Never Trust Anyone An Office Paradise

“Hello?” Monique spoke as her hacker accepted the call.

“I missed you, my plaything.” The mystery man – or maybe, not that mysterious now – replied.

“What do you want?” The lady lawyer blurted in an irritated tone.

“Come on now. I left you alone all these days so you could do your annoying pleading, and this is how you thank me?”

Monique wanted to play confrontational. But she was dead tired.

“Sorry, what do you want?” She said, this time in a tone that betrayed surrender.

“First, call me Boss”.

“Okay, Boss. What else do you want?”

“Let’s have some fun, slave.”

The lowly associate hated being called that: “slave”. But that’s how she was treated ever since she entered her law firm. She had to constantly meet deadlines, work on legal memo after legal memo, with a pleading or two thrown in the side. Sure, she was getting big bucks, but was it worth it? And now, with her hacker, she was not just any slave: she was legal slave. No, a legal slash sex slave.

“Game,” Monique softly spoke.

“I didn’t hear you, slave.”

“Grrrr, this is irritating,” the flustered lawyer blurted out.

“What was that?”

“Nothing, nothing, game, game!” She perked up, or at least tried to.

“Good girl,” her hacker replied, “Now, open your computer. I want to see my Monique plaything.”

She did as she was told, lifting the lid of her laptop, which was perched on her desk. A screen showing her confused and drained face greeted her, with her long brown hair all scrunched up.

“My fucktoy is so stressed out,” her hacker spoke, betraying a hint of concern, of compassion, before snapping back to his authoritative booming voice, “Let’s fix that. Look around you. Notice anything different?”

Monique’s eyes darted across the room. Everything seemed to be in order, “What are you talking about?”

Her hacker responded, “Look for those colorful sticky notes you love playing with so much.”

It didn’t take long for the lady lawyer’s brown eyes to find one – colored light blue, her favorite. There it was, a bright spot in a dark sad corner. She got on her knees to take a good look. Drawn on the note was a caricature of a girl in side view, her cheek bulging, as if she were sucking something.

“What the fuck?! How did this get here?” Monique mouthed, making sure her pesky hacker won’t hear her. Then the incident with Raf earlier that day played out in her mind. Her mysterious puppet-master wasn’t so mysterious after all now. The thought of Raf being her hacker made her smile, something the camera in her laptop captured.

“Good, my slave is now smiling. But that’s not the surprise. Take off the note, crumple it if you want,” her hacker instructed her.

“Okay,” Monique said before mouthing, “Okay, Raf!” Mentioning Raf’s name sent her chuckling silently, making sure her hacker won’t hear her blurting out his name, maybe his name. She didn’t want to ruin the surprise that she now knew, or thought she knew, who she was dealing with.

“Okay, what, slave?” Her hacker firmly spoke.

“Okay, Boss,” She remembered what she was supposed to call her master, before whispering to herself, “Boss Raf, hihi”.

Monique took out the blue note, and to no surprise, crumpled it and fidgeted with it using her hand. She was now staring into a black hole of nothingness.

“You ready for your new toy, slave?”

“Yes, Boss.”

“You can also call me Master.”

“Yes, Master.” The tired girl’s voice betrayed a sense of excitement at what was to happen next. She knew what was coming.

A hard cock slithered through. But the hole was big enough to also fit two hung balls. Monique knew what her hacked wanted her to do: this was a classic gloryhole. She inspected her gift: a penis that was not too big but not too small either. At least this wasn’t a two-inch dick, an infamous joke from an equally infamous case that everyone in her firm and in her profession knew. Her name proudly appeared, written in red: “MONIQUE’S”. A dash of precum was already trickling from the tip.

If this cock had slithered in earlier, while she was in the scanner room, she’d go headstrong, guns blazing in a heartbeat. But it was past 6 pm now. All she wanted was to get this over with. Yet, she felt her body flare up. The sight of her new gift must have pumped up some energy on the lady lawyer.

Monique stared at her laptop, making sure her webcam captured the ungodly sight: a cock aimed directly at her face. She licked her lips, and lifted her hard gift, when her hacker interrupted: “My plaything seems to be too excited. Aren’t you going to strip your clothes?”

“Eh, too tired,” the disheveled slender lawyer whined.

“Suit yourself, fuckmeat. Wear my cum loud and proud.” The computer flashed a picture of Monique, taken from the website of her law office. Only this time, she was surrounded by cocks, and her blazer and skirt were stained with cum. Her face seemed to also be glazed in man juice, but her skin was too white for her to confirm.

“Fine, but no striptease. Can’t be bothered with that shit,” Monique grunted.

“Alright, slave. But you owe me one.”

Monique took off her gray blazer, her equally gray skirt, her white blouse, and her laced bra and panties. She wasn’t too keen on baring herself, inside her office no less, but at least she knew who was watching. Or at least, she thought she knew.

