The Bad Girl: Chapter 2 – The Prey/ Chapter 3 – The Game by: Crystalite

“I knew I’d find you here,” said Matthew Li, tapping his cousin on the shoulder and sitting beside him. “Still alone, huh? I just can’t believe you! This school is flooding with beautiful girls and yet, you ain’t got a girlfriend?!”

“C’mon, Matt,” said Sherwin while removing Matthew’s arm around his shoulder. “Tell me, who would actually want to date a geek like me?”

“Man, we’re not cousins for nothing. You got the looks. Just get rid of those dorky specs of yours and switch to contact lenses. And a little change in wardrobe won’t hurt,” said Matthew shrugging his shoulders while opening his bag of Lay’s.

Although both grew up in Taiwan, Sherwin Xu, tired of women running after him for his money, chose to study in one of the most prestigious schools in Thailand. At least here, he won’t have to worry about it since most of the students are as rich as he is or richer than him and he’s not Thai. But as for Matthew, he followed Sherwin for the very reason his cousin ran away from Taiwan: WOMEN.

Both guys are actually very good-looking if not only for Sherwin’s specs and choice of clothes. A little make-over and he can be as HOT as his cousin or even hotter!

Matthew continued to munch on his chips when he noticed a very pretty Chinese girl laughing and shaking her head. But what caught his attention was the girl she was following. She looks oh-so-angelic and yet she’s eyeing him shyly and smiling coyly.

“Not bad,” he thought. “With two lovely girls just across the table, who could ask for more?”

“Uh, Sherwin, do you know those girls across us are? I haven’t seen them yet so I guess they’re new.”

Sherwin took off his specs to rest his eyes from writing a research paper. He has barely closed his eyes for five seconds when Matthew asked that question. Annoyed, he opened his eyes and they instantly saw her. His eyes widened at the sight. It was her!

“Uh…uh…” he stammered. “Uh…it’s Reina Yang, a transferee from Taiwan.”

“Man, she’s HOT!” Matthew said, clucking his tongue.

“Yes, really hot!” Sherwin muttered.


Chapter 3

The Game

“Work it girl!” Chrissie urged as they sauntered towards the table opposite Reina’s target.

Reina, without breaking eye contact with her boy toy of the hour, licked the ice cream off the spoon and then slowly sucked it in like it was a lollipop. Then bit by bit she made a show of tugging the spoon in and out of her mouth.

“Is she suggesting what I think she’s suggesting? Damn!” Matt thought feeling his temperature rise.

Reina, still at her game, placed her spoon down and started tracing her lower lip with her middle finger. “You’re mine!” she thought. Unhurriedly with the same finger, she traced a seductive path from her lip to her chin down her neck and on to her cleavage and bit her lower lip.

“Get hold of yourself, Matt. Don’t lose your cool. Maintain eye contact. Damn! This girl is ready for some action” Matt said to himself. Without blinking he asked his cousin, “Uh, Sherwin, could you introduce me to her?”

“Uh…uh…” Sherwin answered quite distractedly. “Uh… she doesn’t exactly know me.”

Reina is now toying with the first button of her blouse and she’s enjoying every minute of it. She knows she’s got Chinese Guy baited. Little by little she started unbuttoning her top.

“Open it! Open it!” Matthew silently prayed.

Chrissie, on the other hand, was trying so hard not to laugh. “Poor guy,” she thought as discreetly scanned the area. “Boy-o-boy, I guess it’s not only Boy Toy Reina hooked. It seems that Glasses Boy here is also lured to Bitchy’s trap. Go, Reina! Go, Reina!” she silently cheered.

“She is so beautiful!” Sherwin exclaimed under his breath, awestruck. He is having a difficult time breathing as he watched Reina leisurely freed her first button, seductively opening her blouse, giving him a glimpse of her lacy red bra and what’s underneath it. Sherwin swallowed, HARD.

“Yang,” Chrissie whispered, “You just hit two birds with one stone. Mr. Nerdy’s eyes are popping out!”

That caught Reina’s attention. She looked at the guy Chrissie was referring to and her eyes widened in disbelief and dislike. Glasses Boy was actually staring at her with his jaw dropped!

She straightened her back, narrowed her eyes, glared at him, suddenly stood up and haughtily said, “Hey, Dorky! The show’s not meant for you!”

She walked over to the guys’ table and closed Sherwin’s mouth and with a raised eyebrow said, “You’re practically DROOLING!”

And everyone in the ice cream parlor started laughing.

Reina turned to Matt, ran her nails on his shoulder and bent over to whisper closely almost touching his ear, “By the way, the name’s Reina.” And left.

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