya. Mommy naman. We just enjoyed each other. At mommy, virgin pa ako ha. Sabi ko naman sa yo super gentleman si Ian. Nagulat ako sa sinabi ni Lyn. Ian? Bakit Ian? Tanong ng mommy ni Lyn. Yon ang gusto nya mommy, from Brian, para daw special. Ohh. I see, sagot ng mom nya. And mommy, MyLyn ang tawag nya sa akin, so wag kang magugulat. Mylyn? May pagtatakang tanong ng mom nya. MyLyn kasi Im his daw hihihi patawang sagot ni Lyn. Oh kayo na ba, baling sa akin. Opo, kung ok po sa inyo, I gently answered. No problem with me as long as you take care of my daughter. Maasahan nyo po, tugon ko.

They invited me in but I declined as I was very tired, and so was Lyn.

I drove back home whistling. I was in love again.

I called MyLyn upon reaching home. She was waiting for my call. We talked for about 20 minutes. She thanked me for an unforgettable evening, her very words.
MyLyn, thank you for healing my broken heart tonight, I countered. I love you. I was surprised the moment those words left my mouth. I love you too Ian honey, for making me feel special and for being in control of yourself.

I had a smile on my face as I prepared to sleep.

Am I really in love with Lyn? I asked myself. Well, the stars aligned tonight. I can’t argue against that fact. I have a new gf, so quick after my break up with Jud. But I felt that this was not a rebound relationship.

We’ll see if this relationship will flourish or will end abruptly. We’ll see… and I fell asleep.

Several requested through comments and pms photos of the girls I loved before. I neither confirm nor deny that the photo above is Lyn’s. Pero moreno yung guy, tulad ko

I woke up late but with a spring in my over-all disposition. I looked at my phone, several missed calls and messages from Lyn, so I called her.

Hi Mylyn. Hi there Mr late riser bati ni Lyn with an obvious excitement on her voice. Let’s go out tonight. Mom already gave me permission. Sabi nya, no curfew basta daw ibabalik mo ako sa kanya hihihi, yaya at paliwanag ni Lyn. Of course YES agad ang sagot ko. 7 PM again? I asked. Make it 6, Lyn countered to which I readily agreed.

There was another message, not from Lyn but from Jan. It said, kuya, miss na kita. Date me naman oh. Wait ko ang reply mo ha.

I paused for a while, then called Jan. Hi Jan, I greeted when she picked up my call. HI KUYA, YEHEY TUMAWAG KA!!! Masaya at malakas na sagot ni Jan. Kumusta ka kuya? Well, trying to move on. I think, I feel di naman ako mahihirapang mag move on, sagot ko. Matagal sya bago nagsalita ulit. Halatang di alam ang isasagot. So I asked, kumusta ang ate mo? Ayun, iyak pa rin ng iyak. Alam na ni mommy pero si papa di pa. Ayaw ng ipaalam pa ni mommy. Naawa ako kay Jud, honest, sincere ang awa ko sa kanya. Pakisabi take care of herself, wag pabayaan ang sarili, concern pa rin siempre ako sa kanya. Yes kuya, I will tell her.

Kuya, meet up tayo, puede ka? Biglang iba ng topic ni Jan. Ah, eh…I hesitated. Akala ko kuya close pa rin tayo, parang nagtatampong sabi ni Jan. Change gear ako, so saan mo gustong pumunta, tanong ko. Sa motel hihihi, pilyang sagot nya. Joke, joke, kuya. Pero puede rin totohanin, challenge ni Jan sabay sabi, dinner na lang kuya then movie. Napa Oo naman agad ako. Kuya treat mo ha hihihi, pahabol ni Jan. Of course Jan, simpleng sagot ko. I felt Jan’s excitement over the phone. Pero di ako available today, tonight, pahabol ko naman. Tomorrow kuya, wala akong class, puede ako anytime, replied Jan. (Ayaw ko ng evening, baka biglang humirit si Lyn.) Lunch time na lang tayo Jan, mall tayo then movie. Kita tayo sa Glorietta ng 11:30 AM. Ok kuya. Thanks kuya ha, bait mo talaga, mwahh.

The rest of the day was uneventful. I was thinking of Jud, I was truly concerned about her. I thought of Lyn, real ba or rebound lang ba sa akin ang relationship namin? Ang bilis kasi ng mga pangyayari. Si Jan, I knew she likes me. Si Viola, oh bakit nakasama sa iniisip ko si Viola, tanong ko sa sarili ko. Ewan ko ba, iba ang tama sa akin ni Viola, di nga lang puede. Hanggang isipan na lang.

Phil called, nangungumusta. Pero di ko sinabi sa kanya about Lyn. I was sure he’ll be flabbergasted. And he might, he will ask for sure if he could watch kung may plan kami ni Lyn na mag sex, hehehe. Hmm baka totoo ang feelings ko kay Lyn ah. Why would I not tell him about her.

