Stories We Never Tell: The Lady Next Door

The Lady Next Door

It started when I was 18, she’s 42. She lives next door, alone. One weekend, I saw her park from the grocery store. I helped her bring her groceries to her house.

“Thanks for helping me, Nathan.” She massages her back.

“No problem. Are you in pain?” I’m worried.

“I’m fine. It’s normal for someone my age to have back pain.” She answers.

“Want me to massage you? I do this to my parents.” I offer.

“That’s nice of you.” She thinks for a while. “Maybe later? I still need to unpack my groceries.”

“I’ll bring our oil then” I then left her house.

I came back after lunch.

“Oh, have you had your lunch?” She asks.

“Yes, I’m full.” I take out my oil.

She leads me to her room. This is my first time here. Every Time there’s an occasion, we just stay in her living room.

“Are you sure you wanna do this?” She asks me.

“Of course!” I answered.

She removes her bathrobe, exposing her breast and panty. She then laid on her stomach.

I gulp. I’m just used to seeing boobs via porn.

I sat on her side and poured a little amount of oil and started massaging her back.

“You’re good.” She compliments me.

After like 10 mins, she flipped and I saw her boobs again. Her eyes are still closed.

“Want me to continue?” I asked. She just nods.

My arms are shaking when I first touch her boobs. I glanced at her to see if she would react but she didn’t. So I continue.

My index finger plays her nipple.

And she moans.

Then I caress her boobs. I’m massaging every piece of it. She moans and my dick is hard now.

I ship my hands to her belly. I have this urge to touch her panty so I can slip my hand and finger her.

But she opens her eyes, and grinning.

“You’re young for that.”

I feel my face turn red.

She gets up and wears her bathrobe again. “Thanks, Nathan. I feel relaxed now. Do you like cupcakes? I’ll bake some.”

I just nod. We went to her kitchen.

“How old are you?” She asks.

“18. I’m 18.” I answered but I cannot look straight into her eyes.

“Underage.” She comments.

That’s when I look at her. “Sorry?”

“Don’t tell your parents about this. Okay? They might get mad at me if they get to know that you massage my…” She points at her boobs.

“Oh,” My only response.

“So don’t tell them if you still wish to do this.”

That night, I couldn’t sleep. My thoughts are still with Victoria. So I sneaked out of the house and went to Victoria.

The lights in the living room are still open so I knock. “Nathan?” She’s shocked. “It’s midnight. Why are you here?”

I smile. “I want to massage you.”

She smiles back.

She’s lying on her bed. This time without any clothes on. She shaves.

I’m still shaking. I started massaging her thighs. “Can I?” I ask.

“You know your responsibility, Nathan.” She teases me.

And I touch it. I played her clit just like in porn videos. And she is moaning.

I make my face closer to her pussy. “Can I?” I ask.

She spreads her legs wide. And I eat her. I don’t know if I’m doing it right but she keeps on moaning and pulling my hair.

I stop. She’s breathless. I’m just watching her. She’s just looking at me. “Finger me, please, Nathan.”

And I did.

Her body tensed. “I’m cumming.”

So I continued. Then I feel her juice filling my finger. I tasted it. And I lick it more until no more juices flow out.

I’m about to take off my clothes when she gets up and holds my face. “Let’s stop here, Nathan.”

I got confused.

She kisses me. It’s just a smooch. “I just cannot. You are like a son to me.”

“But…” I’m about to protest but she kissed me again.

She touches my dick. It’s still hard. “You’re a virgin. I don’t want to be your first, Nathan. Do it with the girl you love.”

I’m defeated.

“Can we just sleep together tonight?” I ask. “I’ll sneak out before the sun rises.”

She agreed. I’m touching her boobs throughout the night like a husband to his wife.

The next weekend, I didn’t join my family for the out of town trip. My reason is I have school work to do.

And I stayed at Victoria’s house. Because that’s what my parents did. And she obliged.

“Nathan, I know you lied to your parents.” She’s scolding me.

I cornered her. “Yes, I lied.” I’m trying to kiss her but she’s avoiding it. So I grab her face and kiss her torridly.

She pushes me. “We’re not going to do this anymore, Nathan.”

“Yes, we are. You said to do this with the girl I love. So I want to do this with you. I love you, Victoria.”

She’s flabbergasted. I kissed her again. And she responds.

She pushed me on the couch and sat on my lap.

My hands are everywhere. We still continue kissing. I remove her clothes and she helps me remove mine. She kneels and watches my dick.

“May your parents forgive me, Nathan.” She holds my dick and starts to shake it. And I moan.

“You’re a kid but your dick is a man.” She says

“Suck it.” I command.

She looks at me first and smiles. She started licking my head first. God, she’s teasing me. She then slowly sucked it fully. And I feel her throat.

I’m gripping the couch tightly. She’s giving me my first ever blowjob experience. And I moan loudly.

She stood and sat on my lap.

“I brought a condom.” I say.

She smiles. “No need for that for now. I’m gonna give your first the best sex you’ll ever experience.”

She positioned my dick to her pussy. This is it. And I feel it. I feel her pussy. It’s so wet.

“Shit.” She cries.

“You’re so thick, Nathan.” She’s hurt but she likes it.

She slowly starts going up and down. I’m just watching her. My body reacts every time I feel the friction of my head in her pussy. And it feels so good.

“Nathan…” She’s moaning.

“Want me to fuck you?” She nods.

She hugs me and I lift a bit space of her so I could fuck her while sitting.

And I started. Slowly at first, when I feel that her pussy has adjusted to my dick, I started fucking her.

“Nathan!” She shouted. But I didn’t stop.

She bites my shoulder so she won’t moan loudly.

I still continue. And I’m fucking her early in the morning. And she’s moaning that the neighbors might hear us.

“It’s growing.” She says it out of breath. “You’re cumming.”

I grab her through her thighs. My dick still inside her. I lay her on the couch.

I take my dick out her.

And spill my cum on her belly.

We are both breathless. I lay on top of her to kiss her.

We spent our weekends fucking.

I’ve been her fuck buddy. She lets me have relationships with others while I keep her my secret affair. And it broke my heart because I really love her.

I got her pregnant. She gave birth at the age of 46. Yes, I was 18 when I became a dad. We kept it secret because she didn’t want my parents to know.

I’m 28 now and have my own family. I still support Victoria and my child secretly. And I still fuck her.