Stranded on Creton

My exobiologist was so hot and desirable that she became a distraction.

Stranded on CretonI was the Commander of an exploration team back in 2318 assigned to explore and document the newly discovered planet of Creton, in orbit around CGS-29a, a star in the Virgo system.
My team consisted of myself and five other scientists and engineers; the only woman on the crew was Dr. Carol Burgess, who I must admit was a gorgeous blonde that every man on the team had the hots for. She had blue eyes, a beautiful face, a great body, and her short, blonde military haircut was absolutely adorable. She was the picture of perfection and I was finding it difficult to keep my mind on my job. The way Carol moved and looked was simply arousing! Her body seemed to say, “I’m made to be fucked.”
Carol was our exobiologist. She had credentials that made her extremely qualified for the mission, so I was lucky to have her assigned to my crew.
We’d spent only six days on Creton when a violent thunderstorm hit. The accompanying lightning was raising havoc with our landing craft’s electrical systems and we were all fighting to keep things working. But even with all our efforts, most of the on-board electrical systems burned out and were rendered useless. The redundant systems were also blown, so we had no way to communicate with Central Command. But luckily Creton was an Earth-like planet. We could survive there for years with plenty of fresh water and fruits and vegetables growing in abundance.
Weeks passed before we all had to admit that we were stranded with no hope for rescue. We had to get our heads around the fact that we would be living the rest of our lives on Creton. So we set about building accommodation using the trees and other native resources. We started with simple log shelters with plans to build better homes later. There was plenty of time and no rush to get it done.
We built Carol’s hut first, then built two huts to accommodate two men each. As Commander, I had my own private hut.
Things went well and life was good after that. There wasn’t much to do each day but to forage for food, and there was plenty of that. My thoughts were on Carol and I’m sure the other men’s thoughts were as well. She was a fully qualified and valuable member of our team, so we all tried to think of her in those terms…even though it was hard to do.
Then one night as we all prepared the evening meal, Carol said, “Guys, I’ve been thinking that since we’re all stranded here, that we need to address what’s on everyone’s mind. Sex!”
All of the guys, including me, were taken aback and were visibly shaken by her announcement.
“Come on guys! I know you’re all horny and I am, too. Who among you is NOT horny?”
We all looked at each other rather sheepishly. She had read us like an open book.
“I thought so. So my proposal is this: I’ll accommodate each of you once a week. Monday morning after breakfast, you each will come to my hut for oral sex, i.e. a blowjob. That should take less than an hour. You can draw lots to see who goes first and second, etc. Then the following Monday you each can come to my hut for sex, but only in the doggie position; no kissing. That is non-negotiable. Another thing that is non-negotiable is romance. There will be NO romance; no romantic involvement or attachment. This sexual arrangement is purely for our psychological and physical stability. Understood?”
Then she looked at each of us for a positive response.
“Okay then. Since we’re all in agreement on this “arrangement” we can start tomorrow. Our first Monday.”
All of the guys looked at each other, taken totally by surprise by Carol’s proposal, yet obviously excited as well. Tomorrow we would all be getting a blowjob from Carol! I’m sure that all of us had cocks as hard as rocks at that moment.
Then Carol said, “You know guys that girls get just as horny as you do. And you are especially lucky because I LOVE giving head. So I’m looking forward to tomorrow as much as you are…maybe more.”
– – – – –
We drew straws this morning and I go third. Damn! But that’s okay. In less than forty-five minutes I’ll be holding Carol’s head in my hands and fucking her lovely mouth.
When I entered Carol’s hut, my cock was already rock hard with anticipation…and Carol was on her knees waiting. She smiled up at me and said, “So you’re number three. I hope you’re ready.”
“I believe I am,” I said as I walked over to her and stood there with the huge bulge in my shorts right in front of her face.
“Oh wow! I think you are!” Carol whispered as she reached up and rubbed my cock through my shorts.
Then I did the one thing I’d wanted to do ever since the first moment I saw Carol. I reached out and ran my fingers slowly through her soft hair, which made my cock even harder. I pulled her face to my bulge and she kissed it hard.
Then she looked up at me with a seductive smile, unzipped my pants, and pulled my 10-inch cock out.
“Oh my GOD! You’re the stallion I’ve been looking for!” Then she stroked it slowly, licked the engorged head briefly, then sucked it into her mouth almost all the way, swirled her tongue around it, then sucked as she pulled it out.
“Mmm. I love a big cock in my mouth. And you can gag me with it if you want. Gagging on a cock really turns me on.”
“Then take a big breath and gag on it,” I said as I took Carol’s head in my hands and pushed my cock all the way down her throat, which made her gag three times before I pulled it out. She panted and swallowed briefly, then opened her mouth again ready for more.
