Sweet 18 (4)

We took a sleep after our wild sex in the shower. I wore his shirt, while he’s on his boxer brief. My head is on his shoulder and I wrap my left arm around his chest. While his left arm is underneath me and his hand is brushing my hair.

We look like a couple.

I look up at him. His eyes are closed. I reach for his lips and give him a soft kiss. He opens his eyes and gives me a smile.

“How’s your sleep, babe?” He asked.

I smiled. “It’s always better when I’m sleeping next to you.”

“We should not.” He said. My brows furrowed. “I could fuck you every day if it happens.”

I smirk. “So? I’m all yours, babe.”

He leaned over to give me a kiss. It’s so passionate. I move my body on top of him. His left hand is still on my back, while his right hand cups my right mound and starts to caress it while I’m on my shirt.

I gave him an opening in my mouth so he could invade me again. I could follow him now. Our tongues are reunited once again.

His left hand moves down to my butt and massages it while he tries to reach my line.

My kisses went down to his chest and I licked his right nipple. God, his chest is so hard, he maintains his muscular body. I suck his nipple while my other hand plays with his other nipple. I suck him alternately.

I looked up at him and saw him biting his lower lip. “You’re getting wilder every day.” He said.

I smirk. My kisses went down to his tummy. I lick all his abs. And I went down to his shaft. I lick his underwear following the bulge on it.

“Fuck.” He uttered.

I keep on massaging it and licking it. I’m torturing him because I’m not taking out his shaft yet.

He lifted up his butt so I could totally take off his underwear. I hold his shaft while I keep on licking his groin. He is clean, he shaves regulary I guess.

I just noticed now that he has huge balls. I suck his balls. The skin of his balls is weird, it’s wrinkled.

My tongue licks up his shaft. Gosh, he’s long and thick. There are some veins that are showing, my tongue can even feel it too.

I focus on licking his head. I even lick his opening. My hand starts to jerk him. I won’t get tired of worshipping his dick.

I slowly swallow his dick. I suck it up and down. I can’t swallow him whole. But I tried to bring his dick deep into my throat. I even shake my head so his head can feel my throat. I released it so I could breathe.

I suck and jerk him more before I go up and my knees are on his side. I position his shaft on my opening. He’s just watching me. I slowly went down as I felt his shaft inside me.

I went up and down. I don’t know if my movement is enough to give him pleasure. I tried to make it faster. I even rock my hips. I lean back and my hands are on the bed to support my weight.

“Shit.” He moans. And I got him. I got the rhythm now.

His hand reaches for my clit so his thumb can play with it. “Fuck.” I moan because of the pleasure he gives me.

He keeps on rubbing my clit as I feel a pressure building inside me. I close my eyes as I feel my body shake and release my juices. “Holy shit.”

I stayed there still as he held my waist and made a move. He’s thrusting me hard. I feel my boobs bounce up and down so I took my shirt off.

I massage my boobs infront of him. He lifted his body so he could sit but still manages to continue fucking me. He bent down to reach my left mound and sucked it hard.

I lifted a bit up so he could give me a good fuck since he’s sitting on the bed. His one hand is on the bed while the other is on my back to support me.

This position is a bit tiring but I feel more pleasure. He suddenly pushed me down so I could lay on the bed. He pushed my legs on the bed and gave me a hard thrusts.

He reaches my mouth again and invades it. I responded to his kisses. I feel his balls slapping on my butt.

I think I’m ready to live with him forever.

“Babe,” He said between our kisses. “Can I cum inside?”

I locked my arms around his head so we could deep kiss. That’s my response to his question.

His dick grows bigger and his body gets tense. He bites my lips as he gives me his cums inside me. “Fuck, babe!”

We stayed in that position, he’s still inside me. He’s looking at me with his dark eyes. We’re both panting.

“Can you be…my girl?” He asked.

I blink twice before I realize his questions. I swallowed hard. “Sure.”

He gave me a soft kiss before he removed his shaft inside me. He gets the wet tissue and wipes it on my pussy. After that, I get one and clean his dick too.

He put his underwear back. And I put his clothes on and my panties too.

He gets the pills and the bottled water in his drawer and gives it to me. I take the pills.

We went down to watch a movie in the living room. I’m hugging him from the side and laying my head on his shoulder.

“Babe?” I called him. He just looks at me. “I feel your cum dripping out my pussy.”

He spreads my legs to check my panties. “Oh, yeah. I’m sorry, babe.”

“That’s okay. I’ll just take a shower.” I gave him a kiss.

“Can you dress up?” He asked. My brows furrowed. “Let’s have a dinner date.”

“Only if you can join me in the shower.” I teased.

He laughs. He carries me in the shower. “You’re getting naughtier.”

He pushes me on the wall. He removes my shirt and panty, and he removes his briefs too.

He immediately got inside me. His other hand is wrapped around my back, while the other is cupping my left mound. He’s invading my mouth again.

“This is our 4th time today.” He said between our kisses.

“Prepare for the 5th time after our dinner.” I responded.

“Always ready for you.” And he invaded me once again.

I’m proud of our stamina. I cum twice, while he shoots his juices in my thighs.

We showered after.

|To be continued|

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