Sweet 18 (3)

My parents came back and we’re in the living room watching a series.

Gosh, I miss cuddling with Uncle Marcus. I want to feel the warmth of his body, his kisses and of course his dick inside me again.

That thought made me aroused. How can Uncle Marcus and I make love?

Uncle Marcus went down. “Hey, I need to go back home.”

What?! He’s gonna leave me! No way!

“Oh, yeah, thanks Marcus for taking care of Briana.” My mom.

He’s about to leave when I speak. “Mom, dad,” They turned their heads to look at me. “Can I stay at Uncle Marcus? Well…uhmmm…I just want to tour his place.”

Uncle Marcus’ eyes narrowed and the side of his lips raised.

“Yeah, of course, Bry.” My dad agreed. “Just be back tomorrow. School on Monday.”

We’re on the road now, he’s driving his car. And Uncle Marcus keeps on smiling.

“What’s funny!” I exclaimed.

“I would think I’m your favorite Uncle now.” He’s boasting!

I rolled my eyes. “Yes. And so?”

He shrugged. He puts his right hand on my left thigh and massages it. I’m wearing denim shorts.

“Or do you just like me because of sex?” His attention is still on the road.

“Part. But I like you as a person.” I answered honestly.

He nods. “Take it off.” He points to my shorts.

“Oh,” I did.

His hand is on my line again. Massaging the outer layer. He’s good at multitasking! I’m afraid we might get into a car accident. But I miss his fingers inside me.

He unzipped his pants and put out his shaft. Shit! I miss this, too. My left hand reached it and started to stroke it up and down.

“I like you as a person, too.” He glanced at me before focusing in front.

We continue giving each other pleasures. His one finger is already inside me, and his thumb is doing a circle motion on my clit.

While my thumb rubs the head of his cock. He’s really huge!

I even spread my legs wider so he can insert two of his fingers. I’m wet again.

My tits are so hard that it bulged in my shirt. Gosh, I miss his hands caressing my boobs.

I closed my eyes and bit my lower lip. Why is he good at fingering too?! How can he finger me fast while driving! He’s driving me crazy!

“I think I’m cumming.” I informed him. “Your car seat…”

He smiled. “That’s fine, Bry.”

He just continued throbbing his fingers inside me. “Oh, fuck…” I released my juices. I look down and it spills on the car seat.

He’s two fingers are still inside me. He took it out and licked it to taste my juices.

“Thanks for the energy drink.” He grins. I rolled my eyes as I continued to hand job his cock.

I get a tissue first to clean my pussy and wipe my juices on the car seat.

“Suck me.”

“Oh, yeah.” I bend down on my side and I play my tongue on his head first.

I lick the opening of his head like I’m cleaning it. My hand still continues to go up and down his shaft. I tried to make it fast.

I slowly swallowed his shaft. I even went deeper so his head could reach my throat. And it reaches! I even shake my head!

I released it so I could breathe. I continue to suck half of his dick, while my hand continues to stroke it up and down, while my other hand plays his balls.

His dick grows bigger inside my mouth. “I’m cumming.” He said.

So I suck him hard and stroke him fast. His body shakes as he releases his cum inside my mouth. I immediately get the tissue to spit them.

“Gross!” I exclaimed.

He just laughed. I rolled my eyes as I cleaned his dick. There are some that spilled in his pants. I helped him put back his dick inside his pants.

I got the bottled water so I could wash out his sperm and spit it outside the car. I will wear my denim shorts again.

“Get a sleep.” He said. “It’s still a long drive.”

So I did. He wakes me up as we reach his house. It’s just a simple and small house. He toured me inside.

“I’ll just prepare our food.” He said. I think living alone makes you learn how to cook food. I don’t even know how since it’s my mom who always prepares ours.

I hugged him from behind. “I wish that you’re not my uncle.”

He chuckled. “I’m adopted.”

“Even so. You’re still my uncle.” I pouted.

“Why? You want to stop this?” His voice is serious.

“Of course not.” I rolled my eyes. “It’s just that I should not…you know…fall in love.”

He removes my hands and turns around to face me. He gives me a soft kiss. “Then don’t stop yourself. Go back there and watch something. You’re disturbing me. I might end up eating you.”

He’s good at cooking, too. Gosh, I think I’m ready to fall in love. After our lunch, Uncle Marcus went to shower.

I decided to join him. “Let’s shower together.”

He smirked. He pulled me into him and kissed him passionately. The water is dripping on our bodies.

“I thought we’ll just take shower.” I said between our kisses.

“Yeah, after we make out.” He responded.

His tongue makes his way in my mouth. My tongue plays with his tongue, too. He pushed my body on the wall. He cupped my boobs and started to caress it.

His kisses went down to my mound. He licked and sucked my tit while his other hand massages my other mound.

“Oh…” I moan.

He’s mouth is sucking my boobs alternately. His other hand went down to my pussy and started to finger me. I grip his shoulder to support my weight.

“Fuck…” I moan again.

His kisses went down to my pussy. He kneels down and licks my pussy while he fingers me. He sticks out his tongue and licks my clit.

“Shit! Pussy eater!” I shouted because of the good sensation he’s doing to me.

He suddenly bit my clit. “Fuck you!”

He didn’t care what I’m saying. He continues to suck me and fingers me. There’s a pressure building inside me.

“Babe, I’m cumming…” He just fingers me faster. I moan loudly as I release my juices and he sips it all.

He stood up. “Babe, ha?” He smirks.

He kisses my mouth again. He spread my legs as he positioned his shaft. I feel his dick inside me again.

He lifted my one leg so he could thrust me more inside.

“Am I good, babe?” He’s teasing me!

“Fucking good!” I answered. Fuck his monster cock. It’s gonna wreck my pussy!

I bit his shoulder. My fingers pierced his back. “Oh, fuck!” I moan again.

He held my face so he could kiss me again. He invaded my mouth again to stop me from moaning. God, I always feel like I’m going crazy whenever we fuck.

He pulls out his shaft and turns me around so I’m facing the wall. He bend me a little so he could start fucking me.

My hands are on the wall. His hands grip my waist as he thrusted me inside while his on my back. The shower is still on and it drips down our body.

“I like it when you call me babe.” He said.

“Yeah, babe.” I responded, out of breath.

“How about my cum inside you?” He asked.

Shit! I want it, too. But am I safe? “O-okay, babe.”

He thrusts hard. “Babe!” He shouted as he shot his load inside me.

He turned me around so he could hug me and kiss me. “I’ll have you drink a pill. Don’t worry, babe.”

I nod. “I’ll go to OB, too, babe. I need a dose of pills.”

|To be continued