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Sweet 18 (Finale)

“>We drove to his house. We kissed as soon as we entered his house. We help each other to take our clothes off.

His lips taste the same. I open my mouth because my tongue misses his tongue. He carries me and brings me to his room.

He pushed me down to the bed. His tongue invades my mouth again. His hands took over my mound and hardly massaged it. I miss his hands on my boobs!

I push his head down my boobs. “Suck them.”

He did. He licks and sucks my right boob while his other hand caresses my left boob and even rubs my tit using his fingers.

“Fuck…” I moan.

He switched to my left mound and sucked it like this is his last time to suck it. He bit my tit using his lip. And then, his tongue licks my tit.

“My favorite boobs.” He said.

He tilted his head and watched his hands massaging my boobs. He caressed it upwards. He tilts his head down and licks me between my boobs while he continues to caress my boobs.

His lick went up to my mouth again. I accepted him by opening my mouth. We’re sloppy kissing each other.

He’s still a good kisser. I guess the more you age the more you gain experience.

He went down to my legs and gave me kisses from my groin down to my foot. He held my legs and spread them in the air.

He kneels down. And watches my pussy. He puts my left leg to his shoulder. His right hand touches my pussy.

“I can’t believe I’m touching your pussy again.”

He bends down and kisses my pussy softly. “Babe…” He said while kissing my pussy.

He holds my thighs and spreads it further. He licks my line and rubs his tongue on my clit. He keeps on sliding his tongue up and down my line.

His middle finger tries to tickle me before he inserts it inside. He sucked my clit as soon as he thrusted his two fingers inside me.

“Shit…” I moan. He’s still a pussy eater.

He continues licking my line while his two fingers go in and out of my cunt and his other thumb rubs my clit.

I miss this pleasure, this sensation. I hold my boobs and play with my tits. They are hard as well.

He bit my clit with his lips. “Fuck!” I shouted.

I feel his fingers doing the circle motion inside me. He tooks his finger out. He spreads the lips of my pussy and licks it more like he’s cleaning me so well. He tries to stick his tongue in my pussy.

He inserted back his fingers and thrusted me fast. “It’s here!” I shouted.

He fingers me so fast and I release my juices on his mouth. I look down as he licks all my juices.

He kneels on my side and he sticks his dick on my mouth. “Suck him.”

I did. I reach his dick and bring his dick inside my mouth. Gosh! The monster cock who wrecks me on my first sex experience!

I suck him up and down. I became sloppy because I’m filling his dick with saliva. He moves his hips and starts to fuck my mouth. He dips his dick to my throat and even shakes his hips. He releases it immediately.

He stood up and seated on the bedside. It’s a mirror wall. I move to his side, stand up and squat down while my feet are between his thighs.

We’re both facing the wall and we clearly see our reflection in the mirror.

He positions his dick, he watches it through the mirror. My hands hold his knees to support my weight. His one hand propped on the bed while the other was wrapped around my belly.

He started fucking me. I watch through our reflection how his dick went in and out my pussy. He’s also looking too on how he fucks me.

“Beautiful.” He said.

“Yeah, perfect for each other.”

He continues to pump inside. His other hand went up to my right mound and caressed it hard again. I feel his lips on my back and suck all my skin.

His hand went up to my lips, his forefinger entered my mouth. It looks like his fingering my mouth. I suck his finger and my tongue plays with it.

His kisses went on the side of my left boob and licked it. His dick still thrusting inside.

He removes his finger in my mouth. His hand went down to my pussy so his middle finger could rub my clit. I bit my lower as I felt the sensation he was giving to my clit.

My other hand reach for his balls and caress it while his dick is busy fucking my pussy.

I groan again as I release my juices. I feel some of my juice on my hand. I continue caresing his ball. His fuck becoming sloppy because of my juices.

“Shit.” He was breathless.

He lays down on the bed while I stay in my position. He holds my hips from my behind. And still gives me a deep thrust.

“Babe…” He groans. “Are you safe?”

“Nope.” I answered.

“I’m cumming…” He continues to fuck me.

“Cum inside.” I said.

“Sure?” He asked but still did not stop pumping me.

“I’m ready.” I answered back.

I feel his dick grows bigger inside me. He continues to thrust me inside. He groans as he shoots me all his cum inside me. He made sure that all his cum was in my pussy.

I laid beside him. He wrapped me in his arms.

“Why are you afraid to cum inside me?” I asked. “You’re not my uncle anymore. Your adoption paper was void.”

He kissed me on my head. “I know. But you’re young to have a baby. I’m willing to wait once you’re ready.”

I look up to him. “I’m ready.”

He nods. “How about marrying me tomorrow?”

I smiled and went on top of him. I hold his dick and position it on my wet pussy because of his sperm.

“Let’s have a second round before I marry you.”


Salamat sa pag-suporta!

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  1. Hi! I’m the writer of Sweet 18. Can you take it down? You didn’t even ask for my permission to post it here.

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