The Bad Girl: Chapter 8 – Saturday by: Crystalite

Reina stretched up lazily with a silly smile on her face. She felt contented and happy but didn’t know why. Her clouded mind barely remembered what happened last night. Everything was in a haze. But Lord! Is she tired! All her muscles ached.

Suddenly, her eyes flew open, and focused at the arm on her waist. She bolted right up and realized she was with a man! She screamed her lungs out, pulled the blanket to cover her body, and ran to the farthest corner of the room.


Sherwin, awakened by her screams, fell off the bed, startled. Still fighting the sleepiness that threatened to overcome him, he stood up and was puzzled to see a very frightened Reina Yang huddled in the corner. It took him a minute to regain his senses and realized the reason for Reina’s terror…



“You’re not Matthew!” Reina shouted, her eyes widened in horror and confusion. Still disoriented, she grabbed the nearest thing and flung it at him as he moved towards her.

Fortunately, Sherwin was able to duck and avoid the vase. “Yes, I’m not Matthew.” He explained. “I’m Sherwin Xu, his cousin.” He sighed and sat on the carpeted floor and ran his fingers through his hair.

“Where’s Matthew?” she eyed him suspiciously, still clutching the blanket tightly.

“I was supposed to tell you he wasn’t here and explain why. But when I saw you, standing so beautiful and so sexy, I just had to kiss you.” He replied, sounding regretful. “I thought that one kiss would be enough but it didn’t stop there and…well…”

She blushed furiously as she remembered the hot night they spent.

“I’m so sorry,” he sounded so forlorn and looked so adorably guilty that she couldn’t help but feel endeared. Besides, he was REALLY GOOD IN BED last night!

She went over and sat in front of him.

He continued to explain, “I know it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have taken advantage. I could take you home now if…” he stopped when he felt her soft lips against his.

The kiss was sweet and undemanding.

A full minute had passed when they broke the kiss, leaving them breathless and wanting more.

“Now tell me, where did you learn how to please a woman?” she huskily whispered against his lips and sat back on the floor.

He grinned slightly and said, “Research and experience.”

Her eyebrows shot up. “Experience?” Reina dubiously asked, obviously surprised.

He shrugged his shoulders and said, “Well, there’s more than meets the eye.” And proceeded to kiss her again, tasting her. He flicked his tongue inside her mouth, making her gasp.

She put her hands on his chest when she felt his tongue snake inside her mouth. She pushed him away, slowly.

“Uh, I think I have to take a shower,” she said, panting.

“Why?” he asked, and nibbled on her lower lip.

“I..uh..I..feel sticky,” she replied and scrambled to run to the bathroom.

He was left alone in the room, shaking his head. He stood up and went to prepare breakfast. After all, it’s already 10 AM.

“My, my,” he said, clucking his tongue. “How time travels so fast when you’re having a good time.”


Reina closed the door behind her and glanced at the mirror. She was glowing!

“What has gotten into you, girl?” she asked her reflection. “You’re acting like a fool,” she went on giggling.

Reina finished her bath. She looked fresh and her skin looked pink from scrubbing and she smelled sweet.

She took a shirt from Sherwin’s closet and put it on. Since she wasn’t wearing any underwear, she had to find a shirt that would hide her essentials.

“Hmmm… what to wear? What to wear?” she mused. “Found it!” she exclaimed and put on a long sleeve button down shirt she found, her body tingled as the fabric made contact with her skin.

She went out of the room and sought Sherwin. Her stomach was grumbling when she found him busy setting up the breakfast he prepared.

Sherwin was surprised to see her. She looked good enough to eat and she smelled intoxicatingly sweet, too. Just seeing her stirred another part of his anatomy.

He tried to act normal as he handed her a plate of waffles.

“I hope you like waffles,” he said, trying not to remember how good she looked in his shirt.

“Are you kidding?” she replied. “I love waffles! I can eat a lot of them, especially when I’m starved.”

She sat herself across Sherwin and noticed that he does look handsome.

“Would like some coffee? I made some,” he offered.

“Nah, orange juice would do,” she replied. “Oh, and do you have some whipped cream?”

“Whipped cream with waffles?” he asked in surprise, reaching for the whipped cream.

“Yup. I like my waffles sweet, buttery, and creamy!” she replied enthusiastically.


Sherwin can’t concentrate on his food. He kept on looking at Reina who is savoring every bite of her waffles. Damn! He’s thinking of naughty thoughts again.

