Arra and Ruby – Chapter 5-6

ni libog_na Chapter 5 – “Baby Rubz? Do you think we’re the only girls in school that are still virgins?” “Haha… probably Baby Arr. But then again, there are lots of girls who aren’t so pretty….” “But maybe they’re the ones doing it!” “Could be, you never know! Look at you,… you’re hot but you’re … Read more

Arra and Ruby – Chapter 3-4

ni libog_na Chapter 3 – Monday brought a new week, and the girls went about their business at home and school normally. They had no plans to “come out” to anyone, in fact they weren’t sure if they actually were coming out of anything or what? Neither considered herself a lesbian and both were very … Read more

Arra and Ruby part 1-2

ni libogna Arra and Ruby Two Good Girls from Davao Chapter 1 – Arra and Ruby had been classmates for years, but lately they had become friends. It was kind of surprising they came to like each other, as they were very different and ran in different circles. Arra is brainy, smart and shy, while … Read more