The Bad Girl: Chapter 10 – Cowardice by: Crystalite

It was such a sunny Monday morning, a nice day to start the week. Chrissie had her BMW M3 convertible’s top down as she was driving to ABAC.

Reina kept squirming in her seat trying to find a comfortable position. She turned to her friend and asked, “Does it always hurt like this?”

“Who told you to overdo it anyway?” Chrissie’s delicate eyebrow shot up, casting a sideway glance to her friend. “Damn! Did you actually take time to rest & eat, girl?”

She saw the blush on Reina’s cheeks and squealed, “Omigod!”

“Well… We did take time to eat but we always ended up doing so much more.” Reina replied sheepishly

“You naughty little sex maniac!” was all Chrissie could say and they both laughed.

They had just entered ABAC and were nearing the car park when all of a sudden, Reina ducked, and grimaced at the pain.

Chrissie was confused at her friend’s behavior. Just then, she saw Sherwin waiting for them. Her mouth opened as if to say “Ah!” and her head nodded in silent understanding. Pretending not to see Sherwin, she turned left and parked a few feet away from their usual parking place.

“What has gotten into you?!” Chrissie inquired as she got out of the car. “I would have expected a lot from you than just hide,” she added, closing the door and crossing her arms.

Reina got out of the car, fixed herself, shrugged her shoulders and said, “I’m just not ready to face him yet.”

Chrissie locked her car, rolled her eyes, shook her head and said, “Yang, sex has made you awfully weird!”

She went ahead, leaving Reina to run after her, shouting, “Chris! Wait up!”


Sherwin had been waiting for Reina at the car park for an hour now. He saw Chrissie coming in half an hour ago but Reina’s not with her. Although, it’s quite strange for Chrissie not to park at her usual parking space. He shrugged it off and just walked away. He never bothered to wait for Chrissie to get out of the car.

“Maybe Reina’s just too tired,” he tried to convince himself, again. For the nth time, he called her…

“Hi! The Bitch is quite occupied with more exciting matters, please leave your message after the beep & CALL ME LATER!” came the same reply.

This time he left a message, his patience wearing thin. “Hey Reina, it’s me Sherwin. I’ve been trying to reach you since last night. Are you alright? I’m just a bit worried. Call me, okay?”


Sometime after lunch, Chrissie & Reina were passing by the school’s garden near the lagoon to go to their respective classes. Reina spotted Sherwin a few feet away, talking to his friends. She panicked and looked around for somewhere to hide and decided to head for the bushes.

“Yang! We’ve been doing this for days now! I don’t dress up everyday just to crawl & hide behind bushes, trees, in supply rooms… Argh! I could go on & on!” Chrissie hissed through clenched teeth.

“Shhhh… Quiet!” Reina reprimanded her friend. “He’ll hear you!” she whispered.

“I don’t care!” Chrissie stopped crawling and waved her hands in exasperation. “My Manolos are ruined! I just bought these yesterday!”

“Who told you to wear Manolos to school anyway?!” Reina shot back. “Sometimes you are just so ridiculous!”

“Hah! Look who’s talking!” Chrissie looked at her friend in annoyance. “And who, may I remind you, just dragged me to run for cover on all fours? I really can’t believe you!”

“I know… I just can’t face him yet!” a defensive angry Reina replied.

“Hah! If a word of you dodging Delectable Dorky here gets out, you will no longer be known as the Bitch! Shall I now christen you as Reina the sex CHICKEN?” Chrissie said mockingly as she moved to resume her crawling. But she wasn’t fast enough to elude Reina’s slap

“Ouch!” she cried out in pain.

“Ssssshhhhhhhh…” Reina hushed.

“Okay… okay…” answered Chrissie, wriggling her nose which gained her a sharp look from Reina.


Sherwin was talking to his friends when he noticed a slight movement in the bushes. It was rather odd because there’s no wind, so it couldn’t be the wind making those movements. And it was only in that particular spot. The rest of the bushes were still. He was about to check it out when a classmate called him.

“Coming!” Sherwin shouted back, shrugged his shoulders, and walked away.


Reina was standing in front of the elevator, on her way to the library at the 3rd floor of the building. The door opened and she went in and she pressed 3.

“Note to self… Do not take any class under Dr. Hua Mak ever again! Damn! I should have learned my lesson the last semester!” cursing herself out loud. Luckily, there was no one with her inside.

“He can’t seem to grasp the concept of the information super highway! Ugh! Library work! Chrissie will have hysterics if she finds out! Ugh!” she continued to complain and grumble in irritation.

She was leaning her back on the wall, when the door opened on her floor. She was about to step out when she saw someone she doesn’t want to see in a million years: SHERWIN! She hurriedly closed the door and proceeded to the 5th floor!

Without her knowledge, Sherwin saw her and discretely followed her using the stairs, hoping to catch her when she gets out. He was not able to do that but he caught a glimpse of her, going to the Ramayana room.


“Damn! I can’t very well hide behind the Rama mural!” Reina muttered as she quickly surveyed the large room, looking for a place to hide.

Her back stiffened when she heard the door open and clicked lock.

“You’ve been avoiding me,” Sherwin said flatly.

“Busted!” Reina thought in defeat but doesn’t turn and acknowledge his presence.

Sherwin walked toward her, “So we’re back to her Highness, Reina Yang, huh?”