6 PM sharp, I was infront of Lyn’s house. Once again her mom walked her out of the house. I kissed Lyn on the cheek. Hi Bri, or should I call you Ian, bati ng mom ni Lyn. Kahit ano po, ok po sa akin. Ok, gayahin ko na lang ang daughter ko para di ako malito, she replied. I approached her at naki beso. Ian, she continued, take care of my daughter. She said you’re a super gentleman and I believe her. I sense you’re a real good guy. Napalunok ako sa high praise na sinabi ng mom ni Lyn. Yes, ma’am, I’ll take care of Lyn, I’ll be good to her. Lyn informed me earlier that you did not set a curfew for her this time, but I promise, I’ll bring her back by 2 AM at the latest. I glanced at Lyn and she was pouting. Hehehe, mukhang tampokika ang gf ko.

I helped Lyn board my car, then turn to her mom to say bye, then beso ulit sa kanya. Maganda ang mommy ni Lyn. Lyn told me that her mom and dad are divorced and he’s living somewhere in Arizona. US.

While driving, I asked Lyn, where to my love? Lyn’s facial expression changed instantly, from pouting to smiling. Ian honey, could we go to the motel we went to? I was astonished. Doon agad? Di ba muna tayo magdidinner sa restaurant? Magkasunod kong tanong? Di ba puede namang doon tayo na mag order, pangangatwiran nya. My love, di ko feel ang ambiance don for dinner. Sa restaurant na lang, pakiusap ko. Ok Ian honey, let’s have dinner in a restaurant, she said. So I drove to a Japanese restaurant. I was craving for Japanese food for quite some time.

We, specially I, enjoyed the food. It complemented in a beautiful way our conversation. Malimit pa nga sinusubuan nya ako. Di ko type na sinusubuan pero I just let her, gusto nya kasi.

Ian honey (yan lagi ang tawag nya sa akin: I wanted to ask her nga kung bakit. Baka may iba pa syang honey, kaya may name ko pa para specific at di sya malito. Of course I did not verbalize this, even as a joke. Baka bugbugin ako hahaha), want to tell you something, medyo serious sya. So I looked at her intently and waited.

Ian honey, mommy and I will go to the US next month to visit my grandparents and relatives. I’ll also see my dad. Next month? That will be in 2 weeks, I interjected. How long will be your US visit? At least a month, she replied. I’ll miss you terribly, I said, walang bola yun. I’m missing you already, sabi ko pa. Aww, Ian honey, sabay yakap at kiss sa cheek ko si Lyn. I was saddened, immediately. I didn’t know why. Maybe the prospect of being “abandoned” for the second time that quick sickened me. I just murmured, it’s ok Lyn. I was sure she noticed the change in my demeanor.

It will be a quick visit Ian honey, the days will just roll fast, she tried to console me. I just nodded. I felt the night was ruined.

Ian honey, straight tayo sa motel after our dinner. I want you to ‘take’ me, no ifs and buts, she whispered. I perked up, parang nabuhayan ng dugo. I sensed the seriousness of Lyn. So nanumbalik yong masaya naming usapan.

After an hour, we were in the motel room, same room, same motel. We brushed our teeth. But Lyn did not like us showering first. I didn’t mind. She smelled fresh and sweet.

We started making out. I know a lot of women love prolonged romance, necking and petting. Kahit walang actual sex, ok sila sa intense making out. So I always make sure I am not in a hurry, taking time to give pleasure and savoring the experience myself.

I began kissing Lyn tenderly, every part of her face. She was liking it. She had impish sighs. I kissed her lips, the tender sliding kind of kisses. She opened her mouth and I sucked her tongue ever so tenderly, hindi hayok. I alternately sucked on her upper and lower lips. We were standing. Im not sure bakit, trip ko na nakatayo pag making out. My hands were all over her back, butt, thighs as I was kissing her. She began to moan, Ian honey, ang sarap ng ginagawa mo, ohhhhh. Napapitlag sya ng kapain ko ang pussy nya, ayyy ahhhh. Wet na sya.

I unzipped her dress. Only her undies were left on her. I planned to do her with her undies on, feeling ko kasi at that time mas erotic pag di totally nude. When her clothes fell to the floor, I let my kisses cascade to her neck, all around her neck. She was ticklish and moaned a little louder, hayyyy, you’re tickling me honey ahhhh it feels so goood honeeey.

When I got to her chest, licked it. Then just let her boobies hang out of her bra cups. I nibbled on her nips which made her body sway. hummmm ohhhhhh, she muttered as she swayed. I sucked harder on her nips as I began to clasp both my hands on her ass inside her panty. I matched the pressure of my ass mashing with the intensity of my nips sucking. She was totally enjoying what I was doing, so was I.

Then my lips cascaded again down to her tummy without stopping my ass mashing. I tenderly bit on her tummy which made her body contort a bit. Her moaning continued. It was music to my ear. I slipped a finger in her virgin pussy and she did a jerking motion. I rubbed and stroked the whole expanse of her vagina, putting a little pressure whenever I passed her clit. She was twerking a bit (di pa siempre ginagamit that time ang term na yun).

