Nerd’s Revenge by: LibogIsReal

“Hi there, I’m Kaye. Is this seat taken? Would you mind?”

“Oh not at all you may take a seat. By the way, I’m Harry.”

This happened one afternoon at my school’s cafeteria. The supposed to be campus hottie taking a seat beside me. Not to mention that I am the infamous nerd who is frequently bullied.

It caught me by surprise but here we are casually talking about school and stuff.

“Well yeah, i do know you. How have you been doing lately?”

“If you’d really want to know. I’m a house-school-library-house kind of guy so nothing that could get your interest”

“Who knows. It’s not like everybody is into partying, socialization or what.”

“You may be right about that but i might be too boring for you.”

“Not really. Well, unless you don’t want me to get close to you.”

“I didn’t mean it that way. It’s just that you might get involved in my frequently bullied life. I know that you know that too.”

“Oh yeah, i do know that. Still, here’s my number, give me a call sometimes.”


“Thanks for the company.”

“Thank you.”

It happened so fast, my heart was trembling with excitement. Here i am looking at the note given to me with the number of Kaye. I was really feeling overwhelmed as i walk towards our room for the next class.

Happy thoughts eventually became gloomy as I walk down the corridor, I stumble upon my number 1 bully. He is Cleo, a renowned asshole in the school. I happen to be one of his victims.

He would usually tease me, slap me or take anything from me. It had be like this for 2 years now. I would usually get beaten by him or his group.

I didn’t mind it anyway. It might be because i am already used to it.

Back to the lovely moment i had earlier in school. Here i am now lying on my bed thinking of how could i muster the confidence to start a convo with Kaye.

Text message with Kaye…..

“Hello Kaye, this is Harry. Glad to have known you earlier.”

“Oh it’s you Harry. How are you doing?”

“I’m quite good. How about you?”

“Doing fine here too. What keeps you busy right now?”

“Just reviewing some notes for the upcoming exams.”

“Oh right. Exams are coming. I’m pretty sure you’ll do great.”

“Oh thank you. How about you?”

“I am not in the mood to review. Will you help me?”

“I would love to help you but how?”

“Maybe, i could invite you in our home tomorrow after class?”

“Up to you, but will it be okay?”

“Yeah, it won’t matter. Tomorrow then.”

“Okay. See you.”

“Thank you.”

It was set tomorrow that i will be at their house for a supposed to be review. We met at the shed near the school and together we traverse the path to their house which is a few blocks from the school.

As we entered, the house was not big but it was definitely not small also. So we’ve gone to her room and as we take care of our things i started to bring out my notes for our review.

“It seems that your parents are not around.”

“Yeah, they usually come home late like on the average would be 10 o’clock in the evening.”

“So, it’s almost like you are living independently.”

“A bit, since i get to see them during breakfast only. And if lucky enough a few moments before going to sleep.”

“I’m pretty sure that what they do is also for you.”

Kate has been a good company and friend of mine for the past week. We get to talk a lot about life and school. It is almost like i get to develop a feeling of intimacy towards her.

Then there is this one time that she invited me in their house. I am confident enough to confess how i feel towards her.

“Oh come in Harry.”

“Thank you.”

“Let me prepare something to eat and drink first. You might want to wait in my room.”

“Oh O…..kay.” i was mesmerized by her looks that time she was astonishing in her tight white shirt and short shorts.

We hang out in her room just like we always do but today seems different, the aura and density is a bit intense. My heart couldn’t stop throbbing it’s as if it was about to come out.

But as soon as i get to the right time i started to confess my feelings towards her.

“I don’t really know how to say this to you and i am not sure of how you will feel but i wanted to say this…. I like you Kaye, every moment that we are together seems to be the happiest seconds of my life.”

“I’m flattered. Thank you. I do like also your company but it’s just that i don’t want to be in a relationship yet.”

“Ohh, okay.”

