Sorceress Shayne’s Song

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THUD, THUD, THUD! The doors to the tower boomed with each knock of Headmaster Dreyfus. He was a stout yet frail old man, distinctly recognized by his strand of grey upon his slowly thinning hair. He straightened his ruffled robes, and neatly flattened out his gold and silver lined sash expressing his rank of Order Headmaster.

“For fuck’s sake can’t you read the sign out there?! The shop’s gonna be open from eight!” Wearing a shift of thin velvet silk, Shayne slammed the door open. Perky nipples rose in front of her shift, rising from her firm tits. Her dark long hair fell upon her shoulders and Dreyfus swallowed in response to this view. Clearly, she was forced to get off a long, cozy sleep.

“The fuck you want old man?” Shayne jutted out her hips and placed a hand on her waist.

“I-I-I’m sorry for this interruption from your slumber, Sorceress. I humbly apologize. I am Order Headmaster Dreyfus Sentiel, and I am here personally with a sincere offer of a critical mission.”

“And how fucking critical is this for the Order to wake me up on six in the morning without a fucking breakfast?” Shayne grabbed the Headmasters collar forward. The sudden movement jiggled her breast, Dreyfus swallowed once more.

“The town of Priyal is under attack and infested by demonic spirits, enslaved and commanded by Arc Vigtor hailing from the wastelands of Mihelnen. A dispatch of investigators has been sent by the Order but no news are sent. This is a grave matter Sorceress. We need you.” Dreyfus was shaking, obviously from the freezing morning. Volduin was eerie this way.

“Oh. So the Order needs me now huh? We’ll se about that Dreyfus. Come on in then. Its fucking cold out there.” The sorceress hugged herself, squeezing her mounds into a tempting display anded her way inside with Dreyfus in tow.

Shayne’s tower was a mismatched construction of creaking wood, bricks and reinforced iron. Three-storey high, the tower was once owned by a rival wizard. Now conquered and refurnished, Shayne magically painted it red and green, two hues of her favored color.

Dreyfus followed Shayne into her workroom. Like most fellows working with arcane powers and experimentation, Sorceress Shayne’s workroom was filled with magic devices. Books with thick bronze and gold spines covered the length of the left wall, some were crusted with dust while others were still glossy and relatively brand new. In a long table at the center of the room, there were littered scrolls, tomes and pieces of parchments. Burners, glasswares and vials contained smoking and swirling liquids.

Shayne stopped abruptly and turned to face Dreyfus while she leant a hand on the table.

“There are gonna be certain arrangements for this mission Dreyfus. I will make myself presentable first, and you may place your old comfortable ass on a seat right there.” She pointed to a chair placed beside a coffee table.

“Certainly, Sorceress.” After Dreyfus sat, Shayne slowly exited the room. Hips swaying and juicy ass bouncing, Dreyfus couldn’t help but admire the beauty of it. A bulge is slowly bulging in his pants.

When Shayne returned she was clothed in a violet combination of a robe and a gown. Underneath it was a black dress which hugged the curvy features of the Sorceress, waist, hips and swelling breasts. She was obviously not a fan of underwear, as her still perky nipples extruded in front of the dress. A silver necklace with a pendant of a snake eating its tail hung to her cleavage.

“Apologies for the delay. We can now speak about the terms, Headmaster. What do you propose?” Shayne summoned a chair out of nowhere in a blink of an eye and sat on it, legs spread wide as the slit in the dress parted to accomodate her legs.

“The Order will provide for the necessary requirements of your travel Sorceress. Provisions, equipment, and credit will be provided. Upon accomplishing the mission you will be rewarded with the hefty amount of five hundred thousand crowns. I hope that would be enough.”

“Hmm, tsk tsk. I’m afraid that would be insufficient Dreyfus.” Shayne pouted.

“Is the reward too small? I’m sure that can be negotia-“

Dreyfus was interrupted by Shayne as she teleported in front of him.

“About time I needed some fucking breakfast don’t you think Dreyfus?” Shayne slipped out of her robes, dropping it to the floor.

“Uh-I-I think so Sorceress Shayne. That can be arranged in a whi-“

Shayne grabbed Dreyfus’ crotch and the bulging erection beneath it, complete surprise masked the Headmaster’s face.

“Oh my what a package have you got here Headmaster? Looks like I’ll be having sausage fo breakfast. ZAY?! I summon thee!”

Black smoke erupted beside Shayne. As the smoke cleared a three-foot demon stepped forward, it was a humanoid in shape, yet its skin was obsidian black and it had a long tail protruding from its back.

“I am at your service Mistress Shayne.” The demon bowed with its intimidating curved horns, Dreyfus stared at it in horror.

“My breakfast for today,” She grabbed Dreyfus’ crotch harder, this made Dreyfus wince in mixed pain and pleasure. “I need this prepared in umm, about five minutes. Please see to it.”

“Consider it done, Mistress.” Shayne stepped back and crossed her arms. Zay hovered for a few meters and inched slowly to Dreyfus, upon the demon’s touch the Headmaster was paralyzed. Only his blinking eyes and shivering lips showed that he was still conscious.

Zay dragged him to the wall. Belts materialized from the wall and bound Dreyfus’ hands and legs. A force kept him from struggling, so the Headmaster was stuck to the wall, completely paralyzed.

The demon touched his robes, the fabric turned into smoke and immediately Dreyfus was stark naked, his cock throbbing for all to see.

“Very good, Zay. Get out of my sight, I’ll be taking my breakfast. Clean up my chamber and prepare my travelling necessities, chop chop.” Zay erupted into black smoke and was suddenly no where to be found.

Shayne went closer to Dreyfus on the wall, and studied him like he was meat for the slaughter. “This will be adequate Headmaster, I’ll show you some tricks.” She winked at a grin formed on her face.

Shayne formed a symbol in the air and whispered to herself. A bolt of electricity shot up Dreyfus’ spine and suddenly, his five-inch cock pulsed and grew two inches more.

“Oh no, that may have been a bit much. No worries, I can handle.” Shayne smiled, licked her lips and caressed the Headmaster’s cock.

She grabbed it ferociously and started pumping his cock up and down, while her other hand slowly crept down to her pussy.

Shayne licked the tip and spat on the cock’s head, and spread the moist saliva with her lips. It entered her mouth with a slurping noise that echoed through the whole room.

“Hmmmmmm, tis’ so good ‘eyfus” Shayne said with a mouthful of cock. Saliva dripped from her lips with mixed precum. She spat on it once again and ran her tongue from the cock’s base up to its tip. She sucked harder, while Dreyfus’ eyes shuddered, knowing fully he had no control over this cum-hungry sorceress.

“Done so soon? That can’t be Headmaster, I was expecting more from you.” Shayne touched her black dress and the fabric turned to smoke. She was now fully naked, and her swelling boobs was now in full view.

“Like what you’re seeing Dreyfus?” She smiled and continued sucking his cock. With every plunge of her mouth she embraced his cock with her tongue. Now she played with her nipples, both of which where adorned by silver piercings.

“Uhmm, hmmm” Shayne sucked fiercely, hungry for Dreyfus’ cum. She pumped it rapidly, and after a deep throat, she stopped sucking and let the cum shower her.

Dreyfus’ cum covered her breasts, her face and lips and her shoulders. Shayne swiped a drop of cum from her cheeks with her fingers and placed it in her mouth.

“Hmm, well done Dreyfus. That will be a part of your payment for my service in advance. Zay!? Clean this up, I’m done with breakfast!”