Sweet 18 (2)

” oncopy=”return false;”>”Uncle Marcus?!”

I was dumbfounded to see him inside my room, naked! How can he do this to me?! He just seriously looks at me.

I lifted my body so I could sit. He stood up and got the wet tissue.

He gets one and swipes it on the liquid on my tummy. “What are those?!” I asked. “They are smelly.”

He just shook his head and smiled a bit. “Semen. These are semen.” He waves the tissue.

He gets another one and wipes it on my pussy. “Ouch.” It’s so sensitive because of the pain.

“Does it hurt?” He’s concerned. He tried to massage it with his thumb.

“Yeah,” I bit my lower lip. I feel aroused with his touch.

“Sorry…” His eyes are apologetic.

I swallowed before I spoke. “You don’t have to. It was shocking of course but…I enjoyed it. You enjoyed it. So why sorry.”

I tried to stand up but I almost fell because of the pain between my legs. I feel my body rise as he carries me in his arms.

“Where are you going?” He asked.

“I…I need to use the bathtub to ease the pain.”

He nodded and went into my bathroom and placed me in the bathtub. He runs to the water and sits on the side, watching me.

I raised my brows. “Are we so confident with each other that we walked naked?”

“Oh, yeah.” He stood up and was about to leave.

“Hey!” I called him. “Come back here!”

His brows furrowed. “You want me to take my clothes on.”

I rolled my eyes and tapped the side of the bathtub so he could sit again. He did, still confused.

Why am I even looking at his dick?! Am I a pervert now?! God, it’s semi erect! My hand reached his dick and he just watched my hand hold his shaft.

“Is this real?” I’m doubtful.

He smirks. “Is this your first time to see an 8-inch dick?”

My eyes got big. “What the fudge! How could that long and thick of yours fit inside me?!”

He shakes his head again. “That’s why this hurts.” His hand reached my pussy again. Touching our things between our legs is just like a normal…thing now.

“I thought I was fucked by a monster. Yours is a monster cock!” I commented.

He smiles again. “Stop touching it, I’m getting hard again.”

“So?” I noticed there’s dried blood. ” Oh, is that my blood?”

He nods. “Virgin blood.”

“Oh,” I bit my lower lip. “Get the wet tissue, I’ll wipe it.”

He stood up and got the wet tissue and handed it to me. He sits again on the bathtub side and my one hand holds his shaft, while the other wipes the blood.

“I’ll take a shower.” He gets in the shower while I stay in the bathtub.

He went out after, still naked and the towel hangs on his shoulder. “I’ll just go down to clean the mess.”

I nod. “Hmm, can you leave your shirt on my bed? I’ll wear it after I wash myself.”

“Okay.” And he left.

I stayed here for a bit and took a shower. He gets my bedsheet. I think there’s a stain so he might wash it. His shirt is there so I wear it without my underwear.

I went down and it’s all clean now. He’s in the laundry area and using the washing machine. He looked at me when he saw me. We smiled at each other.

“I’m washing your bedsheet. There were stains.” He’s such a gentleman.

“I’m hungry.” I bit my lower lip.

“Yeah, I’ll prepare food.” He went in to prepare the food. I went in too to wait at the dining table.

He came back with the pasta and sat beside me. I started to eat while he was just watching me.

“Still hurts?” I nod slowly.

He reaches his hand again on my pussy to massage it. As if the pain will be gone, I just feel aroused!

“Hmmm,” I can’t look at him. “Why did you sip my pee?”

He’s seriousness slowly turns into laughness. “You didn’t pee. Those were your juices. That’s normal. Just like my cum.”

I bit my lower lip. “So should I eat your cum, too?”

He smiles. “You don’t have to.”

“But…can I try?” I’m so curious how it tastes! Though it smells bad.

“Okay. Next time.” Oh fuck! There’s next time! So excited!

“I won’t tell this to my parents.” I promised him.

He nods. “I just felt guilty. You’re my niece.”

“Why did you do that?”

He shrugged. “I got mad. I thought you’re just throwing a party but I saw a guy inside your room. So I sent them away. And…I thought that’s your birthday wish to that guy. So I just fulfilled it.”

I smiled. “Okay. I liked it anyway. Do you have a girlfriend or what?”

He shook his head. “None. You?”

“I have no boyfriend.” At least we didn’t cheat. Except for my parents.

My body continues to heat up because of his thumb massaging my pussy. “Can you stop that already? I’m feeling–“

“Aroused?” He finished my sentence. “It’s evident on your tits. They’re hard.”

I look down. Shit, it’s evident on the shirt I’m wearing.

“And you’re wet again.” He continued.

I covered my face with my hands. “Oh, this is so embarrassing. I think it’s better when I’m blindfolded.”

He chuckles. “Why? That’s normal.” He removes my hands on my face. “I want to see your reaction.”

“Oh, fuck.” I uttered. He inserted his middle finger in my pussy.

He pulls my chair closer to him. I watched how his finger went in and out of my pussy. I bit my lower lip.

“I can stop, just tell me.” He’s teasing me.

“I’m up for another round.” I answered.

He smiled and carried me to the couch. I sit there and spread my legs. He kneeled in front of me and continued fingering me with his two fingers and licking my clit.

“It’s swollen.” He said. Yeah, but I feel more aroused.

More pleasure is building inside me. He knew how to play my clit. And it makes me crazy! I keep on biting my lower lip. I reach for his hair and pull it.

“Fuck…” I moaned.

I hear him laugh. “Waiting for your pee.”

He’s teasing me! He’s fingering me so fast now. The pain and pleasure are there. But I just want him to continue. Fuck, I’m feeling it again.

“Fuck this!” I moan so loud. He’s smirking down there as he just continues fingering me while licking all my juices.

He stood up and sat beside me. He took off his shorts. And his shaft is hard again. He signals me to sit on his lap. So I did.

I position myself, facing him, my legs are on his sides and hold his dick so it could enter in my pussy as I lower myself. I watch it slowly enter mine.

I bit my lower lip. It can’t fit! He then pushed it hard. “Fuck you!” I reacted as I felt pain again.

He pulled me closer so he could kiss me. Both of his arms support my back as he fucks me so hard!

I keep on moaning in his mouth. But I can’t completely because his tongue is invading my mouth again.

I don’t know where to focus if his cock thrusts me hard or his mouth kisses me so well.

“Aaahhh…” I cried in pleasure as he went his kisses down to my boobs. He’s sucking my tits. I wrapped my hands on his neck.

I feel my body bouncing up as he continues to thrusts me. “Why are you so fucking good?”

He looked up to me. “Because you’re so fucking hot.” And he kissed me again.

I bit his lower lip as I gave him my juices again.

He carried me and put me on the floor. “I’m cumming.” He whispered.

He removed his shaft in me and went up to my mouth to fuck it. I suddenly feel his hot liquid inside my mouth.

“Shit!” He said as he continued to load my his cum in my mouth.

He lays on the floor beside me. We’re both panting.

“I hate the taste!” I said, disgusted.

He laughs. “I guess you don’t want me to cum in your mouth next time.”

Next time? Why am I so excited about that?!

We stayed there for a minute before he carried me upstairs and took a shower together.

We slept together, naked.

|To be continued|

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