“Anyways, thank you for your honesty. Why don’t we enjoy what we have at this time and we’ll see later on.”

“I guess your right. Why don’t we start reviewing your notes.”

So there it is, i was a bit frustrated but still it is a big relief on my part to confess my feelings for her.

Life goes on after i confessed my feelings towards her. I crammed a lot as the exam goes near. Eventually, i was able to pass all my subject. A few days after the exam, as i walk towards a seat in the cafeteria i saw a familiar figure.

So it was Kaye together with Cleo. I tried not to make a scene so i sat a table away behind them enough to overhear their conversation.

“How was the exams, babe?”

“It was all good babe, the plan worked out just like a charm.”

“See, he seriously has a crush on you, that nerd.”

“Oh don’t be mean babe, it all turned out good. Be gentle on him.”

They were about to go and i looked away to avoid being noticed.

Later that day……

“Hi Harry, how are you?”

“This bitch. Such a poker face.” silently.

“I’m good, how did it turn out in your end?”

“I passed, thanks to you.”

“Oh, it’s nothing. Sorry but i have to go now.”

“Ok. Bye.”

That night, i could not help but think of ways to stay away from her. I’m being used by a bitch just like how her damn boyfriend used to bully me. I am such a loser.

I really want to get back to them but it will be bad to have revenge. I’m done and full of what they have done to me. I made up my mind. I will one day get back to them.

I have everything prepared and the day came when i get to be with her again in her room.

“It may sound demanding but can i ask for a snack? I was not able to have my lunch earlier.”

“Okay, i will be back in a bit.”


This was the opportunity that i have been waiting. I prepared the devices and put it in places where it could hardly be recognize. I have prepared listening devices as well as hidden cameras strategically positioned to catch details of her in the room. I know i might get to jail doing it so better get it done right.

As we finished our business i get to access the devices i put remotely in my desktop computer. I have her cam-corded and her conversation recorded.

It may not come as a surprise but i was caught off guars of a recording. It was between her and Cleo. It is almost like watching an amateur porn.

I couldn’t believe how bitchy this girl is.

“Ohhh fuck. My mouth is so full of your cock babe.”

“Damn babe you really are a good sucker. Let me fuck that fucking mouth of yours.”

“Ulk, arghhhhh.”

It was an intense moment between the two. I may be a virgin but i have watch a couple of porn. Cleo fucking Kaye’s mouth is so fucking hot that i can’t help having an erection.

“I’m almost there babe, got to stop and save it for later. Come here and imma gonna eat you out.”

“Ohhh babe, i just couldn’t wait being eaten by you. Come eat this pussy.”

“See this juice coming out babe, you really are a damn bitch. I like how it drips in your pussy’s nectar.”

“Damn it babe enough talk eat that fucking pussy.”

“Slurpp, Ohhhhh”

I have seen how aggressive the scene between the two. It looks like Kaye is the one in control and i happen to see myself jerking off that hot scene.

Not long enough Cleo is already pounding the pussy of Kaye. From my point of view it was going deep for every stroke.

“Fuck, i am filled by that cock. Fuck me deeper babe.”

“Ohhh babe, your juicing out too much it feels great.”

“Fuck babe, harder. Go faster babe. Ahh damn.”

“I could go all night fucking you babe. Your so fucking great.”

“Ohhh babe, im about to cum. Make me cum please. Almost there. Ahhhh fuck..”

“Mee too babe, i’m almost there.”

“Here let me eat that cum babe.”

There she was kneeling down patiently waiting for the cum to pour over her wide mouth. She eventually gulp it in.

“Damn that bitch, it was such a good show.”

I have secured the recorded copy of everything that happened on that moment.

Now, i have an ace in the hole to exact my plan against them. All i have to do is extract the devices in her room to avoid complications.

My chance came a few days after and i was able to extract every piece of the devices i planted.

Now, all i have to do is execute the plan that i have in mind.

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