“Umm…good!” Reina exclaimed, licking the cream off her finger.

He inhaled deeply and wished she was licking the certain part of his body instead of the finger!

Reina was aware of Sherwin’s discomfort. Actually, it excited her. She could feel her blood rushing to the very center of her womanhood. So, she did what she thought she should do.

She poured a dollop of cream on her finger and offered, “Wanna have some? It’s really good.”

Oh, but he was eager to lick it off her finger! AND he didn’t just do that! He licked it all right, but he couldn’t resist the feel of her delicate finger inside his mouth. He twirled his tongue around her finger and sucked it in.

Reina stifled a gasp by biting her lower lip but her body betrayed her. She let out a soft whimper, enough for Sherwin to realize her need.

Sherwin looked at her. Her eyes filled with hunger and passion.

They both moved to kiss each other.

His hands busy opening buttons of her shirt.

Her hands exploring his back.

He undressed her and saw her perfect naked form. He lifted her up the counter and laved and kissed her already hard nipples, first the right, then the left. He made a wet trail down to her navel and then to her center. Her dark curls were already wet from her secretions, a signal of her arousal. He could smell her sweet musky scent. He parted her folds with his tongue to taste her.

Suddenly, he stopped and walked away from her. She looked at him, confused, then her eyes lit up when she saw what he’s holding. She let out a small laugh and ran away from him.

He caught her from behind and nuzzled her neck. He then turned her around and kissed her demandingly, his lips sucking and his tongue snaking in and out of her mouth.

He laid her down on the small coffee table, her feet dangling on the floor. He grinned and sprayed whipped cream all over her body, more on her nipples and her center.

He proceeded to lick the whipped cream off her body, suckling her nipples on the way, nipping her flesh, making her body quiver with anticipation.

And when he got to her womanhood, she let out a gasp and a moan. She was reveling in the feel of his tongue when her cell phone rang.

“Oh shit!” she cursed, trying to reach the phone on the sofa. “Hello!” she answered sharply.

It was Chrissie. “Geesh girl! Woke up on the wrong side of the bed?” she teased.

“Uh…can’t talk right now…” she started, panting.

Sherwin smiled to himself knowing the dilemma she is in right now. He continued to suck and lick and nip until he could feel her body tense up in anticipation for her sweet surrender. He stood up, took off all his clothes and entered her in one swift movement that made her gasp and moan and her body tremble in release.

“Ahh…I’m…ohh…kinda…oohh…in the middle of…” she can’t suppress the moan that tried so hard to escape as she felt him enter her and her body rocked in sweet release.

“OH MY GOD!” cried Chrissie, squealing in delight. “You’re actually doing it now?!” shaking her head, laughing. “Damn, this is better than phone sex. Hey, can I listen?”

But her words fell on deaf ears as the couple continued their session. Forgetting her phone, Reina concentrated on the sensation Sherwin was giving her…


They woke up in each other’s arms. Sherwin got up first then helped Reina up. They picked up their clothes and started dressing up. All of a sudden, his stomach grumbled. They looked at each other and laughed.

“Are you hungry?” he asked, making his way to the kitchen.

“Nope, I’m famished,” she replied with a grin. “What time is it anyway?” she asked and found the wall clock. It was 5:30 PM.

She sat on one of the chairs and asked again, “Did we really sleep that long??” clearly astonished.

He was preparing dinner when he answered, “Uh-huh. You were so tired that you were snoring!”

“I do NOT snore!” she answered indignantly.

“You do too!” he laughingly said.

“Hmph! I was exhausted, what do you expect,” she pouted.

“Okay, okay…just kidding!” he shook his head.

“Uhmm… Sherwin, do you have some cigarettes? I think I left mine in the car.” she asked.

“I think Matt has some. Wait here…” he replied and proceeded to his cousin’s room.

Sherwin was scouring Matt’s stuff when he came across a familiar looking tablet. “Methaqualone,” he read the label. “Holy shit! He didn’t give me Mefenamic Acid!”

“Wait ’til I get my hands on you, Matthew Li!” he silently threatened. “I could wring your neck for this!”

Sherwin was mentally killing Matt when he realized, “On the other hand… I owe you one, buddy!” He grinned and took a pack of Davidoff and went back to Reina.


“What’s with the smile?” Reina asked, seeing the Cheshire Cat grin on Sherwin’s face.