I sucked on her belly button as I continued rubbing her pussy until her tummy developed ripples, then tremors then her body convulsed. Iaaaaannnnn uhhhh uhhhhh ummmmmm. She reached her first orgasm, standing. She collapsed on my able arms. I carried her and like before placed her gently on the bed.

Her eyes closed, mouth slightly open, still savoring her orgasm. I stared at her and looked, nay, inspected her body. She was a delight to look at, eye candy, really.

I removed all my clothes and put my body on her side, with my face on top of her pussy, ala 69 but I was not on top of her. I again slipped a finger inside her panty and dipped my finger in her pussy. Ohhh Ian honey, what are you doing? She softly asked. I did not answer, instead I brushed her panty aside exposing her leaking pussy. I firmly held her hips and began licking her pussy with a little pressure. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh uhmmmmmm was all I was hearing as I licked and sucked on her clit. It was not even 5 minutes when she convulsed again. Ahhhhhhh eiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih she screamed. I had to press her hips down as her convulsion was so intense. I had no intention of stopping immediately so I continued sucking. Until Lyn’s body became limp. Did she pass out? Lyn, Lyn, I softly called her name. She responded by stroking my head weakly. I just drained her energy. Whew, I thought she passed out. I let her be for about 15 minutes.

When she regained her composure, she sat and pressed her body against mine. I love you honey, she whispered to my ear. I love you too, I replied as I caressed her back and side.

Lyn baby, do you really want me to take your virginity tonight? She looked up and smiled, yes honey. I’m ready. Proof ko yon na I will come back to you after my US trip. With that we kissed again, intense, deep, oxygen-depleting kind of kiss.

Inihiga ko sya, while we kissed. I licked her whole body from her face to her legs. All the time her eyes were closed. It was obvious that she was enjoying fully what I was doing.

Again, I licked and sucked her still sensitive pussy and clit. When she was already delirious, I parted her legs. I put my lower body in between, in a sitting position. I began rubbing my dick on her very wet pussy, then pushed it a bit in. She made a sound, ickk. I stopped. Don’t stop honey, she encouraged me. I again pushed a bit more, a centimeter at a time until half my dick was inside her pussy. The sensation is exhilarating because I was making love with another virgin.

Then I pushed, until the length of my dick got swallowed up. She was very tight, I knew she was experiencing pain but she did not complain, nor made any sound suggesting pain. She just held her eyes tightly closed and her fists clenched while doing deep breathing. I love her for that. She was after my pleasure as well, as I was for her.

I bagan to pump, slow, light, and shallow kind of thrusting. She grabbed my arms and pressed them. It was my turn to be delirious. Ninamnam ko ng husto ang sensation. As I was in a sitting position, I could see my dick going in and out of her pussy. As I pulled, I saw bloody stain on the shaft of my dick. But no visible or audible expression of pain from Lyn so I pressed on. My thrusting was even paced, and walang gigil. Controlled and measured. Lyn opened her mouth slightly then her tummy stiffened, then rippled, then heaved. Ohhhhh uhmmmmmm ummmmmm, suaveng suave ang 3rd orgasm nya. I continued pumping, until I felt that familiar sensation of an impending eruption. Ahhh should I pull it out? But I want to explode inside her. At the last second I pulled out and sprayed her tummy with volleys of my spouting juice… ahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkk ahhhhhh. I did not close my eyes as I ejaculated a ton of semen on her tummy. Lyn watched me, my dick, my expression with a satisfied smile on her face. Wow! That was intense, I finally said. I reached for a towel and toweled off my juice on her tummy.

It was only 10 PM. We both stretched our spent bodies on the bed. She then turned and placed her right thigh and legs on my lower torso, while caressing my chest. Ian honey, thank you for the experience. I replied with a question, was it painful? She smiled and said, a bit. But I fully enjoyed it. No regrets, she added.

We both closed our eyes and fell asleep.

I sprang to my feet which startled Lyn. It was 12:30 AM. Thank goodness, I thought it was past 2 AM I exclaimed. Let’s get dressed up. I looked at Lyn, she was still wearing her undies. She had 3 orgasms and I had one and she was not nude. So satisfying. (Try it)

We were back at Lyn’s house with 10 minutes to spare. In front of her smiling mom, Lyn hugged me and kissed me passionately on the lips. I had to lightly tap her back as if to tell her, awat na. Medyo nahiya na kasi ako sa mom nya.

I was back at my own place in less than 30 minutes. Less traffic on the streets at 2 AM.

I texted Lyn to inform her I was already home and took a quick shower. Then suddenly sadness descended on me. In two weeks time, Lyn would be 9 thousand miles away (1.6 kms). I was terribly missing her already. Could this be love?

I tossed and turned on my bed, but thankfully I fell asleep.


I was planning to include in this chapter my date with Jan. But this has gone long already and my date with Jan is a stand alone story in itself. So it would be part 9. Sorry sa mga nabitin.

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