He stopped beside her and continued, “Such a pity. I’m really not expecting anything from THE Reina Yang but I’m expecting so much more from the woman I was with last weekend.”

She swallowed hard but never budged an inch and continued pretending to study the mural.

He turned to face her and asked, “So, it is going to be like this, huh? I just had the honor of taking your virginity & then wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am?!”

And when he didn’t get a reply he placed his hands on his head and run his fingers through his hair.

“I don’t believe this!” Sherwin fumed. “So this is all a game to you?? A plan, perhaps??”

Reina flinched a little then faced him. Her expression was calm but her eyes shot daggers at Sherwin. And she crossed her arms when she spoke.

“Yes! It’s actually part of the plan, although originally it was Matt who I chose to break my virginal state,” Reina said calmly, every word dripping with sarcasm. “We both know why it did not go as planned. What are you so mad about?” she asked innocently.

“Oh, yes!” she snapped her fingers as if suddenly remembering something. “Probably because I haven’t thanked you yet?” she asked mockingly. “But I could have SWORN I have showed my gratitude in more ways than one…” smiling lewdly.

Reina sighed and with a fake smile, she drawled sarcastically, “But if that’s what you want then, thank you very much, Mr. Sherwin Xu, I am now free to sleep around and do what I damn well please!”

Sherwin asked, bewildered, “Why are you so afraid? Dammit! You’re scared that if you actually spend more time with me, THE Reina Yang the whole world knows will cease to exist!”

“And if, ONLY if, you let your guard down, you’d feel something for me!” Sherwin knocked a chair down and shouted, “Bullshit!”

Reina jumped a little. She was getting scared but hid it carefully. She even raised her chin higher.

He pointed at her and yelled, “You’re so scared to be with someone because he just might leave you just like your father leaves his women!”

“My, my, Sherwin Xu,” she laughed evilly. “Whatever made you think that after a couple nights of hot wild sex, you are on the authority of my feelings and emotions?”

“Last weekend was…last weekend … History…” she shrugged her delicate shoulders.

“Now, I may go on and do what I have always wanted, thanks to your help…” she said, smiling wickedly.

She sashayed over to him and poked him on the chest, saying “If you think that after everything, I’d turn into an oh-so-soft-lady, think again! Don’t flatter yourself! You don’t even have enough animal magnetism!” she added, scornfully assessing Sherwin’s dorky clothes and started to walk away.

Oh, but Sherwin was hurt more than he looked. He grabbed Reina’s arms, pulled her roughly, pinned her on the wall, and with a murderous gleam in his eyes whispered in her ear, “Another lesson you should learn, Reina Yang…”

He licked her earlobe which gained a gasp from her, “Never slur at a man’s virility!”


Reina’s eyes were filled with terror!

“This couldn’t be happening!” she thought.

“Sherwin! Let me go!” she struggled to break free from his grasp. But Lord! He is strong! And furious!

She gasped when he licked her ear.

When he heard her gasp, he moved to capture her lips. He started to kiss her hard, bruising her lips.

She tried to scream, but his mouth covered hers, absorbing her protests.

His hands were pulling at her blouse, buttons popping everywhere! His hands freed her breasts from her lacy brassiere.

“Nooo!!” she whispered, willing herself not to cry.

She pounded at his back and kept saying, “I hate you!”

His mouth then set off to capture her hardened tip, rolling it between his teeth, biting it harder than he ever did.

She cried out softly in pain but her hands were on his head, drawing him closer.

He smiled at her reaction. At this, he slid his hand under her skirt, ripped her thongs, felt her heat, her wetness. Two fingers pushed their way inside her, probing her deeply.

She hissed at the sudden pain and pleasure from his entry.

His fingers went in and out of her, faster and faster and harder and harder. And when she was about to find her release, he stopped.

She whimpered in objection.

He went up to tease her, his lips just a fraction of an inch away from hers, and demanded, “Now tell me you don’t feel anything! Tell me you don’t feel it! Tell me to stop!” and started to loosen his grip on her.

Reina’s head told her to do just that. But her body felt otherwise and said, “Please don’t go! Don’t stop! I’m so near! Please??” She almost begged.

Sherwin smiled triumphantly, “So you want to be a bitch, eh? Let me show you how to fuck a bitch!” and turned her around. He unzipped his pants and let them fall to his feet together with his boxers.

He roughly bent her slightly forward and lifted her right leg and plunge himself all the way in!

Reina bit her lip at his entry.

He wasn’t the gentle Sherwin she was with last weekend. He was the enraged Sherwin, pounding her harder and harder, never caring to know if she’s hurt or not.

She felt her body about to find its release. At the same time, his movements became faster and faster. Harder and harder he drove.

And with one last plunge, he stiffened behind her and shuddered at the release of his ecstasy, filling her.

Reina felt him stiffen and shudder. She cried out as she found her own release, while a tear found its way to the corner of her eye. The feeling of fulfillment turned into shame

Sherwin pulled himself out of her, letting her drop carelessly to the floor.

Still glowing from the aftermath, he pulled up his pants and dressed himself.

Reina never bothered to look at him, still clutching at her blouse, trying to cover herself.

On the way to the door, he said, “If you want to be known as a Bitch, you will be treated as a bitch. But if you want something more because you’re worth more… I can give you that… I’ll wait for you tonight… you know where to find me…”

With that, he opened the door and went out.

Reina was left in the room and sobbed.

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