“Let’s just say that I’m glad Matt took a rain check,” he said as he handed the cigarettes to Reina.

“I’m very glad, too.” Reina said, looking at Sherwin meaningfully.

Their eyes met. An unspoken understanding was ensued.

Changing the topic, Reina lit a stick and asked, “So, what are we having tonight?”

“I don’t know yet. I’m experimenting,” he began. Trying not to dwell on what Reina divulged, Sherwin quickly donned an apron and focused on what he was preparing.

Catching her dubious look, he added, “But I assure you it’s going to taste really good.”

“You know what? You ask a lot of questions,” he faced her, looking so scrumptious in his apron. “And yet I know little of you.”

“So where do you want me to start?” she replied, puffing a circle of smoke.

“Just answer this,” he looked at her straight in the eye. “Why are you called The Bitch.”

She gave a laugh that sounded so hollow. “To cut the story short, I guess I inherited all the recessive genes my parents have…” she started and proceeded to tell him about her life story. She never thought that she could warm up to anyone other than Chrissie.

She held his gaze but never showed any emotion, “… I am actually surprised that Dad sent me here, that he actually cared for my well-being… but then again, old habits die hard. I’m so used to having my own way that I think I’m beyond redemption.”

Only then when she finished did she look away that she missed the look of sadness in his eyes.


After a wonderful dinner, they moved to the music room and enjoyed their wine.

Sherwin was resting his back on the beanbag and Reina rested against him.

“You know what I want to do now?” He asked in a whisper, nuzzling her neck.

“What?” she replied, tilting her head to give him more access to her neck.

“I want to take my shirt off you and make slow and sweet love to you,” kissing shoulder.

She faced him and said, “Not yet. I want to take a shower.”

“Again??” he exclaimed. “How many times do you have to take a shower in one day anyway?”

“It depends” She replied with a smile and stood up to walk to the bathroom.

“I’ll just stay here,” he declared.

“Suit yourself.” She shrugged her shoulders. She paused at the doorway and teasingly asked, “Are you sure you don’t want to join me?”

He struggled to his feet and said, “That, I want to do.”


Reina stood under the relaxing warmth of the water when she heard the bathroom door open. She smiled when she saw Sherwin.

Sherwin was marveling at her beauty when he entered and when she smiled, he almost melted.

She motioned for him to join her and with a naughty gleam in his eyes, he did.

Sherwin’s body glistened from the pouring water.

She turned the shower off and proceeded to soap him: front and back, carefully paying attention to his manhood which stirred under her touch, getting harder and harder by the minute.

He sucked in air when he felt her hands on him. She smiled at the reaction she caused him.

He said, “Stop!” and took the soap from her.

“Now it’s my turn,” his voice gruff from her doing.

He soaped her body, stopping to play with her nipples, making the tips as hard as can be, sending shivers to her spine. He went lower and found her center. She was wet and hot.

She moaned as his fingers rubbed the hard nub and played with her folds, her hips buckling against his fingers.

He stopped when he saw that she was about to find her fulfillment.

He kissed her hard, his tongue twirling and darting in and out of her mouth as if it was another part of his body.

She pushed him away from her and gasped. “We can’t do this here!” she panted.

“And why not?” he looked into her eyes, confused.

“Because I can’t breathe!” she giggled.

He smiled and rinsed both of them. He rubbed her body with a towel and carried her over to the bedroom.

He laid her gently on the bed and peeled the towel off her body.

He kissed her hungrily, as if afraid of losing her tonight.

Still breathless from the intensity of their kiss, they began to explore each other’s bodies.

She got up and pushed him on the bed. She straddled his chest and went down on him to engulf his maleness.

He thought he was going to lose his control when she flicked her tongue.

He raised his head to look at her center. She glistened with her juices. He touched her and she felt so slick. He inserted a finger inside and moved it in and out causing her to suck him harder and tighter.

He pulled her closer and licked her wetness. He continued to tease, suck, and lick her as she continued to move her mouth on him.

She can’t take it anymore! She has to have him inside her. With that, she moved away from him and positioned herself on top, guiding him to her entrance, and slowly went down to take in his whole length.

She didn’t let him take the lead. She was on top now. She was in control.

Slowly and slowly…


Faster and faster…

Harder and harder…

Deeper and deeper…



“Hurry! I’m so near!”

“Oh God!”

“Now, honey! Now! Please”

“I’m there…”

“Oh Goddd!”


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