As I pulled Carol’s face to my stomach to force my cock down her throat, I could feel her lips sliding along its length and her tongue as it slipped under it. Then about halfway down, her throat became tighter and stretched to accommodate it. When I felt her nose touch my stomach, I pulled harder and was able to push another inch of cock into her tight throat. That’s when she started to gag repeatedly, which squeezed my cock each time.
Carol made no attempt to pull away or to resist my thrusts. When I started to pump her throat, she just relaxed and let me. She gagged over and over but did nothing in response. She just let me fuck her throat until my cock exploded deep in her gullet.
When I felt my climax approaching, I pulled her face hard against my stomach and let it explode. Hard spurts of warm cum shot down her throat, slithered down her chest, and into her stomach. She coughed on the first spurt, but let the remaining five or six spurts flow down without a sound. Carol definitely loved to give head and was an expert at it.
When my climax finally ended, she slowly withdrew my cock from her throat and mouth, cleared her throat, swallowed, and sucked my cock back into her mouth, letting me once again pull her face against my stomach to force every inch of it down her throat.
I continued to slowly fuck Carol’s nice throat until my cock was flaccid, then pulled it from her mouth for the last time.
“Wow, Carol, you are really got at that,” I said in amazement.
“Thank you, Bill. And you have the nicest cock I’ve ever swallowed. I’ve never had cum shoot straight down my throat before. Yours is the longest I’ve ever had, and if you can keep a secret, it’s better than all the others…so far.”
“Well, it’s yours every other week, Carol. That’s the arrangement.”
“I know. I may have to reconsider that arrangement. I’m going to need your cock more often than that.”
“You won’t get an argument from me on that.”
I stuffed my cock back in my pants, bent over and kissed Carol softly, and whispered, “See you next Monday for a good doggie fuck.”
“Mmm. I can’t wait,” she responded as she rubbed my leg.
As I walked out of Carol’s hut, I saw Jack and Trevor waiting for their turns. I got a brief wave of jealously knowing that she was about to suck them off, too. I said to myself, “Stop thinking that, Bill. You’re lucky to have this arrangement at all, and no romantic involvement remember.”
I went back to my hut and tried not to think about Jack and Trevor who were right at the moment, fucking Carol’s throat and shooting off as she gulped down every drop of their cum. Yep. This was a great arrangement but was going to be a hard one to live up to.
– – – – –
The week passed very slowly for me, as I’m sure it did for the others. We were all looking forward to the following Monday when we’d each take our turn fucking Carol from behind. I tried not to dwell on my fantasies of what it was going to be like to grab her hips or shoulders and pump into her as long as I could until I shot my load.
But Monday finally rolled around and we drew straws again. This time I would be the first guy to fuck Carol and I could not wait to do it.
When I entered Carol’s hut, she smiled broadly and said, “OH! You’re going to be my first? I hoped you would be.”
We embraced and kissed hungrily for several minutes until we both were so aroused that we had to stop and get down to it. Carol stepped away, pushed her shorts down, then turned around and bent over her cot, which she had placed on blocks to raise it up higher in order to position her ass to just the right height to accommodate our cocks.
Then she looked back over her shoulder and said, “Fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before, Bill. Ram that wonderful hard cock into me and don’t stop until I beg you to.”
“Mmm. That’s exactly what I’d planned to do,” I said as I dropped my shorts and boxers and got into position behind her. Her pussy folds were already swollen and wet, and her completely shaved pussy looked so inviting that I wanted to lick it first. So I dropped to my knees and pushed my tongue into Carol’s thick, wet folds and started to probe around.
“Oh god, Bill. That’s not part of our arrangement.”
“Then you want me to stop?” I whispered as I continued to lick and probe.
“God no! Don’t stop,” she moaned.
Soon I found her clit and pressed my tongue hard against it.
“Mmm. I’m going to cum! Don’t stop!”
Carol was obviously very horny. I’d never known a girl who had an orgasm so quickly.
She groaned and moaned as a massive orgasm ravished her lovely body. It quivered in a slight spasm as it moved through her body. But just as her orgasm ended, I stood up and rammed my 10-inch cock into Carol all the way with one mighty thrust.
“Ugh! God!” is all she was able to utter when I thrust into her.
I took her hips in both hands and started to pump into her relentlessly. After a couple of minutes, I grabbed her shoulders and continued to pound into her. Carol was moaning with each ram I made into her. My stomach was slapping against her ass with each thrust.
Then I grabbed her hands and pulled them behind her, causing her to utter, “It feels like you’re r****g me, Bill.”
“I am r****g you. I’ve wanted to **** you from the first moment we met.”
“Oh god, I’m cumming again. Fuck me! Fuck me!”
A second orgasm swept through Carol’s body, followed immediately by a third. She was groaning so loudly that I knew the other guys could hear her. But that was their problem, not mine.