All her inhibitions, all sense of sanity, were gone. It was getting late, and she was deadbeat tired, even if she didn’t do much work today. Oh, she was working very hard today, just not what she was tasked to do. Something was very hard alright. Very very hard.

The distressed associate then stared down at her body, and then glanced the rock hard cock with her name emblazoned in red. She sighed as she glanced on her arms, chest, and stomach, “Haven’t had time to work out lately. How could I have let myself slip away?”, she said out loud.

Her phone buzzed. She forgot her caller, her master, was still on the line. She picked up her phone, and addressed her hacker, “Happy now?”

“You look great, Monique. Now, send me some pictures of you with your new hard toy. I want to see you smile and play with what I have for you.” The call dropped.

“Fuck,” Monique gnawed her teeth. No respectable lawyer would do that. But she was too drained to resist. She threw all caution in the air. Whether she put her career, her reputation, on the line, she didn’t care.

Monique followed the shots displayed by her laptop. She grinned with the cock beside her face, and snapped a picture. She took another selfie, this time with her tongue touching the length of the throbbing cock. Another showed her licking the underside, and then the precum-dripping tip. Another selfie showed the cock seeming to slap each of her soft white cheeks.

The phone rang again, “Looks like you’re enjoying yourself, fucktoy. Have fun!”

Before the slender lawyer could reply, the call dropped again.

Monique placed her smooth hands and long fingers on the cock with her name all over it. Used to touching only her keyboard – and of course, her dripping rosy pussy – her cold hands quivered as she grabbed her hard and warm plaything. She felt the cock throb and twitch in her grasp.

She thought back at her first time, the first time her cherry popped. It had been a long time since she last got laid. She thought of her first boyfriend. They were clearly not a match made in heaven. She was thin, he was fat. They were often called the number 10 when together. But he learned all the tricks of the trade by playing with his cock. And now, she was to apply these lessons to someone else’s raging hard-on. She muttered to herself, “Let’s see if I still have my touch.”

Monique’s small brown eyes darted towards the mystery man’s balls. Her fidgeting fingers, crumpling mere scraps of paper, simply won’t do. She tenderly massaged his left nutsack, while she licked his right. She could feel his cock go even harder as she worked wonders on the testicles.

“I still got it,” Monique smiled.

The drained lawyer was now becoming more pumped up. She gamely squeezed his nuts, as if she were milking a cow. Soon her fingers found their way on the tip of the cock. The precum stuck to her slender fingertips. Her tongue took a taste. “Salty, just like how I remember. Finger-licking good.” She bit her lip and laughed hard.

Monique glanced at her laptop screen, wanting to see how crazy she was behaving. Instead, it now played a video, of a girl who seemed familiar. The earlier-stressed but now perked-up associate couldn’t tell, but the girl she was watching seemed familiar.

The video began by showing the girl licking the underside of a dick. Like a poor soul stuck in a trance, Monique did as she was showed. She gobbled the cock with her name first slowly, and then furiously, as if she were munching on a cob of corn. She kissed the shaft, working from the tip, not stopping until her soft lips touched his balls. She licked the entire length, making sure to coat it copiously with her saliva. The cock glistened, her name shone.

Soon, the girl on the video was gagging on the penis ravishing her mouth. The hard popsicle thrust fast, going balls deep, then pulling back. Long streams of saliva streaked out from her mouth.

Monique did exactly as she was shown. She placed her hands behind her back. She licked all the precum off the tip before wrapping her mouth around the head of her hard candy. She made her way to the middle before she started to gag.

“Ulk, ulk”

But Monique did not pull out. She closed her small brown eyes, and went all the way.

“Ulkkkkkkkkkkk, ulkkkkkkkkkkk”.

She felt the head of the sheath slamming her throat. This was as far as she could go. She pulled back, and then went balls deep again.

“Ulkkkkkkkkkk, ulkkkkkkkkkkk”

And again, going faster and faster.

“Ulkkkkk, ulkkkkk, ulkkkkk, ulkkkkk”.

And even faster.

“Ulkk, ulkk, ulkk, ulkk, ulkk”

Monique’s hands found their way through her now slopping wet cunt. She furiously rubbed it and let her fingers invade.

“Urghhhhhh, urghhhhhh, urghhhhhh”

Her muffled moans could be heard across her office. And maybe even outside. She didn’t care if anyone would hear her. She was in too deep now.

It didn’t take long for Monique to pull back from her master’s throat. A long stream of her saliva came off from her mouth and coated the cock in front of her. She took a taste of her fingers, covered with her juice.


Monique again looked at the cock in front of her, and then glanced down under. She saw an opening, to get back at her not-so-mysterious hacker. “Time to turn the tables in my favor,” she thought to herself, “I’m no plaything or slave.”

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