By the time Carol’s third orgasm was waning, I shoved hard into her and let my cock explode. That brought a long, loud groan to Carol’s lips and sent her into a fourth orgasm. It lasted until my cock stopped spurting, then she collapsed on the cot, totally spent and trying to catch her breath.
I put my hand over her mouth, pulled her head up against my shoulder, and whispered in her ear, “You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had, Carol. And r****g you was much better than I ever dreamed it would be.”
Still trying to catch her breath, all Carol could manage was to utter a whimper. In my mind, she obviously loved the thought of my r****g her and had four great orgasms to prove it.
– – – – –
I don’t know how Carol managed to fuck the other four guys after the job I’d done on her, but somehow she did. I did listen closely as each one entered her hut and didn’t hear a peep from her, so I assumed that she just laid there while they did their business. If she had other orgasms while having sex with the others, she must have been very quiet while having them.
– – – – –
Two weeks later while we were all sitting around the dinner table, Carol made an announcement: “Guys, our arrangement needs to be revised. As it is now, it’s wearing me out. So, I’m proposing the following modifications: Number one – no more five blowjobs on Monday mornings. Instead, I’ll agree to one Monday morning and one Monday afternoon. Then the same thing on Tuesdays. Wednesday morning will be just the one remaining guy. Number two – I want to divide up the sex on the same schedule.”
She waited for any reactions and didn’t get any from us, so she said, “Okay! If there are no objections, that will be our new schedule starting next Monday.”
– – – – –
Carol’s blowjobs, as good as they were, didn’t measure up to taking her from behind. She simply loved my cock ramming her. She’d groan and have one orgasm after the other. I’d always leave her wanting more. For the life of me, I think I could have fucked her all day and she’d still want more. Carol was the most sex-hungry woman I’d ever known…or heard about. She never seemed to get enough!
As for me, I’d always masturbate the night before my turn so I could last longer with her. She seemed to really like the way I pulled her hands behind her back, so I’d always do that. She’d groan from deep in her chest like she was being ****d, then have an orgasm almost immediately.
Then one day she said, “Bill, I know it’s against our arrangement, but I want you in the missionary position.”
Since I’d also been thinking how good that would be, I said, “I’d love that, Carol. It’ll be our secret.”
“Oh good,” she responded as she turned over and opened her legs.
I quickly moved between them, pushed my fat cock into her body, and lay down on her, grabbed two handfuls of her hair, and we kissed hungrily as we began to fuck vigorously like two lovers. And when she wrapped her legs around my waist I thought I would shoot off. Our bodies fit together perfectly; our thrusting was perfectly in sync. Missionary was definitely the way we wanted to fuck.
“Oh god, Bill, you feel so big and hard inside me! I’ve wanted you like this always.”
“I have too,” I said as I made two fists with her hair and drove my cock so deep that she groaned loudly when I hit her cervix.
“Oh, I’m cumming! Fuck me, Bill. Fuck me like you burst into my office and took me.”
That vision sent us both over the edge. Carol started to have one, then two orgasms.
I shoved my cock into her hard against her cervix just as my cock started to spurt. It was the most intense and lengthy climax I think I’d ever had. But Carol wasn’t finished. She was still thrusting on my cock, so I kept fucking her as she had two more hard orgasms.
When Carol was finally satisfied, she dropped her legs on the cot and struggled to catch her breath. At that point, she was the loveliest girl I’d ever had or would ever want.
My cock was still jerking softly, so I left it inside her as we kissed. She was squeezing it with her pussy muscles, trying to nurse it back to an erection.
“Bill, I could keep you here between my legs all day,” she confessed.
“And this is where I want to be, Carol, but that’s forbidden.”
“I know. Damn that agreement anyway!”
When my cock finally slipped out of her, I stood up and said, “I should go, Carol.”
“I know. But I still want you.”
“And I want you, but I still have to go.”
We kissed and I left, knowing that the next guy would be fucking her that afternoon.
– – – – –
Things continued as planned, but Carol and I fell in love. It was hard on both of us to continue with her “arrangement.”
But a year later we were rescued and her arrangement ended. When we arrived back on Earth eight months later, we got married and no one was surprised.
Every time I made love to Carol I couldn’t get the thought out of my mind that four other guys had fucked her on a regular basis for almost two years. If Carol had the same thoughts she never did relate them to me.
And I did burst into her office late one Friday afternoon, put my hand over her mouth and whisper, “I’m going to fuck you, Carol so cooperated and don’t make a sound.” Then I bent her over the desk, ripped her slacks and panties down, and rammed my hard cock into her all the way. She groaned and looked back at me as though she was checking out who I was.
Then when I pulled her hands behind her back, she groaned deep within her chest as an earth-shattering orgasm swept through her body. Carol loved to be “taken” like that almost as much as I did taking her.

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